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Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment

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Book Overview

Here is a powerful new program that can clear away the unconscious agreements patterns that undermine even your best intentions. Through their own marriage and through twenty years' experience... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome relationship handbook for modern times!

This books is an incredible resource for modern couples who wish to establish and maintain a meaningful relationship. It is not filled with pop psychology "quick fix" solutions, but pragmatic advice that nurtures equality, respect, love and co-creation of a beautiful context for relationship. Three of the main premises of this book is the observation that successful couples tend to: 1) Feel all of their feelings; 2) Speak all of their truth; and 3) Honor all of their agreements. This is a simple formula, but as a psychology professional who talks to a lot of people I have found it to be effective, but difficult for many people in practice. Nonetheless, I agree with the authors that a healthy relationship is impossible without this foundation and I think the authors are correct to stress these points. I also like the discussion on withholding (lying by omission) and how this leads to eventual withdrawal and projection. This is not something most people like to look at, but a lot of problems are created by resentment that flows from unexpressed feelings and needs. This often gets unconsciously projected onto the partner or others and ultimately undermines the relationship. I give the author's credit for facing this dynamic squarely. The next section of the book talks about the nine traps of unconscious loving. This basically points out commonly occurring patterns in relationships that result from unconscious projection or being run by our internalized psychological scripts from childhood. It is useful because it will help you to identify unhealthy patterns in your relationship that may be unconscious. The invitation here is to uncover and examine dysfunctional beliefs that may be running you without your awareness. The section after the one above is called the seven steps to co-commitment. This outlines a practical approach to creating a great relationship together where no one is disempowered, co-dependent or acting from addiction. This section includes the three premises I mentioned at the beginning of my review and others such as learning to love yourself, claiming creativity, learning to live in a space of continuous positive energy, etc. The next sections of the book cover conflict resolution, positive communication and how to keep your past from intruding on your present. This book also contains useful activities and exercises that help you to practice and eventaully embody the skills that are discussed. This is a wonderful book for any couple. I recommend it very highly!

Wake Up and Be Accountable

No, nothing new. Which is precisely what makes this so good. This is the stuff of time-tested common sense, the stuff of that inner voice of wisdom, the one that is always trying to steer you in the right direction, even as you kick and scream and resist, intent on remaining on the old path of repeated and repeated and repeated cycles. We repeat them until we learn the lesson. Resolve the dilemma. Solve the puzzle. If the Hendricks message is to be boiled down to one catch-phrase, it would simply be: "wake up." It is not so much about change, as it is about living with our eyes open, fully aware (conscious) of why we do what we do, how we feel while we are doing it, and which way we will go next. Instead of moving through a fog, we instead make conscious choices. If we can add one concept to that catch-phrase, it would be the concept of accountability. Relationships, and not just romantic ones, tend to bog down most when we get busy issuing blame and pointing fingers. Hendricks proposes that we are all, each and every one of us, to be held accountable for our own lives. No victims, no martyrs. And co-dependents, out with you. A satisfying relationship is one that takes place between two people who make a 100 percent (each) commitment (nothing less will do or failure has room to enter) to themselves and to each other. It begins with a promise to be authentic to ourselves and to always tell what Hendricks calls "the microscopic truth." Our lives are what we make them. And if we don't like our lives, well, it is up to each of us to make the necessary changes. We must be honest with ourselves above all, but we must respect our mates with utmost honesty as well. It is the only solid building block that holds up a strong and satisfying relationship. One might balk at the wrongs done us, and oh the pity parties we do enjoy, when we are lied to and cheated on and our backs wear the footprints of others. But consider how far one gets in improving that situation when busy whining "I'm a victim! poor sap me!" and when one instead takes a moment to consider: how did I manifest this? How have I taught others to treat me? Have I made my personal boundaries clear? Have I offered and insisted upon honesty? Have I rescued my mate from the natural outcome of his or her bad behavior, thus robbing them of a learning experience? Have I been true to myself and expressed how I feel? It is not about letting our mates off the hook for bad behavior; that's dishonest, too. We hold our partners fully accountable, too. But it is a realization that we are not merely innocent bystanders in the soap operas of our lives. The sooner we understand our own part in the drama, the sooner we can enjoy true intimacy and equality with a mate we value and who values us. I read this Hendricks' book as I recently read "Conscious Living" -- with relish. I like the idea of being accountable for my life; it keeps the reins for my happiness in my own hands, after all. And there is so muc

"Conscious Loving" a gift for all our relationships

I have read and re-read this book and have found it to be the best book on building & healing relationship I have seen. Clearly distinguishes the subtle ways we sabatoge our relationships, then sets forth a clear new paradigm of being conscious creators with powerfully concieved steps and commitments, and excellent exercises for transforming oneself and others from victim to creator inside close relationships. Well organized, Conscious Loving is a stand-out contribution. Just the simple step of constantly "Claiming Creativity" has made a huge difference in my relationships.

Shines loving light onto destructive patterns.

After two divorces, it took reading this book to uncover the destructive patterns which plagued those relationships. "Conscious Loving" helped illuminate the underlying causes of those patterns so that I could lovingly accept responsibility, AND make new choices. My partner and I have both read the book and find that we are healing old wounds, and experiencing the deep intimacy we'd always craved -- but had never before achieved. I highly recommend that you keep a journal while you read this book to capture the revelations that are sure to follow.

A must read for anyone who wants deeper intimacy.

The Hendricks reveal the blocks to intimacy and happiness in human relationships. They expose problems as opportunities to explore our own blind spots. I have read this book several times over the last few years and give these methods complete credit for the joyous, fulfilling relationship I have had for the last three years. The book shows you how to be honest, take responsibility for yourself, and explore the core perceptions that sabotage your happiness. I have recommended this book to friends more than any other book I have read. If you want to get past your cycles of blame and pain, this is the book for you.
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