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Paperback Dark Magic (Carpathians): Number 4 in series ('Dark' Carpathian) Book

ISBN: 0749937610

ISBN13: 9780749937614

Dark Magic (Carpathians): Number 4 in series ('Dark' Carpathian)

(Book #4 in the Dark Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. Young Savannah Dubrinsky was a mistress of illusion, a world-famous magician capable of mesmerizing millions. But there was one--Gregori, the Dark One--who held her in terrifying thrall. Whose cold...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A "magical" story

I had the same feelings as Ketsia as I picked up this book. All of the previous books were so wonderful, but I had been waiting for Gregori's story and was really afraid Ms. Feehan would not be able to pull it off. Boy, was I wrong!First things first - don't read this book if you are expecting a vampire tale a la Ann Rice or even Amanda Ashley - there are elements both of those types of stories in Feehan's books, but they really are their own genre. Vampire purists will not enjoy these stories, but if you like a book heavy on romance and intimacy, with a paranormal twist, you'll absolutely love Feehan. As purely escapist fiction, I rank the Dark series at the top of my list! Very much like J.D. Robb's Death series, these are characters who are larger than life and stories that will have you reading the books over and over.I won't summarize the storyline, because the book reviews have already done it, and the overall plotline really isn't what makes these books anyway. The interplay between Gregori and Savannah is the focus, as each comes to terms with living in the other's world. Gregori rivals Robb's Rourke as male perfection - no woman (or reader) could resist either of them, and it's so moving to read of him finally discovering his emotions again; Savannah is one of Feehan's better heroines, feisty and strong, much like her mother Raven. If you decide to read this series, it really does help to begin with the first book, Dark Prince, and work your way through them in order (Dark Gold was my least favorite, and pretty much could be skipped). It builds familiarity with the characters, and in each of the books you'll find glimpses of all the Carpathians that help flesh out the characters - when you do finally get to Gregori's story, it will be much sweeter for having met him in earlier books. I'm already anxiously awaiting Julian's story in November (the first chapter hints that maybe his lifemate is someone very close to Gregori), and hope Feehan continues the series for a long time.

Christine Feehan has done it again!

I must admit that it was with some apprehension that I purchased Dark Magic. Oh,I've enjoyed the three previous books, and consider myself both a fan of Christine Feehan and her Dark Saga, but having waited for Gregori's story for so long, I was afraid that it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I'm happy to report that my fears were unfounded. Dark Magic was all that I expected and more. Dark, Erotic, Funny, and touching, this story grabs and holds ones attention until the end. After years of darkness, Gregori, legendary healer and hunter/killer for the Carpathian race finally claims his life mate. Believing that his years of killing, and his tampering with nature (In Dark Prince and Dark Desire, Gregori, through knowledge attained over the centuries, manipulates events to ensure that Raven gives birth to his life mate) have stained his soul and made him unworthy and incapable of attaining the love of the heroine, Gregori refuses to believe and trust in the gem he has been given. It is up to Savannah to prove him wrong. Strong and with the blood of the ancients (Prince Mikhail, the leader of the Carpathians is her father) running through her veins, Savannah is more than a match for Gregori. She challenges him, gives him fits, and teaches him to laugh and trust.A must read for paranormal romance fans. Bravo Christine! So happy to hear that more stories of the Dark Saga are planned.The Carpathian addict that I have become is doing back flips as I type. :-) Also, recommend Dark Prince, Dark Desire and Dark Gold.


I am an absolute fanatic over that bad boy Gregori. I have BURNED for this book since April. DARK MAGIC is the fourth book in the Carpathian series written by top notch author, Christine Feehan. For nearly a thousand years Gregori, the relentless hunter of the undead and the most powerful of the Carpathians has struggled with the darkness. He is teetering on the brink of madness. The beast within him strong. He can wait no longer and seeks out his lifemate. Savannah Dubrinsky, daughter of the Prince of the Carpathians (Mikhail & Raven) is a world famous magician. More than anything she desires her own independence and does not want to be a lifemate to anyone. Especially to one as powerful and menacing as Gregori. She runs from him. From his dark sensuality and the intensity of her feelings for him. Years before, he came to claim her as his lifemate. Right away she notices how very different Gregori is from the other young men. He is much more powerful and very, very frightening. As his cold silver eyes glided over her, she feels an awakening within her body as if something wild within her longs for him. He speaks to her mind that she BELONGS to him and no one else. With a kiss that scourches her soul, her fate for all time is sealed. Savannah's life changes in that very instant. She fears not only the total control Gregori would have over her but also the intensity of her feelings. In desperation, she pleads with him to give her her freedom. Very reluctantly, he agrees giving her five years. But in the waiting there is much danger. Now the vow he has made to her is at an end and so is his control. He is very close to turning and is now unable to seek the dawn to kill himself. He knows how incredibly powerful he is. Knows that there is no one who could defeat him. Not Mikhail or even Aidan could hope to destroy him. He knows that if he should turn vampire, he would tear the world apart. Gregori can no longer trust himself and seizes Savannah. But it is too late. Having her presence near him sends him toppling over the edge. The struggle between man and beast is AWESOME and totally believable in one who has struggled with insurmountable darkness for endless centuries. Savannah merges her mind with his and "feels" the suffering he has endured for her. For the first time, she understands Gregori's plight. The five years of freedom he had given her had been so very horrible for him to endure. She is consumed with guilt for it is her fear and young age that have brought so powerful a man to such a pitiful, horrible state. She reaches out to him despite her fear, offering herself to him. That acceptance slowly allows the man to gain control over the beast. DARK MAGIC is brimming with dark emotions, incredible sensuality and violence. All of us who have read the very first book in the series knows that Gregori is a hard man. He has suffered more than any other Carpathian for

Intense Story of Love and Redemption

In the fourth book of Christine Feehan's Dark series, the powerful character of Gregori is the central figure. Gregori is a healer as well as one of the hunters of vampires. The beings that Feehan has created, the Carpathians, are similar to vampires in that they have to drink blood, can shape shift, and have telepathic powers. However, Carpathians do not kill their prey and otherwise are an interesting, productive species. They are not human though and their relationships with one another are an interesting part of the series. Males loose the ability to feel at about the age of 200 if they don't find a lifemate. Once a male reaches this point he can turn vampire at any time, naturally the males are very agressive about finding mates. Unfortunately, there is only one female who has the necessary chemistry to match any male. Gregori is an ancient and close to the end of his endurance of the loneliness resulting from his lack of feeling. His lifemate, Savannah is very young, independent, and not at all interested in being overpowered by a lifemate who is so much more powerful and wise than she. Gregori has waited as long as he can and when he claims Savannah things do not go well. He has to deal with his overwhelming desire to protect her and she is too immature to understand how to manage such a male. In this book, the characterization is superior to the others. Savannah grows considerably during the course of the book and Gregori has to adjust to life in the 21st century. Fans of the series will love this book and new readers will find plenty of action as well as very hot romance.

Dark Magic...not gory but Glory, as in Glorious Gregori!

This is what was going through my mind as I opened the book: While I waited for this 4th book ( I read Feehan's first 3 books months ago) I had worried that I may have anticipated the wait too much and now the book would never meet my forever increasing expectations. Expectations which seemed to heighten the longer I waited. At this point, I felt bad for the book since unless it was going to be the perfect book, it would surely disappoint me. I also worried about the heroine. I've know Gregori through the first 3 books and knew this hero would need a strong heroine (i.e.: non-whiny). Nothing ruins a good book like an ill-matched couple. You know the kind. You'll be reading a book w/disbelief that the hero can be attracted to such a helpless, whiny, always breaking out in tears kind of annoying female. On top of that, the day I got the book, I wasn't in the mood to read another bloody vampire novel. I'd just gotten through reading a mediocre vampire/wolf book (not Feehan obviously) and was in the mood for a different genre. (or so I thought) Sigh, all my worries were for naught. She did not disappoint. And that's as understating it as if I had said Gregori could do a few slight of hand tricks. Feehan surpassed all my "hard-to-live-up-to" expectations and erased all the useless worries from my mind as easily as Gregori could to any mortal.Savannah is a perfect match for Gregori. The discovery of how good a match they are is revealed in a timely manner to both Gregori and the reader. Her strengths aren't just her determined spirit and nature but best of all, her sense of humor. This book instills at the right times, a sense of humor which is not at all out of place. I want to give examples but I want you to discover every one of them yourself. I want you to enjoy as I did how they each compliment the other as no one else can. How they become better people...oops, I meant, Carpathians by having the other in their immortal life.And whether Carpathians or mortals, isn't that what it's all about? Two that become better as one. Why else team up? I wish this book had been hundreds of pages longer. I could go on reading about this new side of Gregori now that his light beacon (lifemate)by the name of Savannah has transformed him by giving him hope. I won't ask if there will be a next book to this series but instead hope the next book is going to be about Julian and that professional singer. My canines are already itching to bite into Feehan's next book.
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