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Hardcover Blowback: A Thriller Book

ISBN: 0743271157

ISBN13: 9780743271158

Blowback: A Thriller

(Book #4 in the Scot Harvath Series)

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

When a lethal, unidentified illness with a suspicious source begins working its way through the United States and Europe, Navy SEAL-turned-Homeland Security operative Scot Harvath teams up with a mysterious British counterpart to find out who is responsible. By the author of State of the Union. 75,000 first printing.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Blowback was a good read if you have an imagination

I can only imagine the people who didn't like this book, lacked an imagination, or consider themselves superior in some ways; i.e. a book critic. I found the book a real page turner. Maybe it's my background in Medicine, maybe it just clicked with me, I'm not sure. Some of the plot may be a bit far fetched compared to reality, but guess what people, it's FICTION. I don't remember people getting up out of the theater at Star Wars shows in the 1970's saying "bah light speed is impossible, a Wookie absurd, or the Force is a joke". Really, I'm not sure why some people even read fiction. I read it to escape reality, and enjoy the trip. Well, I enjoyed this trip to the extreme. Read the whole book during a slow day at work, and continuing till about midnight that same day until I finished. First book I've read front to back in same day, especially considering I still had to work, and home responsibilities of wife/kids. While you may hear readers complain about stereotypes of Muslims, or the "impossibility" of the plot. I'll just say that stereotypes occur for a reason, and "impossible" is only considered that until it happens. Many things in our history were considered impossible. Man flying for example. Anyway, I liked this book as much as most of my Ludlum collection. A+++++ I think ;)

Great , fast paced Thriller!

BLOWBACK Function: noun : an unforeseen and unwanted effect, result, or set of repercussions : CIA code name for an agent or operation that has turned on its creators : botched covert action Former Navy SEAL Scot Harvath in an instant realizes he's blown and many fatwa will be placed upon his head. Al Jazeera has captured him beating a poor, helpless Iraqi, not his nemesis Khalid Sheik Alomari, a superior and ruthless Al Qaeda assassin he has been tracking for months. Though his face is not seen, the American Flag patch on his camouflaged fatigues is. He is immediately recalled to D.C. He is forced to resign from the Office of International Investigative Assistance at DHS by popular President Jack Rutledge. He's stunned to learn that his years of service and loyalty to this President mean nothing. Or do they? Ripped from the Headlines, Thor delivers a chilling fast-paced plot that is both smart and frightening. Entombed in an Alpine glacier, an ancient weapon designed to annihilate the Roman Empire has been found. A group with Al Qaeda links led by the Scorpion intends to use it to bring America to her knees. A group of Islamic scientists working on the miracle of the 'Sword of Allah' are dying in accidents arranged by Khalid Sheik Alomari while villagers and Christian Missionaries in Northwest Iraq die a slow painful death as do the Soldiers from Arrowhead Brigade SBCT who discover this diseased village devoured by "Algul!! Algul! Algul!" (vampire) leaving only the Sunni. The Christians and Shiites all are dead. Scot reluctantly accepts a Black Operation to find the only surviving scientist who may know the connection between the deaths, the deadly biochemical, and the 'Sword of Allah, because he must avoid a subpoena from the powerful obdurate Senator Helen Carmichael. Bring down Rutledge, and become the first woman POTUS, no matter the cost to the country or allies her secret dossiers. Without support from his government, Harvath must accept help from the Uncle of the kidnapped scientist (whom he doesn't trust) and beautiful Molecular Biologist Jillian Alcott. Jillian and Scot soon discover a possible connection to the missing scientist and the biological weapon as they evade Khalid Sheik Alomari and murder charges. As they race across Europe, and the Middle East, the reader delves into the terrifying world of Wahhabism, the Royal Saudi family, and the Profit's lineage to stop the pandemic that is about to released upon the world, while Harvath's former bosses try to stop the Senator. Although slightly too long, Thor totally convinces the reader of this world's situation that I wondered if any Al Qaeda read it. If they did, I TRULY am frightened! Great story. Anne Molinarolo

His best yet

Brad Thor has continued to amaze me with his wonderful International thrillers. Filled with intrigue and suspense that puts him at the top of my 'must read' list. His well researched novels, this time around, includes Hannibal's crossing of the Alps, some history of bio-chemical warfare, the divide between Muslims two major groups and much more. With all this, you get a great adventure to boot. Doesn't get much better than this for great entertainment. Highly Recommended.

Is Scot Harvath the next Dirk Pitt?

If you like your thrillers in the form of international espionage then Brad Thor's latest book may be the next good read for you. If waiting a year or more, is too long a time for you to learn how Dirk Pitt has saved the whole world from destruction yet again, then Brad Thor has a larger than life hero who might be just the intermediate fix you need! Welcome Scot Harvath! Like all good thrillers, in Blowback Thor gives us a hero (protagonist) with a serious problem. This would be Scot Harvath, ex-seal, ex-secret service agent, and intrepid patriot. You don't have to wait long to figure out what the problem is, the actions starts in the first couple pages of the book, and the problem is not limited to just one big problem, there are all sorts of tangential issues to worry about as well. And again, like all good thrillers, the more our hero tries to solve the problem the worse the problem becomes. Harvath has all the skills and talents you would expect from someone with his background, but incredibly as soon as one bad guy gets eliminated, we learn that he was just a front for another much "badder" guy. Blowback has Harvath in search of an evil genius who has figured out how to spread a plague around the world that will kill all but the most faithful Islamic extremists. While good guy Harvath has a lot of allies (no surprise, he teams up with a really smart, great looking woman), time is certainly working against him. As the story races to the big confrontation you will be treated to spectacular scenery, impregnable fortresses, lots of destruction, and you definitely won't be disappointed with the conclusion. Brad Thor makes great use of current events and many of the characters are real life people/politicians with their names changed (presumably to protect the innocent). Thor serves up a great rendition of Hillary Rodham Clinton Rodham. Of course "great" really depends on which side of the fence you sit! In the end Brad Thor ties up all the lose ends and leaves the reader satisfied but anxious for the next story! It is just fiction, but escapist fiction in the most enjoyable sense. Highest recommendation for captivating, up all night reading.

Let's Hope This Remains Fiction - Gripping Stuff!!!!

This is a book that most readers will find unsettling. Not so much for the terrific story contained within, but more for the history lesson the reader receives about the Saudi Royal family, the tenuousness of the world's oil supply, and the danger posed to the non-Muslim world by the Wahhabis, the radical Muslim movement from which all modern Islamic terrorisim has sprung. We can hope and pray that there are many Scot Harvaths out there doing the work of defending us from the plots and plans of the radical Muslims, but no one should be sanguine that the threat is not real and the situation is not truly dangerous. Brad Thor weaves a chilling tale involving the release of a disease which can cause a pandemic in the non-Muslim world with its roots in the crossing of the Alps by Hannibal hundreds of years ago. There is no need for a suspension of belief in reading this book as the author lays out his case very well and convincingly. This book is hard to put down and the world situation it describes will give you some sleepless nights, however you owe it to yourself to read and learn from one of the masters of this genre.
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