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Paperback Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 Book

ISBN: 0922356572

ISBN13: 9780922356577

Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300

Can you imagine an all powerful group, that knows no national boundaries, above the laws of all countries, one that controls every aspect of politics, religion, commerce and industry, banking, insurance, mining, the drug trade, the petroleum industry, a group answerable to no one but its members? To the vast majority of us, such a group would appear to be beyond the realms of possibilities and capabilities of any given organization. If that is what...


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Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Incredible yet true!!!!!

I have met John Coleman and I can say intuitively that what he writes is true! I have met enough people in my life that confirm whatever he writes in this book to be so. It has opened my eyes which are now forever watchful and can discern what the so called media says to be able to judge whether something is true or not (mostly not).Thank you John Coleman, yours is one of my favorite books that I will forever tresure and fall back on whenever there is another such incident as 911, then I will go back and check the facts to make sure whether the background is what it seems to be or whether it is false.


After I finished reading this book I just had to tell my friends about it. This book is full of very interesting information concerning how major government organizations are linked up into the British Royal Secret Society. Dr. Coleman explains M16, Royal Institute For International Affairs, Trilateral Commission, Dr. Aurellio Peccei and the Club of Rome and many other organizations whose goal is to establish a sinister "one world government". The main reason why I read this book is because it mentions Tavistock, an institution designed to brainwash the masses. This took effect in the 60s when the Beatles and the advent of Rock 'n' Roll were brought to this country in an attempt to degrade American culture. The book also answers a lot of questions I've always had, especially about the era in U.S. history when Chinese workers were brought here to work on the railroads in the 1800s, this was an attempt to bring opium in to drug America, like the British did to China. This book leaves me with more questions I want answered, for instance, in what way were the Black Panthers controlled by the Institute For Policy Studies (IPS)? Were the Mau Mau of Kenya controlled by a former member of the IRA PROVISIONALS? In all this is an excellent book. A must read!

Outlaws Who Rule Over The Governmwents Of The World......

When you have a love of the history of the world, its peoples, countries, customs, religions, gov- ernments, the ruling classes, etc, your quest for information wether it be books, magazines, tapes videos is like a never ending thirst. I seek the TRUTH. The TRUTH as to why this world is the way it is....and why my country-AMERICA, the land of the FREE is in a downward spirial and destined as the rest of the world to be dominated by a ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN, ONE WORLD DICTATOR-NEW WORLDORDER. Dr.Coleman, who worked in the Intelligence field, is brilliant in the compilation of facts with names of the perpe-traitors, their plans and agenda(s), the 'think tanks' which decide how THEY want us to act, live and think. The means of how THEY control and manipulate circumstances and events. Creating order(?) out of chaos...the chaos THEY create....the drugging of our countries, the unsurping of our rights, the corruption of our elected officials, the controling of our economythrough the banks THEY own, the opium trade,.... and the list goes on.If you want a book to add to your collection of research data or you are just getting started in your research, then this book is for you. You will be amazed and won't stop reading until your eyes close from exhaustion. You will realize how corrupt THEY are and how THEY affect your everyday life. The book is documented and what you will learn will change the way you think about the future...


The contents that this book holds are only for the mind that can see the other side of what is actually ocurring in today's society. If you scare easily at what reality beholds than think twice about picking this book up. Because once you pick it up, I guarantee you won't put it down...
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