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Computers, Brief Edition

Computers, Brief Edition


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Providing overview coverage of computing/IT concepts and applications, Computers meets the needs of contemporary IT knowledge in content, sequence, and depth of presentation. The material in this progressive edition reflects readers' interests and spans the world of information technology with seven core chapters. It also contains three colorful IT Illustrated modules: computer history, the making of integrated circuits, and a PC buyer's guide. For a comprehensive introduction to computers.

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CLEP OR DSST PREP - use this book!

Took the DSST/Dantes test, using this book on Oct. 16, 2008. No need to waste money on expensive test prep materials or books. For the DSST/Dantes test, just use the "exam fact sheet" at as a study guide. For the CLEP, go to and print the study guide for Information Systems & Computer Applications. Either test can be passed using this book and the guides listed above. Just be sure to find out from your college testing center, which test is accepted for credit. If you do happen to have a CLEP practice exam, you can use it to prepare for the DSST, but be prepared to know some basic facts regarding the history of computing that are not on the CLEP.

CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications

I purchased this book (11th Ed. paperback) to prepare for my CLEP Info Sys and Comp Apps exam. I was able to ace my CLEP by relying primarily on this excellent book. This book provides a general but comprehensive coverage of the entire breadth of computer science and technology and is an excellent test preparation, not only for computer novices and newbies, but also for students with a strong IT background. It has something to offer everyone. It is written in an easily readable and enjoyable format with plenty of attractive graphics and images. The authors have worked hard to keep the material up-to-date and relevant. I have decided to keep this book even after taking my CLEP because I find it to be also a very handy and useful reference book. I understand there is a 12th Edition out there now. I would suggest buyers consider purchasing the 12th Edition. Overall an excellent purchase.

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Publisher:Prentice Hall PTR
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