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Mass Market Paperback Dark Symphony Book

ISBN: 0515135216

ISBN13: 9780515135213

Dark Symphony

(Part of the Dark (#9) Series and Scarletti Dynasty (#2) Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Book Overview

In this thrilling novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series, Christine Feehan presents the story of one of the oldest Carpathians as he meets the woman meant to be his... Blinded and scarred in a terrible accident, Antoinetta Scarletti made music that thrilled the world with its beauty and passion. Descended from a long line of psychics, Antoinetta has learned to rely on her other senses to "see" the world around her, but nothing...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The gothic flavor of THE SCARLETTI CURSE joins The Carpathian series!

For years, Carpathian Byron Justicano has lived a self-imposed exile from his homeland. Traveling the world to hunt those of his people who have given in to darkness, Byron exists in a world of gray until the day he hears the music. Drawn by the haunting notes playing in his head, Byron comes to Italy to meet the music's composer and finds the woman destined to be his lifemate. Heiress to the wealth and secrets of the influential Scarletti dynasty, Antonietta has also had her share of tragedy. Blinded as a child in the same terrible accident that killed her parents, Antonietta has devoted her life to her music and her family. Now an evil force is stalking the Scarlettis and Antonietta finds herself turning to the mysterious Byron Justicano to help protect her family. Impatient to claim his lifemate but afraid to reveal his true nature too soon in case it drives her away, Byron soon discovers that the Scarlettis are no ordinary family. As Antonietta and Byron race to discover the truth behind the attacks, the secrets of the Scarletti family come to light and with it may come hope for the Carpathian race. In DARK SYMPHONY, Christine Feehan melds her bestselling Carpathian series with the contemporary descendants of her gothic, THE SCARLETTI CURSE, and the result is a uniquely European-flavored tale that is rich in texture and steeped in the supernatural. Antonietta and Byron are a perfectly matched pair of lifemates. Antonietta is warm and complex heroine whose personality includes a Machiavellian twist, while Byron is a hero seeking redemption for past actions. Filled with a supporting cast of vivid, larger than life characters from the boisterous young Carpathian male, Josef, to the tempestuous Scarletti cousin, Tasha, DARK SYMPHONY is sure to please fans of Ms. Feehan's Carpathian series. TheSchemer

Another winner for Christine Feehan

Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques Byron Justicano has been alone for many years, living in a world without color or emotion. He is hanging on by a thread, in the hopes of finding his one true lifemate who will bring emotion and color back to his world. He condemned himself to a life alone, hunting the dreaded vampire, evil beings of his kind, when a huge error in judgment almost cost his Prince's lifemate her life. Until the day he heard the call of music... Antonietta "Toni" Scarletti is a world famous concert pianist and composer, living in Italy. She was blinded when a young child, by an accident that took her parents' lives. She feels an emptiness in her soul, that even her close relationships with her grandfather and cousins cannot fill. Her music is all she has that sometimes makes her feel whole and complete again. Then one day Byron enters her life. When Byron finds Toni, his world explodes with color and emotion. He knows immediately she is his lifemate and like all of the males of his kind, can do nothing but protect his other half from the moment he finds her. She is very independent however, in spite of her lack of sight, and does not exactly appreciate Byron's over-protectiveness, in spite of her great attraction to him. Some of her family also are suspicious of his attention to her, so begin questioning the strange attraction between the two of them. When strange accidents start happening at the palazzo, accidents that make it apparent someone wishes to kill Toni and her grandfather, Don Giovanni, Byron is all the more protective, wanting to keep her from harm. In addition, a dangerous predator is on the loose, a wild cat, killing townsfolk and trying to get members of the Scarletti family. Now Byron must make his move, binding Toni to him forever, as one of his kind, to keep her and her family safe. Who is the person trying to kill the family, and why? What is Toni's unique link to the jaguar stalking their home? Mysteries will be solved and answers revealed. Ms Feehan has done it again! She has written yet another brilliant addition to her Dark saga. Her loyal fans finally have one of the most breathlessly anticipated stories, that of Byron. He struck a chord with many of her fans upon being first introduced in her first book, and many have been waiting for his story. At last they have it! Byron and Toni's story will reel the reader in from the first page and never lets up its hold. Their passion is limitless, electrifying, in spite of their weaknesses. Toni has a hard time believing anyone could possibly want her for herself and not her money. After all, she is blind and believes she is ugly, so who could possibly want her? Byron needs her and loves her for herself, but Toni has to learn that for herself. Also of note in this story, Ms. Feehan seamlessly weaves three different worlds she has created into one, her gothic stories, her Carpathian stories, and her fantasy stories all come together in this story, making it m

I love the change....

I agree with a few others that it was time for a change in the Dark Series. I really thought that CF did a great job of adding a new twist. I don't dare mention that new twist due to the fact that it's not told in the description or on the cover - it doesn't show up for a little while in the book. So you'll just have to read it to find out! The fact that is was more of a suspense thriller instead of just an action packed plot did not take away from the enjoyment for me. It still had enough action to keep my eyebrows raised but it also constantly kept me guessing about who was doing it (not simply another ancient vampire). The added humor to this story was a refreshing relief also - that has always been a personal preference of mine. As usual Byron was enough to take my breath away & I even thought more of him than some of the other Carpathian males because although he was still just as protective of Antonietta he was not as overly dominating and borish as some of the others. (Although, honestly, how could a girl hold Mikhail's borishness against him!) I also enjoyed Antonietta - she was a highly intelligent & strong woman. I'll have to admit though that I would probably NOT be as understanding about her family as she had been all those years! lol It did explain her compassion quite well towards the end though. I liked the off and on contact that Byron had with other Carpathians through out the book - that always adds something to it for me. That bond between them all is just so fasinating. I personally thought that the story was nicely tied up at the end - it didn't feel rushed or left hanging. All in all another excellent read by CF.

Great read!

I'm a fan of the Dark series. However, some of the last few books have been a bit disappointing primarily because they were leading me to conclude that Ms. Feehan is a good but not great writer since every male Carpatian started to sound like the others (or a recycled version of other male leads) and every subsequent book in the series devoted about 20% repeating the same things "He is a Carpathian, and therefore . . . " over and over. Having just finished Dark Symphony, my mind has changed. I won't go into the details of the plot, as other reviewers here have already done so. I will note a few things. First, Ms. Feehan's latest has a tighter writing style than before. Also, she introduces new readers re Carpathians & background of other stories in a much more subtle manner, and she avoides needlessly repeating the same thing (about Carpathians) over and over. And I really like the fact that the female lead here is more experienced (sexually) than the female leads in the previous stories -- it gets old reading about virgin females having wonderous first experiences with super experienced males. Antonietta & Byron had a sweet courtship -- they actually spent time together talking, enjoying music, etc. before the story begins, so you really get a sense of romance developing among this set of life mates. Finally, I loved the introduction of the Jaguar race. It brought an added dimention to the Carpathian stories and some explanation as to why "human" psychics have been able to mate with Carpathian males. I look forward to Ms. Feehan's next book in the Dark series.

A refreshing new flavor!

I received this book yesterday in the mail and stayed up late last night finishing this book. It was wonderful. Ms. Feehan has again pushed into new territory with her "Dark" series. This is definately not your same hunter/vampire conflict.In this book we meet Byron Justicano, a lonely Carpathian gem-caller who has cut himself off from his best friend Jaques (hero of Dark Desire). Byron was captured by humans and used as bait to try to destroy his people's prince, nearly succeeding in killing Prince Mikhal's life mate, Raven. Since that time, he has isolated himself from all Carpathians and gone against his natural artistic nature to become a hunter. His nights are spent in a desolate wilderness struggling against the temptation of turning vampire when he suddenly hears the music.He tracks the music to it's creator and finds Antonietta Scarletti, a brilliant blind concert pianist and descendant of the hero/heroine of The Scarletti Curse. He knows as soon as he hears her speak that she is his life mate and he will never be lonely again.Byron saves her grandfather from a car "accident" and becomes a familiar visitor at the palazzo where there are undercurrents of an ancient mysterious evil. Antonietta's family resent and fear Byron, but because Antonietta is the center of the Scarletti family try only subtly to discourage their association.When Antonietta and her grandfather are drugged and dragged off to be murdered, Byron sees that he has to take the relationship deeper, quicker to protect his lifemate.The refreshing change to this book, is that Byron has learned the hard way to be patient. So many other Carpathian Alpha males rush in and overwhelm their lifemates. Byron gently woos Antonietta even though his nature is screaming for him to take and possess her. Even up to the last critical moment, Byron allows Antonietta the final choice to convert and join him.As they work together to solve murder attempts to different family members, we see them forging a strong bond of the heart, not just of the compulsion of the mating of lifemates. Ms. Feehan mixes romance, redemption and suspence in a completely different way and the result is a fascinating journey of two people truly finding their heartmate and conquering many obstacles that they, themselves have constructed.If you have never read one of Ms. Feehan's novels, this is one to try. If you've read her work and been put off by the dominant Carpathian male, read this one and see a gentle, protective side of the powerful species. Byron will completely change your attitude and thinking about Carpathians. He is just as strong as any other Carpathian hero, but he has a sensitive, artistic nature, rather than the brutal by necessity nature of the hunters. You will absolutely love him!There is humor thrown in when you meet Byron's sister and her adopted teenager, Josef. Josef is Carpathian too, but very young. As a mother of a teen myself, I could identify totally with Byron's exasperat
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