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Paperback Don't Look Behind You Book

ISBN: 0440220068

ISBN13: 9780440220060

Don't Look Behind You

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A story behind a story

I am a children's librarian and have been a Lois Duncan fan for about 20 years. When her books stopped coming for a few years, I happened to read in a librarians magazine about the murder of her daughter and figured that was why she hadn't written. After you read this book, please read the true story about her daughter's murder called, "Who Killed My Daughter." Several of the things that happened in the story, "Don't Look Behind You," Lois found out were eerily similar in her daughter's murder. Coincidence? A little more than that...PLEASE read this book if you're a Lois Duncan fan. It is an amazing story.

Don't Look Behind You

Don't Look Behind You by Lois Duncan was a great book. When I first started reading this book I thought that it was going to be about a girl in the eleventh grade at Springside Academy who was going to be ripped away from her every day life. This story took place in Norwood, Virginia just south of Washington D.C., and then moves to Grove City, Florida. The main character, April, is a junior and has a chance at the state tennis championship. Her father, Mr. Corrigan, works at an airport and got involved in drug smuggling. Max, a long time childhood friend of his, came to him and asked him to go under cover for the FBI as one of the smugglers. A hit man by the name of Vamp was hired to kill April's father because he thought that Mr. Corrigan didn't know what he had done. He soon found out. His family was put into the witness protection program. They thought that it would only be a few days, but instead it was for a couple of weeks. April, the daughter, always said what she thought, which made her personality very strong. She was a very outspoken girl because she always said what she thought. Lois Duncan made sure to show April's life before the incident so that after the whole incident was over you could see how much it affected her. It's very hard to know what it feels like to have your whole life erased as well as your past, but Duncan makes it very clear and made it fascinating to read about. He showed that life could be perfect one day and ripped to shreds the next day. The reason I picked this book was that the title caught my attention. Don't Look Behind You was the perfect title for this book. The title is what had me from the beginning. I would recommend this book to any person that loves adventure stories.

Book Review For Don't Look Behind You

The book Don't Look Behind You by Lois Duncan was a thriller. I did not want to put it dowm. I enjoyed reading it because it was unpredictable. Throughout the whole book, I did not know what was going to happen next. I like how the book moved quickly and did not go into great detail over everything. The author never gave the reader time to loose interest. I also liked how the book was realistic. It seemed like the story really could happen. My favorite part in the book was toward the end. A hitman had locked April and her grandmother in a closet while he waited for April's father to return. April escaped from the closet using the secret escape hatches hidden in each closet. After crawling through the attic, she descended from the hatch in another room. She expected the hitman to be out in her living room but he was nowhere to be found. So, she snuck out the back door and decided to run into town for help. When she approched the front yard, the hitman cam out of the darkness and began to chase her. She ran to her car, got in, and locked the doors. Unfortunatly, the car would not start. The conflict in the story was unlike and other book I've read. The whole idea fo leaving you home and living in secret made the reader curious. To top it off, the family would probably never return to their home, family, and friends. The climax of the story was just like that in an award-winning movie. Having one of the most dangerous hitmen in the United States chasing a teenager through her yard made me want to hold my breath.

Extremely Exciting!!!!!!!!!! :)

Don't Look Behind You is a suspenseful book which takes place in the late 80's. April Corrigan is a typical 17 year old girl who lives in Norwood, Virginia. In school she plays tennis, is popular and has a boyfriend whom she loves very much. The problem in the story is that a hitman is after April's father to prevent him from testifying in court. April and her family have to go into the witness protection program. April must give up her friends,her boyfriend,the prom, her home,and the state tennis championships in Virginia and begin a new life in a small rural town in Florida. She talks about her feelings and all the difficulties she has to face. Lois Duncan made this a very suspenseful book. It isn't one of those books where you can stop in the middle of the chapter; all the chapters endings have cliffhangers which make you want to read on. A theme that I learned from this book is that life isn't perfect, there are times you have to do things that you don't want to do.

It was an action pack thriller.

It was about a girl named April who lived a normal life of a teenage girl. Until she finds out that her dad works secretly in the FBI and got caught up in a serious crime. They have to flee for their lives and they are not allowed to have any contact with anybody at all. I thought that it was a very exciting fast pace. After a close call they have to go into the Witness Protection Program and change their names,city,jobs,and msot important their way of living. The book also gives the image that you won't want to put the book down after you start to read it. I personally do not agree with some of the reviews because I thought that the setting was very realistic. I can imagine how she would feel running for her life. I mean running for your life as to be a little tough don't you think.So guess what I am trying to say is that I very strongly suggest that you read this book.
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