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Hardcover Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) Book

ISBN: 0425234339

ISBN13: 9780425234334

Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)

(Book #19 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series)

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

Watch a video "The music came back up and the next group of little girls, slightly older, came out. There was a lot of that in the next hour and change. I liked dance, and it was no reflection on the kids, but my will to live began to seep away on about the fifth group of sequined children... " Anita Blake is back in St. Louis and trying to live a normal life-as normal as possible for someone who is a legal vampire executioner and a U. S. Marshal...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

The book was great

The book was great per usual however, I wasn’t expecting to not get a cover on said book. A bit disappointed

Loved it - As always

Loved this book - I'm an avid reader and have each book of the Anita series. I admit they've turned from thought provoking to a bit of a guilty pleasure read, but they're still wonderful (and the sex is always well written and tactful). I love Laurell's writing style, and the depth a realism that all the characters have - She really makes her world come to life.

A good read

I like the continued far-reaching story arc with the Vampire Council. Excellent fun, and sexy, of course.

There Are No Words...

to describe what Hamilton has wrought but for John and the General, I'll try. In Bullet Hamilton has reached a pinnacle that few, if any, of her readers could have imagined. She has finally written a book that is filled with such nuanced complexity that most have failed to grasp the deep meaning. Take, for instance, the recital. Clearly Hamilton is sending the message that Anita, Jean-Claude, and Company must dance, that coming events will require them to execute a careful, complicated choreography in order to save their people. Or she wasted 35 pages on a scenario that had no relevance to the rest of the book because she had another bee in her bonnet like she did with the lunch in Flirt to use a "real life" event to show that Anita and her men are just plain folks like the rest of us. 36 pages in and here Hamilton shows us that she can hold our attention without one of those pesky plots other, lesser, authors have to resort to. She launches her readers into the first of the two big Talk and Sex scenes. You would think that a book that centers around sex, sex, and more sex would have you reaching for your own Bullet and a cigarette. Hamilton does deviate from her standard m/f, m/f/m, or any number of m's with one f (Anita) to add in m/m and f/f and one really Big Group Orgy with a hundred or so of Anita's closest friends. We are saved from a blow-by-blow (or maybe bang-by-bang?) description of this sexual overindulgence. Probably due to her looming deadline. I used to think that to be a good sex partner I should actively participate but Hamilton has shown me the error of my ways. I now know that I must lay back and let my partners do all the work, flopping me around like a load of wet laundry. A few screams to deafen them and the judicious use of my fingernails like I'm a cat and they are a scratching post will turn me into the Sex Goddess I've always yearned to be. Or,Hamilton's lackluster sexual gymnastics and the two dimensional characters that are forced by circumstances into them make me want to reach for a bullet-for my gun. When not engaging in duty-sex, Anita and Company talk about their sexual partners, the characters they thought were partners and the characters that will be their partners.Grab your partner and do-si-do, move to the center and back and load the boat. No, wait, where was I? Oh. Right. All this talk of past, present, and future partners shows that Anita is no longer afraid to address the big issues and I think that here we can all agree that Micah has the biggest issue of all (the men). Before I address the plot (genius, genius), I must talk about all the complaints about Hamilton's endless descriptions of hair, eyes, clothes. Pay close attention. When Anita talks about her "mounds of creamy goodness" she is expressing a deep desire to connect with a strong Mother (of All Darkness) figure, or maybe she wants two scoops of vanilla ice cream. The description of "painted on pants or jeans" means Anita craves the

5 With a Bullet

"Bullet" is Laurell K. Hamilton's 19th book in a series chronicling the life (and escalation of powers) of Anita Blake (Necromancer, Vampire Executioner, and U.S. Marshall#, and her relationship with the supernatural community. It begins revealing fractures in the relationships of Anita and Jean-Claude's family, before and after a recital featuring thrilling performances by Jason, Nathaniel and Stephen. The cause of the fracture is escalated and resolved at the Circus of the Damned, with a surprising assist from wayward werewolf Richard, the third member of Anita and Jean-Claude's triumvirate. LKH is a master of plot twists and turns, and the resolution of one problem triggers the surprising revelation of another problem we thought resolved over a year ago. When you think the group is cohesive and ready to stand against the new threat, Haven #the lions' Rex) allows his jealousy to escalate, ending in the death of a member of his pride. From assassins sent to eliminate the triumvirate, to helping the police understand the actions of a rogue vampire slaughtering humans, this book moves from one crisis to the other -- all taking their toll on Anita as she adjusts to the near-loss of one of her lovers, the deaths in the lions' pride, her guilt for her hand in one of them, her jealousy of Jean-Claude, her need to bring all the tigers into their powers and the necessity to prove she (and possibly Jean-Claude) can be the Mistress/Master of Tigers. LKH's expanded description of characters helps us remember who the major players are, but the overly-long, drawn-out descriptions of their features, attire and furnishings in the room are more than a little tedious. We get a chilling view of Valentina and the potential problem she can become. As in most books after "Narcissus in Chains," there is sex, sex, and more sex. It's a necessary part in the escalation of Anita's powers. If sex bothers you, you won't enjoy this book. I, for one, can't wait till the next installment.

LKH back in the groove!

I finally can see LKH's orig writing style again. I have been a HUGE fan from the very beginning of this series, in fact I reread it so many times I had to buy it 3 times! I have been very dissappointed in last last couple of books (although I was one of the few that liked Flirt) they just seemed like porn with a little story thrown in. This story brings Anita back to her roots and her main men JC, Richard, Michah, Nathaniel. I was so happy to see Richard finally grow up, and realize he would never be the only man for her. The only down side was Asher, I am sick to death of his pouting, I would have been just fine seeing him leave. I was glad Anita finally took care of Haven, and I love the new tigers. I really like the Mother of all Darkness, she is the best monster ever...evil..! Seeing Anita in her full power mode is thrilling to say the least, and there was plenty of that in this book. So LKH keep up the good work and I'll be your #1 fan again! What more can you ask for, Love, Sex, Vampires, and shapeshifters...I was in heaven, I'm going to read it again!
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