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Paperback Eaters of the Dead Book

ISBN: 0062428888

ISBN13: 9780062428882

Eaters of the Dead

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From New York Times bestselling author Michael Crichton, a classic, epic tale of unspeakable horrornow available in trade paperback. The year is A.D. 922. A refined Arab courtier, representative of the powerful Caliph of Bagdad, encounters a party of Viking warriors who are journeying to the barbaric North. He is appalled by their Viking customsthe wanton sexuality of their pale, angular women, their disregard for cleanliness...their cold-blooded...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

You'll Question if this is Real or Not

Read this in two sessions. Easy, quick read. Fascinating! I wasn't sure if the narrator was a real person or not until the author's note. Great story- interesting, dramatic, with flashes of humor.

Based on the Ibn Fadlan manuscript from 921 AD, we see real Vikings!

First released in 1976, 'Eaters Of The Dead' was one of my first Michael Crichton books. I have been an avid Crichton fan since that time. Later, in the 1990's, a film was made called 'The 13th Warrior', which remained true to the book and yet added some wonderful flavor and fantastic visuals to a novel I still remembered as terrific. Though based heavily on the rediscovered manuscripts and references of the real Ibn Fadlan, Crichton clearly tells us the book is considered as fiction and was/is marketed as fiction. Ibn Fadlan was sent away from Bagdad by the Caliph, on the word of a jealous husband who's wife Fadlan had tampered with, to become Ambassador to the King of the Bulgars far to the north. On his journey, he is waylaid by a band of Norsemen and selected to join them on a journey to aid King Rothgar against an unspeakable evil that appears in the cold northern mists. Traveling with Buliwyf, a man soon to become king of his own court, and a group of twelve hearty Norsemen including the light-hearted Herger who speaks enough Latin to act as translator, Fadlan is taken further north with a band of men the fastidious Arab considers to be unclean barbarians. Fadlan becomes immersed in their savage lifestyles, killing for sport and rutting in public, even gaining some respect for their superstitious ways and bawdy, rugged beliefs. King Rothgar's lands are being attacked by the Wendol, a Neanderthal-type, cave-dwelling clan who takes the heads of their enemies and eats their flesh. It is up to the thirteen warriors to rid King Rothgar of his dangerous enemies. 'Eaters Of The Dead' is a riveting tale, with enough footnotes and factual base to make it a realistic peek at the ancient Norsemen and a quick, exciting read. When the book was re-released, Crichton added (in 1992) some interesting, factual notes on the Wendol, possible origins of the people described by Ibn Fadlan back in 921 AD. Buy the book. Buy the movie. 'Eaters Of The Dead' (AKA The 13th Warrior) is the best Viking tale you can find anywhere, in my humble opinion. Enjoy!


This gifted author knows how to tell a story. When 4 teenage girls get together to share their dreams for the future, none of them have any idea what is to really become of their lives. When a journalist learns of these women's dreams years later, she sets out to find these 4 women and find out what happened to their lives. Each woman tells in depth the story of what her expectations were, and what happened in reality. This book will make you think of your own expectations of your life, and compare it to the dream you had "back then". I found this book to be funny, interesting and a real page turner. I believe you wil too!


The Blue Bottle Club was excellent. I began reading late one evening and had to force myself to stop. I literaly could not put the book down. Like another reader commented, I also found myself feeling like I actually knew the characters...I didn't want the story to end. I thought the book had a great layout and the author did an excellent job of keeping you clear on what time period she was in. Excellent book. I can't wait to read another one of Penelope J. Stoke's books.

David's review of Eaters of the Dead

Eaters of the dead takes place around 922 A.D. The Caliph of Baghdad sends a court member named Ahmad Ibn Fadlan to deliver a message to the King of Bulgars. During his journey, Fadlan stays at a Viking village. Then a lone warrior comes from the North and tells of a terror that kills the Vikings in the night under the cover of night and the mist. Fadlan is then enlisted to fight this horror, against his will. He protests, but to no avail. He journeys to the North with 12 other warriors to Rothgar's Kingdom and helps to defend it form the attacks by the barbaric mist warriors. Then, the group goes on the offensive to slay the mother. Ibn Fadlan makes this book more interesting and fun to read because he is the total opposite of the Vikings, with whom he stays. He is apalled by their barbaric customs because he is a civilized Arab and the Norsemen are uncivilized. Throughout the story these contrasts are evident. This book proceeds without talking about one subject for too long. I never got bored and there is never a break in the action. The suspense also never stops. I would definitely recommend this book because it gives a great look into the Viking culture while being very entertaing. You won't be able to put it down. Crichton's writing is very fast paced, so this is a great read on a good subject.

You will read this in one sitting!

Michael Chricton does an unbelievable job making this book read so entertaining, considering the story happened so long ago and was translated many times. Even though there are footnotes throughout the book it still flows smoothly and still makes sense! You will not be disappointed!
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