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Paperback Embraced by the Light: The Most Profound and Complete Near-Death Experience Ever Book

ISBN: 0553382152

ISBN13: 9780553382150

Embraced by the Light: The Most Profound and Complete Near-Death Experience Ever

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - The groundbreaking account of life after death that has become a source of comfort, inspiration, and solace to millions "I felt a surge of energy, and my spirit was suddenly drawn through my chest and pulled upward. My first impression is that I was free. . . ." On the night of November 19, 1973, following surgery, thirty-one-year-old wife and mother Betty J. Eadie died. This is her extraordinary story of the events...

Customer Reviews

8 ratings

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An amazing book.

Im buying 2 more for some friends. My spirit connected with so much of what was discussed in this book.

Helps with death issues

This book helped me greatly in dealing with the death of my mother. It gave me a different concept of the afterlife. I was also greatly helped by the book An Encounter With a Prophet. I would recommend reading both books if you are dealing with such issues

Embraced By Love

Embraced By the Light is one of the most beautiful books on NDE that I have ever read. Betty's amazing journey while she had "died" is truly extraordinary. After reading this book and the 2 books by Dannion Brinkley, I would have to say that I do not have a fear of dying! Dying is just the start of the next stage of one's life - not something to be feared. Our spirit lives on, and just sheds the physical body. Our society thinks of death and speaking of death as "taboo". Yet Betty shows us that death is beautiful and loving. The love Betty experienced just overwhelms you and her love comes through this book to you. You cannot help but cry. There are many quotes in this book that you will definitely want to write down. This book will definitely change your life in someway and bring great comfort for those you have recently lost a loved one. Betty's life was forever changed because of this experience and her awareness and love of God shines through. It is amazing to me how many of us were raised to think of an angry, vengeful and hurting God, yet this is never seen by those who see God in the NDE. Again, Betty is her own worst judge as she reviews her life - not God or the light beings that she meets.Melvin Morse, MD, another author/pioneer in the NDE field wrote a most inspiring introduction to the book. He describes this book as "a journey into the meaning of this life." He also states that this book teaches us "that our own individual lives are important and filled with meaning." Those returning back from NDE's bring back the simple and beautiful messages - "Love is supreme. . . Love must govern. . . We create our own surrounding by the thoughts we think . . . We are sent her to live life fully, to live it abundantly, to find joy in our own creations, to experience both failure and success, to use free will to expand and magnify our lives."Once again, simple, timeless messages are brought back and those are of love, kindness, service and forgiveness. Nothing new, just presented in a different way, through a different messenger. As Betty says of the "clearly expressed Savior's message, Above all else, love one another."I cannot recommend this book enough. I actually had to read it two times to make sure that I did not miss anything! It is glorious and the scenes that she paints when she is in the Garden, is remarkable. Passages of the book with stay with you, uplifting and encouraging you. You will think of this book during the day, as Betty's words slowly sink into your soul and ignite. This book can and will have transforming effects - it can't be helped!Betty, even though it took you 19 years to share these experiences with the world - I for one am glad that you did and the difference you are making with others is astounding. I cannot wait to read your next two books! Thank you. Thank you.

This story changed my life forever.

After losing my brother at age 34 and my mother a year later at age 54, I was desperately searching for some comfort. I needed to know that they were not simply gone. I bought this book on tape in 1993 and have listened to it at least 10 times now. It was a Godsend then and it still is. I know now that my loved ones would not return for my sake and I would not want them to. No longer do I personally fear death because I truly believe that we have a purpose here and once we've completed our mission (however humble,) we are reunited with those spirits closest to us. I've shared this book with many of those I love. The Awakening Heart picks up Betty's story where Embraced leaves off and teaches even more lessons for every life.

response to reviews

The overwhelming number of reviews are positive for Betty's book. I wish to comment on some of the critics. If you are going to renounce something you've read make sure you've read it throughly first. Betty does not say there are many paths to God to the exclusion of Jesus. She says she was shown that we must except Jesus either in this life or in the spirit life to find God. This is because Jesus is Love. This does not exclude other religions either, read her book carefully and you will understand why all religions are precious. (Incidentally, Christianity is not the only religion that believes in Jesus and in the Virgin Mary) We are all here to learn to love each other. Love is the greatest thing and this is Betty's central message. Also Betty explains the differences between the sexes which came as a surprise to her. Male and female can be different without being unequal. God expresses Himself in a multitude of ways. If male and female were identical, we would all be the same sex. Please read carefully and pray for God to open your heart and guide you. Words are powerful - speak with love.

Why the Near Death Experience is true

I have read Betty's book and it changed my life. I approached this book from a totally atheistic point of view. Before that I had read "saved by the light" by Dannion Brinkly and that book perked my interest in the subject but I was very skeptical. But after reading 4 more books on the near death experience by doctors, researchers, nurses, and the experiencers them selves, I am totally convinced that this is a true phenomena. Those Christians who want to criticize Betty. Are following the Bible too strictly. They are no different than the Pharisees. Or the other Jews who said Jesus was not the messiah. You must keep an open mind and not fear new and different things. You must look into your heart for the truth. You can use material books like the Bible as a guide but only you can know god. Is Betty or the other experiencers any different than the Christians of old who had mystical experiences. Why can't one have these kinds of experiences now? And if god is ready to reveal a new truth to us how will we recognize it if we are closed to everything that is different than our past knowledge. You must have an open mind as well as a skeptical one. Stop blindly following the text of the bible or any book, it's not like you really fully understand it's meaning anyway. I have discovered that my lack of an open mind has been my biggest blockage to the truth. Fear is the enemy, love is our savior. That's all there is to it. Anyway, I Highly recommend the book. END
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