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Paperback Collage : A New Approach Book

ISBN: 0970168128

ISBN13: 9780970168122

Collage : A New Approach

This book describes a new technique, developed by the author, which makes it possible to adhere collage elements without liquid adhesives. This technique eliminates wrinkling and drying time from... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Very informative and well-written

This book has more solid information than most of the collage books out there. I appreciate the detailed references to products and the step-by-step instructions. Most collage books fill space with projects that are often not things I would ever make, although the techniques used are of interest. I prefer this book for I don't have to read through projects to glean ideas (although that has its place too). The image transfer is SO easy! I bought the paper he recommends but use a clothes iron and the backing paper that contact paper/stickers come on instead of the tacking iron and release paper. I love the freedom to choose my own images to transfer and being able to use them without destroying the originals. I highly recommend this book-- just remember that you can do this process with a home iron, sticker backing paper, magazines and any brand of gloss gel medium. You don't have to go out and buy everything he recommends and you can get all of your images from magazines although I highly recommend the special paper for greater image choice.


This book has totally changed the way I work when I create collages. Don't be put off by the low page count -- there is more information packed into these 55 pages than in the 3 books on collage that I own, combined.This is a technique book, not a book on collage design or color theory. In this book, Talbot battles the biggest challenge for collage artists: once you've got your elements arranged as you want them, you have to pick them up again to apply adhesive -- and then remember how they were arranged in the first place. Talbot solves this problem with the use of readily available materials, and leaves the artist free to create instead of worrying about what goes where.In addition to the technical information, I found the appendix and source list invaluable. Talbot tells the reader how to easily obtain every item that is mentioned in the book, as well as suggesting alternatives. I have not yet seen another book on collage as well planned and thought-out as this one.

A Great Technical Guide

I am a very beginning beginner at collage and am so glad I found this little gem of a book! The method that Talbot has devised is ingenious and makes so much sense. I liked the way he organized the book...first he did an overview of the process and then went into great detail about each step in this process. For a beginner like me, his careful explanations of how to do this and of the tools involved was marvelous and much appreciated.In addition to exlplaining his technique of adhering materials without using liquid adhesives, Talbot touches on the history of collage, some collage artists to look for, why to varnish, the kinds of papers to use as a substrate, how to prepare a surface for adhesion, and how to present the finished collage.As another reviewer mentioned, the appendix is a great resource, especially the appendix that explains all of the materials and tools used. I also liked the appendix that gave web sites of interest to collage artists.

Invaluable Little Book for Collage Artists

The subtitle of this attractive, concise little book is "Collage Without Liquid Adhesives." The techniques explained in the book were a real eye-opener for me (I'm a collage artist myself). Most traditional collages are made using liquid adhesives, which means you have to be really careful when you position each item in your collage. Once you've glued each element down, you're "stuck" with that arrangement. However, Talbot has devised new techniques that are extremely liberating and foster your creativity. Photos and diagrams throughout make every step crystal-clear. A number of exciting new techniques are explained (including a great image transfer method), and there are excellent sections discussing various adhesives, varnishes, and other supplies. Mounting collages and archival concerns are also covered. One of my favorite parts of the book is the Appendix, which gives contact information for sources for all the materials and supplies you need to make collages, as well as a great list of books about collage and collage artists. The Appendix alone is well worth the price. I recommend this book to every artist I meet, whether beginner or professional.

A New Approach is A Fresh Approach

Painter, printer and collage artist Jonathan Talbot's book, Collage A New Approach, is a fresh approach to introducing anyone to the art of collage. Living up to his quote in the book, 'Technique is but a small part of collage making', the author takes his readers hand and then fills it with inspiration, information, the love and joy of creating works of art and the courage to share that work with others. After reading Talbots book, I read it again. Then I began following his easy step by step instructions on a variety of techniques and was thrilled with the results. If one, (like myself) is an artist or considering taking up art for the first time, Talbots book is must tool for all. The author gives answers to questions a reader may not even have thought to ask. Talbot has removed the word, 'fear' from creating and displaying ones work by giving the reader his years of experience and insight into the art world. The author has included an introduction to the history of collage and collage artists, a list of materials, books by other collage artists and websites to artists creating collages today.Talbot doesn't just give a list of tools, he actually took the time to explain what they do and how to use them correctly. If success is measured by the quality and generosity of knowledge an artist shares with others, then Jonathan Talbots book, Collage A New Approach will certainly prove successful and an asset to those who read it.
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