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The Death by Bikini Mysteries (The Death by ... Mysteries)

(Book #1 in the Death By Mysteries Series)

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All three of the hit Death by Bikini Mysteries now available in one fabulously priced volume Aphra Connolly was living a quiet, teenaged life. But that was before devastatingly handsome Seth Mulo... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Enchanting YA Review: Death By Bikini

DEATH BY BIKINI LINDA GERBER Rating: 5 Enchantments Aphra Behn Connolly lives a quiet life working at her father's resort on a remote island. But things are about to change. When a family of unexpected guests show up late at night and her father pushes her away to take care of things, Aphra's already suspicious, as her father isn't all that tech savvy. She's even more so when the next day, there's no trace of him ever checking the Smiths in, let alone to villa four, the one villa on the property that isn't fully guest ready. But when Bianca, the girlfriend of their resident rock-star guest is found murdered on the beach the same day, Aphra can't stop the wave of guilt she feels over Bianca's death, since it was her who suggested the woman try the beach for a change, instead of lounging by the pool. DEATH BY BIKINI is the definition of a page-turner. The story pulled me in from Page One and never let me set it down till the very last page. The mystery of who killed Bianca as well as the very suspicious behavior of both Aphra's father and the late-night-guests, the Smiths, ratchets up Aphra's suspicions-even more when her father warns her to stay away from the hottie teenage son, Adam. But when a Google search turns up the truth about the Smiths' real identity, Aphra thinks she's solved Bianca's murder, a thought that could prove fatally wrong. This was a great read! Aphra's suspicions tend to be right on the money (at least about her father's behavior) and she's willing to do whatever it takes to find out the truth, even going behind her father's back, something she really hasn't done before. I loved so much about this book, but my favorite scene has to be when she's trapped in the cave and has to confront her fear of bats to find a way out, or risk having the real killer find her and Adam. The mystery had me guessing right till the very end of who was behind Bianca's death and what was really going on with the Smiths. Several twists and turns and an unexpected guest or two made this a very engrossing read. Ms. Gerber penned a must read mystery with DEATH BY BIKINI. I look forward to reading the next in the series, DEATH BY LATTE due out this fall. Lisa Enchanting Reviews April 2008

A Fun and Romantic Mystery

Aphra Connolly lives on a tropical island, but it's not a complete fantasy life. She works for her father at their resort that caters to the rich who want to be out of the spotlight. But when several unannounced guests show up, things start to get weird. One of the previous guests turns up dead on the beach, looking like she was strangled by her bikini strings. The combination of this and Aphra's father acting distant prompts Aphra to begin her search for the truth. Aphra's determination to find the guest's killer leader to a lot of sneaking, lock picking, and even Internet stalking. Aphra digs up new information and discovers that the newly arrived and secretive family are not who they say they are. Things become even more complicated when Aphra finds out, from their very hot son Seth, that this family is somehow connected to her mother, whom Aphra thought had abandoned her four years ago. It soon becomes apparent that something more sinister and dangerous that Aphra could imagine is taking place on her island home. But how can Aphra find the answers when she doesn't know whom to trust? I usually don't judge books by their titles or covers, but Death by Bikini immediately caught my eye, and I'm very glad that the novel lived up to my high expectations. Death by Bikini is one of the more original novels I have read recently, in addition to Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott. I definitely enjoyed the high action and suspense, especially near the ending of the book, and the maybe romance between Aphra and Seth. It had surprising twists as every good mystery novel should, and everything was more interesting because of the unique setting. So, if you're looking for a good combination of mystery and romance, then definitely grab this book when it hits shelves mid-May. I was a little disappointed that the story was not longer, but I look forward to reading the next installment, Death by Latte. [...]

Aphra is a bikini-clad Nancy Drew - you won't be able to resist her!

Sixteen-year-old Aphra Behn Connolly leads a life that most teenage girls only dream about. But she would trade it in for something a little more conventional and normal in a heartbeat. Sure, her days are filled with gallivanting around the tropical island she calls home, and peeking into the lives of the rich and famous who stay at her father's paradise-like resort; but things aren't all peachy keen. For one, her mother abandoned the family when Aphra was just twelve-years-old; and two, she has absolutely no contact with people her own ages. While her best friend, Cami, is back in South Carolina, gearing up for prom, dating boys, and working towards attaining her driver's license, Aphra is stuck all by her lonesome in paradise. Of course, things aren't that bad. Until a suspicious family arrives on the island to shake things up, that is. Aphra Connolly isn't exposed to cute boys that often. As the youngest employee and resident of a fancy tropical resort, Aphra simply knows how to keep the visitors happy, and stay out of their business. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't know a cute boy when she sees one. And Seth Mulo is one cute boy. Unfortunately, he's accompanied by a suspicious man and woman who give Aphra "imposter" vibes. Apparently these are his parents. Aphra can see the resemblance, but it doesn't keep her from being suspicious. But Aphra is willing to toss her suspicions to the wayside to stay friendly with Seth - the first guy she has ever found herself completely drawn to. When one of the other visitors - a female - however, turns up dead, strangled by her bikini, Aphra knows that something sinister is at work. For four years this island has Aphra's home, and it has been anything but dangerous. Now Seth's family has brought along some sort of sinister secret with them, and has put the whole island at risk. It's obvious that Seth and his parents are hiding something. They're also hiding from someone. Aphra doesn't know what, or who, but she's determined to find out. But she can't do it alone. Aphra will need Seth's help to learn the truth, and to save all of the people she loves. But if she's not quick, the truth may come too late; and the tropical paradise she has grown to know and love, may just turn into a place of evil. Linda Gerber's precision and skill in writing captured my attention a little over a year ago when I read her contribution to the S.A.S.S. series, NOW AND ZEN. At that time, I didn't feel that she could ever top that bit of writing. I was wrong; for she has done just that with DEATH BY BIKINI. Aphra is relatable from the get-go. Her typical teenage concerns and paranoia's have been felt by teenage girls the world over, even though her situation may be a bit more unconventional. Aphra is fast-talking, quick witted, fiery, spunky, and a whole lot of fun. Seth, on the other hand, is the resident heartthrob. He possesses hunk status, yet he has a sensitive side that will instantly make readers fall head over heel

Meet Aphra Connolly

I enjoyed Linda Gerber's SASS books, but I got an even bigger kick out of seeing what she could do when cut loose from the constraints of an already-established publisher's series to really show her stuff. The result, Death by Bikini, is a terrific read--literally a beach read, but also simply a fun, fast-paced suspense story with a strong central character: Aphra Behn Connolly. Aphra's father owns and manages a private resort on a remote tropical island. Aphra is used to meeting rock stars, movie stars, politicians, and other celebrities who are trying to get away from their lives and scandals, but the guest who really attracts her attention is a boy who says his name is Adam. It isn't long before an aging rocker's girlfriend is found strangled on the beach (by her bikini ties, natch). Aphra is already trying to find out Adam's true identity and why he's in hiding with his parents. Now she must also figure out who killed the blonde in the bikini. Another mystery, why Aphra's mother has vanished from her life without an explanation, turns out to be related to the first two puzzles. Aphra is a curious and likable teen. She's far from perfect, yet she basically has her feet on the ground. She's more of a Mandy Moore type than one of those Paris Hilton clones who have been popping up in a lot of YA fiction lately to bicker about shoes with their best friends. The last decade or two has yet to produce a really good contemporary replacement for Nancy Drew, but Aphra Connolly is definitely in the running. According to a note at the back of the book, Aphra will be back soon in her next adventure, Death by Latte. I look forward to catching up with Gerber's heroine in Seattle!

The Compulsive Reader's Reviews

Anyone would love Aphra Behn's life. She lives on an isolated island, home to a cushy resort owned by her father. Her days are filled with attending to the guests, taking long swims in the ocean, and exploring the lush island. The only hitch? She's always alone. So when the Smiths arrive with their teenage son, she's ecstatic. Maybe she can actually make a friend. But the circumstances surrounding the Smiths' arrival don't add up. Why did her dad put them in the villa under renovation? Why didn't he check them in? And how did they even get on the island? And when another guest washes up from the ocean dead, strangled by her bikini strings, Aphra is convinced that no one will be safe until the Smiths are off her island. This suspenseful novel moves at lightening fast speed. Gerber cunningly draws readers into Aphra's paradise-esque life that anyone would envy. Her character is made intriguing by dropping sly hints about her past periodically throughout the book. But Gerber's delivery ensures that's not the only thing to keep readers going as the strange mystery unravels into something big that can't be resolved easily. Pay close attention, because this is one novel that doesn't slow down a bit, and will assuredly be the start of a fresh, fun, and exhilarating new mystery series for teens.

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