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Paperback Dreaming True: How to Dream Your Future and Change Your Life for the Better Book

ISBN: 0671785303

ISBN13: 9780671785307

Dreaming True: How to Dream Your Future and Change Your Life for the Better

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In our dreams, all of us are psychic.
-- Robert Moss

Dream True
Change the way you dream...and take control of your destiny
Robert Moss helps countless people live more enriched lives by working with the energy and insight of their dreams and becoming conscious dream journeyers. One of the greatest dreamers of all time was Harriet Tubman, who personally escorted three hundred slaves to freedom along...

Customer Reviews

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Must read for shamanic dreamers

"Dreaming is undoubtedly the most universal methodology used by shamans for entering shamanic states of consciousness - more common than either ecstatic drumming or psychoactive sacraments - yet there are deplorably few books devoted to the subject of shamanic dreaming...Robert Moss covers a wealth of shamanic dream practices... Written in a clear, easy-to-read style, this book provides numerous examples of how paranormal dream messages have been used effectively throughout history. For example, Moss relates the inspiring story of Harriet Tubman's gift of dreaming, describing how the famous ex-slave and abolitionist, who personally escorted three hundred slaves to freedom in the North, was frequently guided to safe houses, river crossings and friendly helpers by her precognitive and intuitive dreams. For those not familiar with Moss' previous books on shamanistic dreamwork, CONSCIOUS DREAMING and DREAMGATES, it is important to note that his theories and practices are heavily influenced by many ancient dream traditions. This volume is peppered with insightful teachings from the Temiar of Malaysia, the Aborigines of Australia, the Tzutujil Maya of Guatemala, and the Mohawk of the Iroquois Confederacy, as well as from the Tibetan Buddhists and ancient Greeks. Some less familiar but equally interesting historical material on Western dream traditions is also provided. For example, Moss mentions the theories of the early Christian bishop of Ptolemais, Synesius of Cyrene (365-414), who wrote a book discussing the usefulness of prophetic, or precognitve dreams, and he discusses the dream philosophy of the great medieval Sufi philosopher Suhrawardi, who mapped out a detailed geography of the dream realms... In Part One, 'The Art of Dreaming True', Moss devotes seven chapters to describing and exploring the basic varieties of spontaneous dreaming - his term for those dreams that come unsolicited from the dream mind or Higher Self. This section provides a particularly well-informed introduction to the vocabulary and syntax of dreamwork, and it introduces a broad range of dreamwork practices, from simple techniques for recording and understanding dreams to helpful hints on interpreting them throug dream reentry. In Part Two, 'Seven Levels of Dreaming,' Moss postulates an innovative typology of dreaming... In Part Three, 'Deeper Dreaming,' Moss explores how dreams may be used to catalyze much-needed changes in society. By providing examples of people who have used dreams to improve work situations and find solutions to social problems, Moss inspires readers to take action and dream new futures. 'We need community dreamers who will promote the well-being of people where they live, in every section of society, and build bridges between them." Even experienced dreamers can learn a great deal from the countless examples of dreamwork discussed here. In fact, although I consider myself to be a seasoned shamanic dreamer, I found the book interesting, inf

Not your ordinary reality...

In Dreaming True, Robert Moss expands his magnificent contribution to dreamers everywhere. He opens up multiple dimensions of dreaming, from practical information to spiritual guidance, physical and emotional healing, all in a way that's accessible, entertaining and inspiring to read.Through personal experiences, traditional stories from a wide range of cultures, and the teachings of Wise Ones throughout history, he awakens us to the profound role that dreaming plays in every facet of our lives. As the opening line of his preface says, "The common wisdom of most human societies, as far back as we can trace, is that dreaming is central to the human condition." In a world where so many people feel disconnected from their humanness, and certainly from their primal roots, dreaming is a perfectly personalized path to wholeness.This book offers myriad ways to access the guidance he's talking about. How do you catch and record your dreams so that you can use them? How do you know if you're dreaming the future? What can you do if you foresee disaster? How can dreams enhance your health? How can you transform your nightmares into joyous, healing experiences? Why do the dead appear in our dreams? Can you really change the cellular memory of your body to heal disease? How can you really use your dreaming to create the future you want? Moss deals clearly and explicitly with these issues, and more.The most fascinating part of the book, to me, was his discussion of the Seven Levels of Dreaming: Dream Recycling (processing the day), Dream Moviemaking (showing us where we are and where our actions are leading), Dreaming with the Body (direct feedback from the physical), Psychic Dreaming (from the shared mind-field), Transpersonal Dreaming (meeting others, living and dead), Sacred Dreaming (encounters with higher beings), and Dreambringing (working on energy and imaginal levels to shape physical reality for the better). This helps me recognize the import of a dream, and gives me a framework for relating it to my growth on every level. I'll never be without this book in my library.

Buy this book!

Dreaming True is about you. It is about your future as you dream it. It is about your life as you change it for the better. All of Robert Moss' writings are good, whether in his other books, Dreamgates or Conscious Dreaming... he addresses life issues. What I like most about Dreaming True is at its heart, the Soul, our dream Soul. Each of us has likely lost parts of it. Whether through trauma, intense humiliation and betrayal - by others or from ourselves, we are left with a yearning. People sense that their life has holes. They long to be creatively fulfilled and to have freedom from despair. Self-numbing works but the zest, the exuberance of and for life is lost. Your dreams, as Robert discusses them, are a way to be engaged with your deepest Self, to embrace your spiritual manifestation in these few days of your life in this realm. Your dreams bring you back to wholeness. This book is about you taking control of your destiny...

Dreams enrich our lives in many ways......

I have read his previous books, Conscious Dreaming and Dream Gates the book and Dreamgates the tapes.. I found this book to be rich in narrative, vibrant in energy, sort of "the how to" on understanding the many and varied levels of dreaming. His prose is sharp witted, with some very sly humor thrown in. He is humble in his approach so everyone from corporate executives to street cleaners can enjoy a richer more creative life. Dare to dream!

Dreaming True: Becoming Part of a Larger Community - Wanda Burch, author of SHE WHO DREAMS, www.wan

We are all psychic dreamers--we dream not only our own possible futures but often those of others. We dream within a world networked by invisible paths of communication. Robert Moss in DREAMING TRUE offers practical techniques to those who have already begun their dream journey, to those wishing to become conscious dreamers, to those wishing to activate the messages in their dreams and to those who wish to energize their lives through their dreams. He explores the varied paths of dreaming that can bring the dreamer to new levels of creativity, healing and problem solving; and he highlights Harriet Tubman's magnificent dreams, which led her time and again in and out of danger to bring freedom to hundreds of slaves. A recent TV documentary quoted a young frightened slave as saying, "I ain't seen no railroad car; I don't know nothin' but my master's land." The response to the slave was: "the railroad is one woman's dream made real--follow her dream and you will know the freedom of touching your own land, of dreaming your own dream." This metaphor of dreaming--the underground railroad of dreams--can open doors to self guidance and can reveal the kind of shared dream wisdom and knowledge that links all of us to a larger community of dreamers. Each of us brings from our dreaming a responsibility to that community. We become collaborators in a universe of dreamers--all with one language in the night, all with the ability to become positive co-creators of our own futures, and thus of the future of our world. DREAMING TRUE is an exciting companion to CONSCIOUS DREAMING and DREAMGATES, an important continuing journey into the process of becoming part of a dreaming society. By following Robert Moss' guidance and highly effective dream techniques, the new or experienced dreamer will discover the freedom of dreaming his or her own dream, the excitement of becoming part of a larger world community.
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