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Paperback Daniels' Running Formula - 2nd Edition Book

ISBN: 0736054928

ISBN13: 9780736054928

Daniels' Running Formula - 2nd Edition

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Get in the best shape of your running career with the scientifically based training in >Daniels' Running Formula>. In the book that >Runner's World magazine> called >"the best training book, "> premier running coach Jack Daniels provides you with his proven VDOT formula to guide you through training at exactly the right intensity to become a faster, stronger runner.Choose from the red, white, blue, and gold programs to get into shape, target a race...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The training bible for the serious runner !

I consider Jack Daniels' Running Formula my running bible. I have read it 5 times and will likely read it again a couple more times. In addition, I refer to it on a weekly basis (VDOT's, time charts). The good: * He describes the types of running, the frequencies, the intensity that they should be ran at "immaculately". * I love the pace charts and the predicted racing times, they are "dead-on". * Book is packed with his extensive experience and knowledge (definitely not one of those books to make a quick buck !!!). The bad: * He is not the best writer (but the information is great) Caveats: * I would say his book is for serious runners (40++ miles a week) * I would highly recommend using a heart rate monitor. Basing the VDOT on easy, tempo and race pace can easily lead to injury since your intensity may creep up (the HR monitor does not lie !!!). * I take his long run rule with a grain of salt (max 25% of weekly mileage). Maybe this applies to 80 mile+ runners, but if you are like me and train 50-60 miles a week and run marathons this seams not helpful.

Best running book for the scientifically minded!

My running library contains more than 20 books and I rate this one the best. It offers a truly scientific way of training. Each and every point is thoroughly explained. A book like this is an absolute delight for the thinking runner who not only wants to know what to do, but also why. The book is very practical too, as the instructions are distilled into just a few tables - all easy to use. You will learn Daniels' proven methods to improve endurance, lactate threshold, VO2Max and mechanical running speed. The real beauty of this book is that it can be used by elite runners and slow beginners alike; the tables accommodate all runners and tell us exactly what to do based on our recent race times. If I could choose only two books on running, it would be this one and The Lore of Running by Dr Tim Noakes.

Daniels' Running Formula made me FASTER

Jack Daniels, the author of this book, holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He first got involved with running when he used to compete in triathlons. He is currently the head coach of the SUNY-Cortland women's Cross Country team. This book is FULL of EASY TO UNDERSTAND technical information that will make you FASTER...period.Personally, I am a high school distance runner and on our cross country team we run about 40 miles / week. Our coach started using this book before our outdoor track season started. I ran a 5k road race in 19:50 (6:23 pace) on March 11th, 2001 before the track season had started and before we started using Daniels' formula. Daniels' book has you establish a VDOT based on recent race performances. He explains the PURPOSE of every workout you do. He believes it's important that you realize what you're trying to accomplish with every running session that you do. Therefore, Daniels has easy to use tables which set intensity guidelines to prevent overtraining and injury. He shows you that if you train anywhere in between the intensities, then you're training in "no-man's land." This means that you are doing "junk-training." There are four training paces in all for high-quality running sessions: the easy/everday training pace(65-75 percent of VO2 max), the interval pace (designed to stress VO2 max or maximum oxygen uptake, performed at 98-100 percent of VO2 max), the threshold pace (designed to improve lactate threshold, about 86-88 percent of VO2max), and the Repetition Pace (designed to improve running strength and economy, at a pace greater than one's VO2 max).For me, I ran a 5:15 mile at the beginning of the track season so my coach used this to determine my VDOT. According to the book's tables, my VDOT was 56. I trained by doing "R Pace workouts," "T Pace Workouts" and "I Pace Workouts." R Pace workouts, designed to improve running strength and economy, consisted of 200, 200, 400 meter repeats with a 1 to 4 effort to rest ratio. For a 56 VDOT, the paces would be 39 and 80. The T Pace Workout, designed to improve lactate threshold, was 6 x 1000 for me with only 1 minute rest, at 3:53 pace. The I pace workout, to stress VO2 max, is also repeat 1000s. However, we do only 4 x 1000 at a faster pace, 3:34, but get 3:34 rest as a result of the 1 to 1 effort to rest ratio.In addition, he shows you exactly how to schedule your training sessions around races so you can be in peak physical fitness to set a HUGE PR!!! As a result of his training for less than 2 months, I ran an 18:14 5k (5:53 pace) on May 6th, 2001. I was 7th overall out of 166 runners in the race. In the race last March 11th, 2001, where I ran 19:50, I was 47th in my race, PATHETIC!!! I have no idea what I would run the mile in if I were to race it now, but I would guess that I'd be around 4:50 thanks to his workouts which have resulted in an increase in my fitness level.Jim Ryun, a former world record holder i

Damn good book

You should buy this book! There is no other running guide out there that is as intelligent, easy to understand, practical, and accurate. Though the book is not the much sought after, all inclusive "Bible of Running" type book, as it lacks important non-running information (strength training, nutrition, strectching, plyometrics, etc...) However, what it lacks in completness it makes up for with its extremely intelligent approach to training with excellent workouts and an effective approach to training. So, I can't say this is the only book you'll ever need, but if you want to make major improvements and learn alot about the proper way to train, buy this book.

Excellent, Excellent book

This is the simply the best book on training I have ever read!!! I have read at least a dozen books on running and training from coaches like Dellinger, Lydiard, Bowerman, etc and runners like Rodgers, Liquori, Shorter etc and Jack Daniels book is the best of the bunch. For years I have trained by the seat of my pants trying to incorporate all I have read but with little real understanding of the affects of the different types of training I was doing. Daniels simply and clearly outlines the parts of training and their purpose. The training schedules laid out are easy to use and adaptable to any level. I feel like I now understand my training and my race times are faster. I am recommending this book to all my running friends.
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