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Perfect Paperback Breaking and Mending: Divorce and Gods Grace Book

ISBN: 0835808556

ISBN13: 9780835808552

Breaking and Mending: Divorce and Gods Grace

In struggling to make sense of her own painful divorce, Mary Lou Redding looked to the Bible where she found guidance and hope. Her intimate book weaves her personal story with those from scripture to help other Christians who are facing divorce find God's grace in the midst of pain.Breaking and Mending looks at the spiritual issues of divorce, rather than the sociological ones, and allows the scriptures to illuminate and heal those who are facing...


Format: Perfect Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Going The Distance

This book has just been a Godsend these past few weeks! I still deal with vulnerabilities 3+ years after the divorce. I felt like the author hit on all the major ones: Is the divorce my fault; am I anything without a partner, will I have healthy relationships in the wake of a dysfunctional upbringing, etc. She talked about how she felt about the particular challenge. Then, she presented some Biblically-based perspective on how an individual can surmount that stumbling block. This book is a keeper! I keep going back and reading a chapter as I grapple with specific challenges. It's appeal goes beyond the "Christian" reader.

Real Life

I really like this book because I felt that the author conveyed honesty and a real picture of married life and relationships (also after being single again). A lot of people do pretend in public that everything is okay when that is not always the case. This leaves a false impression on others on what a marriage is like. I think all marriages have problems that couples work on but this is the only book I have read that addressed the problem of one spouse not being in love with the other. I think this is a common problem when people marry for many other reasons such as pregnancy before marriage, money, and whatever else you can think of. The author did not try to gloss over problems and pretend that counseling and prayer solved her problems. She communicated everything that she tried to make the marriage work and how she honestly felt at the results of those efforts. I felt the author was honest in conveying her struggles as a christian and not wanting to disappoint God. The book is more about healing and God's grace after deciding to get divorce as opposed to God's commandments on divorce.

What a blessing!

I picked this book up in the summber of 2000. I read this immediately after reading two other books that had a profound affect on me. Still unsure as to what the outcome was going to be in my marriage, after I finished this book, I felt relieved to know that I would not go to hell if I chose divorce.I learned that God does allow u-turns in life. My marriage has been very, very painful. I have endured years of verbal abuse and crazy making. I stayed in my relationship believing that I would be committing an unpardonable sin if I divorced. I no longer believe that...although I must admit, it's a day to day struggle.I, like many wives out there, counseled till I was blue in the face (I'm still in counseling) while my husband did a few sessions and now believes he is well and healed. Yesterday, I saw his heart through more abuse and now realize he is not going to change and that it's time for me to move forward with my life.Because of this book, I know that God knows I have tried everything humanly possible to save my marriage, but now it's time to accept the grace that God is offering me in divorce. I know it breaks HIS heart, it breaks my heart too and it will break the children's hearts as well. However, it would break my heart to have my children endure the pain of accepting a relationship like this or become abusive as well when they marry.I have my issues and I am not perfect, but I am doing what I can through counseling and reading, to work on myself so that I can be a good example to my children. As I move forward to become the person God created me to be (after years of feeling like a nobody, a zero, and brainless), I know HE is not waiting behind a cloud to smite me (as some pastors and elders all but say) because God loves me, I am wonderfully made by Him and He has plans for me...great plans!

A Godsend!

This book was instrumental in my healing from a broken marriage. Its particular strength is in Redding's perspective, having grown up in a conservative Christian environment. She deals honestly with the reality that, divorce sometimes seems to be the only option, even for two Bible-beliving Christians. This book helped me feel less alone and even articulated some of my deepest thoughts and fears. It is rooted in the reality that God loves us more than we will ever comprehend and nothing can change that - even the sin of divorce. She also offers practical advice for healing after the divorce. I believe this book was inspired!

A real book about divorce from a Christian perspective!

This book is real. It deals with divorce and the church, and it deals very honestly with the Bible and with the personal experience. Redding looks not only at her divorce, but her marriage. She addresses spiritual issues that the church seems to have preferred to ignore. She writes from a thorough knowledge of the Bible as well as her own experience. The subtitle (Divorce and God's Grace) offers much insight into the author's perspective. Redding is convinced that God loves human beings and that love extends beyond and through the tragedies of our institutions and relationships. She emphasizes God's grace and love above all. Redding deals with forgiveness and family, healing and broken dreams. This is a book unlike any other divorce book on the market because Redding deals honestly and seriously with divorce (unlike so many books from a religious perspective that simply say "don't do it") and she offers a biblical foundation for her story. This is a book every pastor should read and have available for those who seek counsel.
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