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Mass Market Paperback Blood Trail Book

ISBN: 0756405025

ISBN13: 9780756405021

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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The Blood Books are now available in "Blood Ties" TV tie-in editions. View our TV tie-in feature page here here.For centuries, the werewolves of Toronto have managed to live in peace and tranquility, hidden quietly away on their London, Ontario farm. But now, someone has learned their secret--and is systematically massacring this ancient race. The only one they can turn to is Henry Fitzroy, Toronto-based vampire and writer of bodice rippers. Forced...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

This Entire Series is Excellent! Highly Recommended

This is Tanya Huff's second novel in the "Blood Series." If you have not read Ms. Huff's entire series, be sure to obtain all five books. They are excellent and you will not be disappointed! (Blood Price; Blood Trial; Blood Lines; Blood Pact; Blood Debt). In her first novel, Blood Price, you met ex-cop Vickie Nelson turned private investigator, who had to leave the police force due to a dibilitating eye condition which leaves her literally blind at night. Quite by accident while working on a case, Vickie met romance writer/400 year old vampire Henry. Henry helped Vickie with her first case by being her eyes at night. Vickie and Henry are not only friends but there is an attraction beginning to blossom between them. Also in the mix is Vickie's ex working partner, Mike Celluli, who she still sees as a friend and romantic interest. This second book continues here. Vickie receives a telephone call from her friend Henry. He has a new case for her if she decides to accept. Vickie goes to Henry's apartment to meet her new clients, who turn out to be none other than werewolves. It seems that someone has discovered the werewolves' secret (that they are indeed half human, half animal), and has been shooting and killing various family members. The various killings have all taken place at night while the weres are at their home (they own a farm in the London countryside). As you can guess, the weres cannot go to the police in fear of their secret being discovered. Vickie and Henry will have to go to the weres' farm and work together to help the weres discover the killer before any further family members are killed. That's the basic premise of the story. I have noticed that many vampire fans of early Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series have always recommended Tanya Huff's series as another excellent vampire series. I have to agree. I collect all types of vampire novels, and next to the early Anita Blake's work, this series is just as good. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend.

An Excellent Read!

"Blood Trail" is the second instalment in Tanya Huff's "Blood" series and it is superb. I loved the first book in this series, "Blood Price", and so was thrilled to discover that the second book was just as good, maybe better. With three central characters who I have really come to care about and a storyline that gripped me from page one and wouldn't let go, "Blood Trail" is an immensely entertaining and satisfying read!The series revolves around Private Investigator Vicki Nelson, an ex-policewoman forced to resign from the force because of her failing eyesight. Vicki is a wonderful heroine, a tough and determined woman who readers can respect, but at the same time she has plenty of vulnerabilities which make her seem all the more real and allow readers to identify with her. In "Blood Trail", Vicki's friend, Henry Fitzroy, 450-year-old vampire, romance writer, and bastard son of Henry VIII, comes to her with a plea for help. Henry's good friends, a large family called the Heerkens, are being murdered one by one, and they can't go to the police for help because they have an amazing secret, they're werewolves! The two members of the family who have been killed so far were shot at night in their fur-form, which makes it all the more complicated, since Vicki is completely night-blind. But once Vicki meets two of the younger Heerkens, twins named Rose and Peter, she just can't refuse. So Henry and Vicki head out of Toronto into the countryside around London, Ontario - Vicki planning to do the day work and Henry the night.But as Vicki begins to investigate, it soon becomes clear that the Heerkens haven't been as careful as they thought. Someone knows just what they are and is planning to murder them all. After a close examination of the area, Vicki discovers where the killer did his/her shooting from, but it doesn't bring her any closer to finding out who it is. And from the location the shots were fired, the killer has to be an Olympic calibre marksman, which doesn't bode well for the wer, who refuse to limit their freedom.And as time goes by, Vicki becomes more and more attached to the Heerkens, and more and more determined to catch the monster who is murdering these good people before anyone else dies. Huff does an excellent job of portraying the wer society, making it highly similar to that of real wolves. All of the wers are beautifully portrayed, and Huff makes them seem incredibly real; from Stuart and Nadine, the alpha pair, all the way down to Daniel, the youngest child and an exuberant little cub. And amidst the mystery and suspense, Vicki's relationship with Henry (the main reason I like these books so much) is developing and growing into something very important to both of them. It's great watching Vicki and Henry interact, and the character interactions get REALLY interesting as Mike Celluci, Vicki's best friend, former partner, and sometime lover, arrives to find out just what is going on. Mike, still a cop with the Toront

Vampire and werewolves with a sense of humor

This is the second book in a series about Vicki Nelson, PI, and Henry Fitzroy, romance writer, bastard son of Henry VIII, and vampire. Those who already know that they like vampire novels, anything at all that features a vampire, can skip this review, and likewise, those who hate the whole idea of vampires can skip it. But for those trying to decide whether or not to read more of this genre, or whether the one vampire novel you've already read was a fluke, it may help to have some ways to categorize these novels. Thus: BunRab's Standard Vampire Classification Guide. First, most authors of vampire novels approach from one of the main genres of genre fiction; thus their background may be primarily in romance, or in science fiction/fantasy, or in murder mysteries, or in horror. Second, many vampire novels come in series; knowing whether this is one of a series, and where in the series it falls, may be helpful. Then we have some particular characteristics: - Is the vampire character (or characters) a "good guy" or a "bad guy"? Or are there some of each? - Are there continuing characters besides the vampire, through the series? - Are there other types of supernatural beings besides vampires? - Can the vampire stand daylight under some circumstances, or not stand daylight at all? - Does the vampire have a few other supernatural characteristics, many other supernatural characteristics, or none other than just being a vampire? (E.g., super strength, change into an animal, turn invisible) - Does the vampire have a regular job and place in society, or is being a vampire his or her entire raison d'etre? - Does the vampire literally drink blood, or is there some other (perhaps metaphorical) method of feeding? - Is sex a major plot element, a minor plot element, or nonexistent? - Is the entire vampire feeding act a metaphor for sex, part of a standard sex act, or unrelated to sex? - Is the story set in one historical period, more than one historical period, or entirely in the present day? - Does the story have elements of humor, or is it strictly serious? - Is the writing style good, or is the writing just there to manage to hold together the plot and characters?Tanya Huff's series about the vampire Henry Fitzroy starts from the mystery and thriller genres (Huff also writes Fantasy), and is a continuing series. Fitzroy is a good guy, just leading a quiet life. The continuing characters include several types of humans: police officers, detectives, street people, family members. There are other supernatural characters, usually only one type per book (e.g., werewolves). Henry definitely can't stand daylight at all; it literally burns him. He has extraordinary strength and speed, and a sort of hypnotic influence but no "magic" powers. In fact, other than the existence of a few types of supernatural beings, there is little supernatural going in in the series - it's everyday modern Toronto, not a fantasy world. He's got a day job - er, make that a night job: he's

Now add Werewolves!

In this 2nd book with Vicki Nelson & Henry Fitzroy. Herny has freinds in trouble, & they want to hire Victory to help them. Someone is picking them off one by one, & they can't go to their local police because they have a big secret: they are Werewolves. Ms. Huff makes me believe there are Werewolves, not the monster movie kind, but a Breed of creatures striving to survive just like humans. Vicki, can't resist a challange & rides to the rescue. Major complication is Mike Celluci her ex-partner/lover, he didn't totally catch on to the whole super natural thing last time(Blood Price), so he totally unprepared for what he steps into in this investigation. Wonderful believable characters, fast paced... with lots of different elements.. ScFi, Horror, Mystery & Romance.. Enjoy.

My fav out of the series

Tanya Huff did a excellent job when writing this book. She put together a funny, thrilling, serious and sad book that keeps you on your toes. Henry and Victory are two of the best characters in this series I have seen. This book reminds you of some of the wrong that religion has done to people, the serious part, and also reminds you that being yourself is fun, the funny part. My favorite shifter has to be Shadow the youngest son. He is hilarious in his clown like ways and just makes you laugh. My family thought I was crazy when I laughed out load at Shadow's antics. Tanya Huff with her Blood series isn't quite up to Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series but she has got me re-reading her books!
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