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Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega, Book 1)

(Part of the Alpha & Omega (#1) Series and Mercy Thompson World (#2) Series)

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Book Overview

#1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Briggs presents the first Alpha and Omega novel--the start of an extraordinary series set in Mercy Thompson's world, but with rules of its own... Anna... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

7 ratings

Great book

This was a great book. Love this authors writing and this series.

Best werewolf book I've read in a long time!

Lots of action and romance. It's hard to find a book that is just right and this book has it all. I read this book in two days and that's only because I had to work! Making my purchase for the next two books after this review.

Another great book from Patricia Briggs!

I initially thought that Cry Wolf was a new series in Patricia Briggs' ever expanding repertoire of books and was quite pleasantly surprised to find out that it was based on Mercy Thompson's ongoing series. Also I'd like to point out, as many have already done, that this book builds on Patricia Briggs' short story published last year in the 'On the Prowl' collection. I did not purchase that book since I'm not a fan of some of the other co-authors, but I feel that I was not disadvantaged by the missing knowledge. Mrs. Briggs did a wonderful job providing enough background to the story for even those completely unfamiliar with her works. Now to the actual review. This story flows differently from Mercy's fast paced first person accounts. The main heroine Anna is a woman whose life for the past three years has been filled with nonstop abuse - both physical and emotional. She was forcefully infected with lycanthropy, threatened to give up her only family to live in near poverty within one of Chicago's werewolf packs with a violent Alpha Leo, his psychotic mate and sadistic second. Anna's wolf was the only protection keeping her from breaking, even though she secretly hated her loss of humanity. Leo's intentional cruelty over the years worked to masquerade her innate power as Omega that made her very unique and important to any pack. Unluckily for him though, that ability was also what allowed her to involve the Marrok and his youngest son Charles, by contacting him against her Alpha's orders. That prompted Charles, who is the Marrok's main enforcer, to impose a change of management in the Chicago pack by killing Leo and his second. In the process Charles' wolf recognized Anna as his true mate, which is where the story really began. The mating bond between Anna and Charles was unusual in its nature, since normally a human bond occurs first and in time the wolf's acceptance cements the mating union between two people. Anna and Charles were initially drawn to each other for their own reasons - Anna was looking for protection and acceptance while Charles found peace through her Omega power. But is it enough join two people together for potentially eternity? Considering Anna's victimized nature and Charles' long life as his father's hit man, they have many obstacles in their way. And to add to the emotional mix, Charles is sent by his father to investigate a rogue werewolf that's been killing unsuspecting hikers in the Marrok's territory. All this comes at a time when the Marrok is preparing to publicize the existence of werewolves and tensions are running high for those who oppose that decision. Could it be a simple plot of diversion designed to stop the Marrok or a much more dangerous scheme that could potentially destroy everything? Read and find out :) I found this book extremely entertaining. There was a lot more romance then in Patricia Briggs' previous books, although most was left to the reader's imagination (just the way I li

Excellent Start to a New Series

Though it is not absolutely necessary, readers should definitely start with Briggs' short story in the On the Prowl anthology. She introduces Anna and Charles, and the events in "Cry Wolf" begin immediately following that story. Patricia Briggs really hit her stride with the Mercy Thompson series. Great urban fantasy with a smart, resilient heroine. So, I was surprised to find I enjoy her new "Alpha and Omega" series just as much. It is set in the same world as Mercy; she is mentioned and characters from her books make an appearance. Mercy is a great heroine, but she is somewhat an outsider looking in on (and getting dragged into) paranormal affairs. Anna is a were, and knee deep in werewolf society. In the short story, Anna was changed against her will and has been beaten down and brutalized by her pack ever since. When a local young man turns up dead, Anna recognizes him as one killed by her pack. She drums up the courage to call Bran, the Marrok and leader of all alpha werewolves. I was intrigued by this character when he was introduced in the Mercy books and was happy to see more of him. Bran sends his son and enforcer, Charles. When Charles meets Anna, he recognizes what she is - a rare and precious Omega wolf with the ability to calm wolves and keep their violence in check. Anna returns to Montana with Charles to join The Marrock's pack. Charles is needed almost immediately to investigate a possible rogue were killing people in the mountains. But, the problem is much more than a rogue - dark magic is targeting the pack. And only Anna and Charles stand in the way. I think I enjoyed this book so much because we got a deeper look into how Briggs' has formed her werewolf society. Every paranormal series has its own "rules" for weres and vampires, and this is no different. Here the author expands on pack hierarchy, the role of the Marrock, Anna's Omega status and more. Yet, this book also leans far more toward paranormal romance than urban fantasy. Though Mercy has some great sexual tension with Adam and Samuel, she doesn't have a romantic relationship with either. So, the opportunity for witty repartee with someone she loves is missing (though the first chapter of book 4 included here indicates this will change). Anna and Charles make a great couple. Briggs' takes time to build the relationship, while simultaneously weaving her plot around them. Obviously, Anna's abilities as Omega will make her vital to the story's resolution, but the author makes it more than a plot device. Though they are mates, Anna was raped by members of her old pack and is uncertain of herself and Charles. Charles has never let himself have a long term relationship because a human mate would grow old and die. They have issues to overcome. Another big bonus for me was the direct inclusion of Bran in the story. Though he has a history with Mercy, his role in those books is very minor and in the background. Here, he takes center stage for

Move over Mercy, make room for Charles and Anna. Miss the short in On the Prowl? No biggie, the impo

In Cry Wolf we finally get to see more of the members of the werewolf pack who fostered coyote-shifting Mercy Thompson during her youth. I had been intrigued by several of the characters from the brief glimpses in the early Mercy books and I've been eagerly awaiting more of Charles and Anna since I read their short story in the On the Prowl anthology. If like me you've read these too, you'll have a head start reading Cry Wolf because we've already had glimpses of Bran the Merrick (alpha to the alpha's) of North America, and his sons, Samuel, who only has a bit part here since he's headed off to invade Mercy's home, and Charles, who is a werewolf but also has magic from his shaman mother. And you'll have already met Anna and know that, while she is not another Mercy incarnation, she is an extremely interesting combination of vulnerability and strength and has a rare power coveted by wolf packs everywhere. But if you're unfamiliar with the Mercy books or the short don't despair, Briggs does a perfectly fine job of bringing in all the significant bits into this story so you won't be totally lost and confused if you just start here, just be patient -it's all here if you keep reading. The story starts out with Bran retrieving Anna and a wounded Charles from Chicago and give us a brief glimpse of Anna's former pack just to let us know what she's escaping. But when she reaches Charles' Montana home everything is not all hearts and flowers, though their wolves have already bonded its going to take a bit for Anna's human side to catch up, especially when communication is not a strong point for either of the leads - Anna because hiding has been the only way she's survived and Charles because even though he's hundreds of year old, as his father's executioner/enforcer he's been solitary, feared by all of the other werewolves. And the `honeymoon' is going to be an odd one because Charles' father needs the still healing Charles to investigate a human death and subsequent attack on another human that appears to be the work of a werewolf and Bran decides that Anna is to accompany Charles on the hunt to find the rogue. But there is a reason why Bran is Merrick, besides being older than dirt, he is pretty savvy and this physical journey into the wilderness for Charles and Anna may be just what is needed to build Anna's strength and confidence and to cement her bond with Charles, that is if they survive the unexpected danger that is waiting for them in the snowy wilderness. Though it has some romantic elements, Cry Wolf doesn't just focus on Anna and Charles and their relationship. Briggs has several great characters making significant contributions to this story and she has shifted from the first person voice of her Mercy books into a third person narrative which works very effectively to keep us in the loop so that we get to know the nuances and inner thoughts of all these important players. Along with Charles and Anna and Bran, a damaged old wolf Asil has

Excellent new series following the pack Mercy was raised in!

After ready the Mercy Thompson series and wishing it wasn't over... this was a welcome surprise. I love the new angle and addition to the Werewolf Universe the author has created. This book really starts to show the authors personal stamp on her wolves. This isn't your run of the mill paranormal universe. We get to learn all about the other son of the Marrok, Charles. Although I wish there was a bit more info at the start of the story, I fell into it quickly and wolfed it down. :) And a bonus for those of us who want more Mercy! There's an excerpt of the next one in the back!!!!! And I thought Mercy was a trilogy. Only too happy to be wrong!

Cry Wolf

This is a continuation of the novella involving Anna and Charles. Anna is not kick a** like Mercy so the mood of the story is quite different then the Mercy Thompson stories. Having said that it is still a wonderful new series starter. I honestly hope that Briggs will continue this story-line as well as she has with Mercy's. Anna is moving in with Charles and learning what having a real pack is like. The mating bond just isn't connecting between her and Charles though because of what her old pack leader did to her. (rape and abuse) Since she's an Omega (basically a werewolf who transcends the dominant/submissive code as well as having the ability to soothe the inner wolf on others) the abuse hit her harder. There's also a rouge wolf on the loose and a sinister witch from a pack member's past. The plot is a little slower in the beginning but picks up right away after that. The tone of the book is more subdued and nervous but that's perfect for Anna's story. This is definitely not a knock off of Mercy's books. Anna is strong in her own right and readers everywhere are wondering when her next adventure will be taking place.
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