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Collaborate: Tools and Techniques for Productive Meetings

Collaborate: Tools and Techniques for Productive Meetings


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Collaboration can be so much more than just assembling as a team to do work. Collaboration done well builds decisions better than anyone expected, supported enthusiastically by all of the teams members. Opinions are substantiated by data. Goals are developed and documented by the team. The team generates, considers, selects, and implements its own decisions. There is lots of conversation, lots of wall charts, lots of productive learning. Team performance improves, and improved team morale follows quickly. The Good Thinking Series of books can help you learn that you dont have to be captive to personal agendas or corporate dysfunction. We can understand why our meetings are frustrating, why our projects dont turn out like we expected, and why our goals are just beyond our grasp. We can understand why our teams seem to achieve less than the sum of the team members abilities. We can recognize unhealthy expectations, ineffective thought patterns, and unproductive communication styles.

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