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Mass Market Paperback Enchanted (Medieval Series) Book

ISBN: 0380772574

ISBN13: 9780380772575

Enchanted (Medieval Series)

(Book #3 in the Medieval Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

Simon the loyal has vowed never to love, for love makes a warrior weak. His arranged marriage to a beautiful Norman heiress would be duty and no more. But more than duty stirs his blood when he first sees Ariane. She has known only coldness from men and a betrayal so deep it all but killed her soul. Wanting no man, trusting no man, speaking only through the sad songs she draws from her harp, Ariane comes to Simon an unwilling bride. They wed to bring...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

This is my favorite book by this author

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Lowell's historical romances. My first book was Only Mine. This is my favorite book. I love the Middle Ages and Elizabeth brings to life the fueding/disputes over land, the intrigue, and the mysticism that was prevalent at this time. We follow the journey of Simon, the more hard-hearted--and hard-headed--of the three men in this series (Dominic, Duncan, and Simon). Simon is drawn to Ariane though she is supposed to be Duncan's wife, but when Duncan conveniently marries Amber, Simon is able to marry Ariane. But there are two things that Simon doesn't know about Ariane when he marries her: she's considered a witch and she has vowed never to sleep with a man because of a previous rape. So, Simon goes into the marriage hoping that Ariane is not as frigid as she seems and thinking he'll at least get children out of the deal. Of course, it soon becomes apparent that Ariane would rather die than sleep with anyone--even Simon, who is the only man that Ariane has ever trusted in her life. To add to the intrigue, you have the threat of Ariane's father, marauders raiding near-by lands, a harem-girl bent on seducing Simon, a mystical stone ring with a mysterious past, and a witchy magical dress that has plans of it's own... I love the mystery, the magic, the passion, and the determination of two people who have been bruised and battered by life, but who are still willing to love each other anyway. It has been appropriately named: the book is full of enchantments. It's a fabulous read. If this is your first book by Elizabeth Lowell, I highly recommend reading all three books (Untamed, Forbidden, and Enchanted). I read Forbidden first, then this one and then realized that the first one was Untamed. I only wish that Ms. Lowell had written a book about Erik, the fourth lord in these books. But, at least we have these three!

I want a coooopppy of this booooookkkk!!!!!!

Enchanted is the first book i've read from lowell. At first I was reluctant because I don't know the author yet. But my friend swears ENCHANTED is so wonderful and arousingly sexy that he got me convinced later. When I started reading it, I got quite confused because it came out as a sequel to another book but by the beginning of the second chapter, I found out that I was simply getting hooked and I just can't stop reading it. Oooh, how I love Simon that I ached for Arianne. It made me cry and laughed and everything! I love Erik's character too. How Simon refused to believe that Arianne's falling for him and both of them doesn't accept there feelings so easily for each other! oh, boy! From then on, I love LOWELL! I'm collecting her novels now. I really thanked my friend for being so kind when I gave back the book after two months. I re-read it at least eight times!!!!!

From a long-time fan

I have been a long time fan of Ms Lowell and have read and collected every available book of hers I could lay my hands on. I have found each of her books to have a charm all its own and consider them as "keepers". I have to agree with a lot of other readers though that "Enchanted" was the best of her three medieval romances. Simon and Arianne were in a class of their own. I have read and re-read their story at least 20x and I'm sure will do so at least 20 more times. It is a book that I can recommend wholeheartedly.Message to author: By the way, I have just read that Ms Lowell has finally written Erik's story. I would just like to tell her that I, like countless others of your fans, have been looking forward to reading his story for years and I'm glad and thankful that you were finally able to "put him together". I can hardly wait. Thank you Ms Lowell for all the hours of pleasure you have given me through you books. You're a great and imaginative writer/storyteller. Good luck, always.

The best of her trilogy

The trilogy of books Elizabeth Lowell wrote about medieval age passion are wonderful, but of the three, Enchanted is definitely the best! Arianne is trying to decide if the person to die on her marriage night should be her husband-to-be Simon, or herself. The marriage of convenience between Simon and Arianne, with lust but not love on his side, and fear (thanks to being raped by her former betrothed and then betrayed by the men she trusted most) but some yearning she cannot describe on her part, leads to the hottest seduction and a fiery union that can show them both that love can cure everything that is wrong with their past. But first they must risk everything... A must-read. Elizabeth, I'm still waiting for a book on Erik, and probably another on Sven. These two characters cannot be left without us knowing how they end up, and with whom.

I was simply Enchanted

Having read any and every thing with Ms. Lowell's name on it (along with her other pen names Ann Maxwell and A.E. Maxwell w/ husband) this trilogy remains my favorite. I simply wish that Erik had his own story. Who ever she would be, if a woman could bring Erik to his knees would be a worth reading about. And I'd love for all the old gang to team up again to conquer evil. I miss Amber and Duncan, Simon and Ariane, and Dominic and his Meg. And I'd love to see some more brother sister tag teaming in the form of Amber and Erik kicking evil butt. Needless to say I loved the books and would love an Erik book even more. Thanx for all the great books Ms. Lowell, keep them coming!
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