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Paperback C++ Standard Library Practical Tips (Programming Series) Book

ISBN: 1584504005

ISBN13: 9781584504009

C++ Standard Library Practical Tips (Programming Series)

The author provides quick, easy-to-use solutions to common programming problems. The tips are grouped by topics including lists, deques, vectors, text processing, numerical algorithms, numerical processing and containers, with titles that describe the programming problems they solve, not the technique they use for easy reference.


Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Customer Reviews

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One of the best amongst 2nd tier C++/STL books

This volume is definitely worth a read or two, if you want to open your eyes to a variety of applications of STL containers and algorithms. For people already into the practice and way of using STL on a regular basis, it gives you reinforcement and validation that you did good and right in your previous work. Even if you are good already, you may still learn a trick or two here and there through the pages. One of the things I wasn't aware is that a member function must be a const one (calling it won't change the state of the object) if used with a binder (bind1st or bind2nd). IMHO, the set of books in the "C++ In Depth" series, edited by Bjarne Stroustrup and published by Addison-Wesley, belong to the first tier, high quality, and highly intellectual. A number of others in the "Professional Computing" series under the aegis of Brian Kernighan, such those by Scott Meyers, belong to the 1st tier, too. There are surely others as well. One characteristic of the 1st tier works is that they don't spell out all the gory details; they stop short, rightfully, at elaborating on too practical side of things. That is where books such as this particular one come in to fill the void. In terms of quality and content of writing, they may be (and in many cases, in fact) not as rigorous as those in the 1st tier, but they help you see things about which beans are spilled. BTW, an example of 1st tier books about STL in particular is certainly Josuttis' "The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference."

A recommended, standard pick for any working regularly in C++

Both beginning and advanced programmers receive a standard collection of tips on using C++'s Standard Library feature and its Standard Template Library in common programming routines with the powerful book by Greg Reese C++ Standard Library Practical Tips. A CD-ROM accompanies a reference offering over a hundred solutions for programs from handling different values to getting a C-style array from a vector and finding medians and modes. Tips on algorithms, containers, numerical processing and more hold plenty of examples and usage insights. A recommended, standard pick for any working regularly in C++.

Write Better Code Faster

The C++ Standard Library is a series of routines that comes with the official version of the language. They are well written, carefully defined routines that accomplish many tasks that turn out to be common to many programs. The routines in the library are efficient enough that they are probably better than the average programmer can write. They are reasonably convenient and safe. Unfortunately, clarity, consistency, and ease of use were not part of the design goals. The library can be divided into classifications: The Standard Template Library: Algorithms Iterators Containers Numerics The C++ Standard Library: Language Support C Library Input/Output Locales Strings Utilities Diagnostics. This book is a guide to the hundred routines in the library. There is some general overall information about each class of library routine, then there is a two to four page description of each routine. The routines will make it easier and faster to write good programs.
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