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Paperback Divine Harmony: The Life and Teachings of Pythagoras Book

ISBN: 1893163490

ISBN13: 9781893163492

Divine Harmony: The Life and Teachings of Pythagoras

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

An introduction to the life and philosophy of Pythagoras focuses on the unity of science and mysticism that Pythagoras embodied. This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

4 ratings

The cover was so beautiful, people ask about this book all the time

Dear reader, first of all, there is not much information on these philosophers, so don't expect the kind of indepth information you can get on someone today. Have you ever tried to find information on Pythagoras? This book will help and does the job to get an adequate picture of this man of the ancient world. Easy to read and understand. It still sticks in my head that Pythagoras had practically a phobia of beans? Wow. Who would have guessed.

The true Light and Soul of the West

_It came as a pleasant surprise while reading this excellent introduction to the life and teachings of Pythagoras to find that I have apparently been a Pythagorean for most of my life and didn't realize it. Perhaps this is because Pythagoras was the original western gateway of the perennial philosophy to the West (he had studied with the first of the Ionian philosophers, the Egyptian priests, the Persian Magi, and the initiates of the Hellenic Mysteries.) One of his closest disciples was even a Celtic sage. In any case, the concepts of the immortality and transmigration of the soul, spiritual evolution, the inherent value of Truth and Justice, good stewardship of community resources for the benefit of all, a Golden Mean to all things, seeking harmony with the Divine, divination and the higher meaning of numbers, the brotherhood of all humans through the sharing of a single greater body and soul- all these concepts seem like they have always been a part of me. But, above all, there was the manner that the Philosopher (he first coined the term) found no contradiction between the rational and the mystical. He was great enough to encompass both without contradiction. _This is a well-written and designed introduction to Pythagoras and his teachings. It is divided into four main parts: The Quest for Knowledge (his early years), The Teachings, The Decline of the Pythagorean School, and The Golden Verses. There is no exegesis to the Verses so the reader may like to refer to the work of Olivet after reading them (there are at least two distinct levels of understanding to them.) There are numerous useful illustrations and diagrams, as well as a bibliography for further study. The footnotes are included in an appendix in the back. This isn't the most exhaustive scholarly study of the subject, but it is a very readable and perceptive introduction for the general student. It will remain in my permanent library. _You can't help but find the death of the Philosopher to be especially tragic. After so many years of trying to enlighten the world, he died in exile because of the corrupt connivance of oligarchs and militarists. Yet still his light shines on through the ages- for it is the true soul of the West.

Most mysterious of ancient philosophers

Considered by many to be the first important Western teacher of wisdom, exalted by such luminaries as Socrates and Plato, the stories that have come down to us about Pythagoras and his teachings continue to resonate and have value in our modern world. This precious little book (159 pages) is written simply, introducing the life and teachings of one of the most mysterious of ancient philosophers.The book is organized brilliantly; touching on all aspects of the life of Pythagoras and his teachings, ranging from knowledge and friendship, mathematics, music, care of the self and magic and miracles. Particular attention is devoted to the Pythagorian community and the followers of his teachings during his relatively long stay on the planet, (he nearly reached the age of one hundred) until his enforced death by his enemies through starvation, while taking asylum in the temple of the Muses.At the end of the book is written The Golden Verses, a poetic guideline or introduction to the Pythagorean way of life. In a word, this is an ancient 'self-help' treatise that should be posted on one's shaving mirror, and attempted to be practiced everyday. If you do anything at all, read these ancient verses, as they are inspiring and valuable to living. As the authors state about them: "That they are hard to date with accuracy attests to the fact that they convey timeless truths."As a starting point to the study of philosophy or just mere curiousity about the source of the famous Pythagorean Theorem, Divine Harmony is a valuable book to read and own.This book is recommended highly.

There IS hope for the future of humankind - back in the past

Have you ever wondered why the world seems to be on the brink of utter chaos? Have we put aside the admonitions and teachings of ancient philospohers and thinkers only to find ourselves firmly entrenched in a world bent on destruction? The Pythagorean mindset is one of stark beauty, simplicity, common sense, and discipline. Pythagoras was a Greek seer (some thought him to be a god), with the ability to think with his soul. After a time, his life was threatened. He lived for a time in southern Italy where he had a following of like-minded people. He was a man of wealthy and noble birth, yet his words speak to the hearts of all manner of humankind. This book is a treasure - priceless. Were our world leaders to take the words of Pythagoras to heart, we might be able to mend the wounds of this old world. Pray that it may come to pass that the words of the ancients will win the approval of the modern thinkers.
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