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Paperback Deception Point Book

ISBN: 0743497465

ISBN13: 9780743497466

Deception Point

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Book Overview

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code , Angels & Demons, and Inferno --now a major film directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones--comes a lightning-fast thriller about an astonishing NASA discovery that uncovers a vicious conspiracy leading all the way to the White House. When a new NASA satellite spots evidence of an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Possible to put down.

Sorry, this is one of the worst books I've almost read. Preposterous in every way. Obviously written as a movie plot. I should have stopped after the first chapter. Unfortunately, I read through to the beginning of the last chapter when I decided I didn't care what the ending was. Dan Brown wrote one semi-good book: The Da Vinci Code


Got the book I needed to finish the collection in a timely manner. Thanks

Great, better than Da vinic code!

Muy buen libro, yo conoci a Dan Brown con el Codigo Da Vinci. Lei este libro como la mayoria imagino, el morbo de lo que habla el codigo. Me gusto mucho la forma narrativa de Brown decidi leer La Conspiracion y no me arrepiento, novela igual de atrapante e interezante que su ultima obra. La recomiendo ampliamente. El final inesperado y mucho mejor que el del Codigo DaVinci. Realmente si te gusto este ultimo que te menciono. La Conspiracion no te defraudara. Solo algo de l atraduccion al espniol que no me gusto es la repeticion excesiva del traductor, cosa que no sucede en la obra original en ingles that I read too. Mirada glacial....

A big surprise to be discovered by any good reader !

After reading The Da Vinci Code, I enjoyed so much Dan Brown's writing that I decided to give a try to another of his book. Deception Point looked interesting to me because of the NASA / politic conspiracy theme I had never seen before. The novel is quite different from the DVC and "Angels & Demons", two books featuring Robert Langdon as the main character and art, symbology and riddles as main topics. After only 3 chapters, I had a hard time trying to put it down. The intrigue is fascinating and well-built, the characters are not numerous but complete and well developed as the story gets more complex. A few parts of the intrigue are predictable but the global development is great and full of surprises. With this book, Brown proves he is an intelligent and dynamic author with a great sense of perfection (he did plenty of researches to expose the numerous technologies presented in his book). Great intrigue, great pace, a good novel for occasional and fanatic readers !

A Conspiracy Thriller that really THRILLS!

After reading the INCREDIBLE 'Da Vinci Code' and the equally exciting 'Angels & Demons' I figured I couldn't go wrong with 'Deception Point' and I was 100% RIGHT. Dan Brown is fast becoming one of my all-time favorite authors.After becoming familiar with Brown's religious thrillers, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that 'Deception Point' was entirely different--but JUST as much fun. If you enjoy stories about conspiracies that are as big as they come, this story is definitely for YOU.Rachel Sexton works for the Intelligence Community compiling information for the President. The odd twist in this story is that we are coming up on election time and the man poised to snatch the White House from under the feet of current President Zach Herney is none other than Rachel's own estranged Father, Senator Sedgewick Sexton. It takes some time to figure out who is indeed the bad guys in this tale--and trust me, you will probably be wrong anyway--but finding out certainly IS a great deal of the fun here. Rachel is contacted by the President and asked to confirm for his current staff the existence of a Meteor found near the Top of the World. Not just ANY Meteor, either. At first Rachel is stunned that the President would be so forward and ask this of the daughter of his biggest rival. Senator Sexton has been THE single largest thorn in the side of NASA because of their chronic overspending and multi-billion dollar failures--screw-up's that have cost the American taxpayers dearly over the years. President Herney has been one of NASA's biggest supporters, much to his own detriment in the polls lately. Rachel actually HAS been chosen specifically because of her relationship to his rival to make this report. President Herney believes that this discovery will come with a great deal of skepticism, even from his own staff. So who better to make this announcement than the daughter of the man who wants to TAKE the White House from President Herney? Rachel agrees under a few stipulations and is off to an Ice Shelf at the North Pole. This sets the stage for the Mother of ALL Conspiracies, and when you find out the source of WHY it was all hatched, and WHO is behind it, the surprise ought to be rather big (at least it was for me).Is the Meteorite in fact real, and if not, how could NASA have possibly tricked some of the most brilliant scientific minds of the country? Is the President IN on this possible scandal, or is he a pawn of someone infinitely more devious? And what about Senator Sexton? Is he who he says he is? Are his motives clean and pure, or is he just as bad as those attempting to fraud the world? There are some honest-to-goodness twists & turns you can expect in 'Deception Point' and a few genuine surprises along the way. Always fun and actually quite educational about the workings of NASA and it answers the question of why don't we see more privately funded companies winning contracts to launch into space? Get to know Dan Brown
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