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Mass Market Paperback Blood Lines Book

ISBN: 0886775302

ISBN13: 9780886775308

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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The Blood Books are now available in "Blood Ties" TV tie-in editions. View our TV tie-in feature page here here. An evil being has been sealed away for centuries in a sarcophagus never meant to be... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Priest Hunt

Blood Lines (1993) is the third fantasy novel in the Blood series, following Blood Trail. In the previous volume, Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy and Mike Celluci helped save the life of young Peter Heerkens. Then she thoroughly confused the crime scene and called in the firemen and the provincial police. In this novel, Doctor Elias Rax is Curator of Egyptology of the Royal Ontario Museum. He acquires a sarcophagus from the Monclair family estate and has it carefully removed to the ROM. When it arrives, the entire Egyptology Department is waiting by the loading dock. They follow the crate as the preparators take it up to the workroom. Doctor Rachael Shane is the assistant curator. She greets him at the loading dock and they start the process of opening the sarcophagus on the following day. Doris Percarich and the graduate students record the scene as Rax removes the seal. Then they slowly clear the mortar from around the lid. After that, the working day is done and they leave the stone box unopened. Reid Ellis is a janitor in the ROM. He thoroughly enjoys his job, especially the Egyptology department. So he saves the Egyptology workroom for last. The next morning, his body is found there. He apparently died of a heart attack. The next morning, the Egyptology staff resumed their task. After five hours of tedious effort, Doctor Rax becomes impatient and has the sarcophagus lid opened. The mummy lies thickly swathed in ancient linen. The corpse lacks a death mask and the features show in relief through the cloth. The following day, the body of Doctor Rax is found in his workroom by a researcher. Apparently he has died of a heart attack. Still, two deaths in as many days are rather much. Mike Celluci and his partner investigate the case. In this story, the ROM Egyptology staff declares that the sarcophagus was empty. Their minds have been wiped of knowledge about the mummy. The body has been revitalized by the two deaths and his mind has absorbed the memories of his victims. The priest of Akhekh takes the name of Anwar Tawfik. He hasn't used his true name since the time of the first Pharaoh. By the time the priest of Thoth found and bound him, his true name was no longer known. Tawfik's first task is to find worshippers for his god. His continued existence has kept his god alive, but more energy will be needed to allow Akhekh to thrive. He can sustain himself on the ka of his victims, but his god needs more. Henry Fitzroy becomes aware of Tawfik through his dreams. Despite having not seen the sun for centuries, now he is dreaming of it. He gradually understands that he is tapping another's dreams. Vicki is aware of the mummy case and then learns that Mike is assigned to it. She keeps abreast of the investigation. But then she personally witnesses the priest stripping an infant of his ka. This tale takes Vicki, Mike and Henry through a hunt for an ancient god and his priest. Vicki encounters the priest several tim

5+ Stars - Excellent Book and Excellent Series

Excellent Series - This is the third novel in Tanya Huff's excellent vampire series. This book and the entire series gets 5+ stars. It's excellent! (If you have not read the entire series, you must read it, you will not be disappointed. The series order: Blood Price, Blood Trail, Blood Lines, Blood Pact and Blood Debt). This third book continues with Vicki, an ex cop turned private investigator, who had to leave the police force because she is losing her night vision. From previous novels you met Henry, a 400 year old vampire who is also a romantic writer, and Vicki's friend and lover. Also, you met Mike, Vicki's ex-partner, who is also involved with Vicki. This third novel begans with Henry. Once Henry became a vampire he stopped having dreams. Suddenly Henry is dreaming again, and the dreams are slowly driving him mad. He is dreaming of the sun, and very afraid. He does not know if he is losing his mind, or if this is signaling his upcoming death. He calls Vicki for help. At the same time Mike is working on a weird case involving two deaths at a museum both involving heart failure. This seems strange to Mike. As he contnues the investigation, he realizes something not quite human may be causing these deaths. Mike asks Vicki for help, and soon it will take Mike, Henry and Vicki working together to keep more people from dying. Also there are complications with all three of them working together because the two men are becoming jealous of each other as their attraction to Vicki grows. Excellent excellent book!

Another Great Read in an Enthralling Series!

"Blood Lines" by Tanya Huff is the third instalment in her wonderful "Blood" series, and it is another great read. It contains a thrilling and suspenseful plot perfectly blended with the tantalizing love triangle between Private Investigator Vicki Nelson, 450 year-old vampire romance writer Henry Fitzroy, and homicide detective Mike Celluci. "Blood Lines" is an excellent addition to the series and is sure to be widely enjoyed.The story begins with the arrival of an Egyptian sarcophagus at the Royal Ontario Museum. The staff is excited about what and who it may contain, but they don't know the half of it. For the mummy lying inside is an ancient Egyptian wizard who challenged the gods at the height of his power and was subsequently entombed alive. For thousands of years he has lain in darkness, unable to escape his living death, until now.Strange and frightening things begin happening at the museum after the sarcophagus is opened and the mummy uncovered. Two men die sudden and inexplicable deaths and then the entire museum staff selectively forgets that there ever was a mummy. Because the ancient wizard, now awake and planning his overthrow of the city and the reinstatement of his dark god's reign, has been growing stronger by feeding on the lives of those around him. Armed with knowledge of the 20th century stolen from his victims, the mummy takes the name Anwar Tawfik and goes out into the city. And so this ancient evil is loosed upon an unsuspecting Toronto.Mike Celluci, Vicki Nelson's ex-partner on the force and sometime lover, can see that something is not right. He finds clues at the museum that deny the statements given by the museum staff, and after the things he's seen in the recent past, Mike's willing to believe in a supernatural explanation. Henry Fitzroy, Vicki's other lover and the bastard son of Henry VIII, no less, is haunted by dreams of a blazing desert sun. And being a vampire, this is pretty terrifying for Henry, who believes that his recurring dream signifies some hidden desire to commit suicide. So Henry enlists Vicki's help to watch over him and keep him from frying himself, and Mike recruits her to help him find out what is going on.As Tawfik becomes more and more powerful, he gains control of some people in high places, leaving Vicki, Mike, and Henry to fight him all alone. And it's not long before the clues, Henry's instincts, and some blind luck add up to give these three a fairly accurate picture of what's going on. Tawfik is so power hungry that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and his plans include a ceremony that will make him almost unstoppable. So it's up to Vicki, Mike, and Henry to find a way to stop Tawfik and save Toronto. The suspense builds very effectively, and Huff takes her readers on a thrilling adventure. "Blood Lines" is intriguing, tightly plotted, and exciting. Not to mention the fabulous romance between Henry and Vicki (my favourite couple) and Mike and


This is the third book in a series by Tanya Huff.When a long dead evil Mummy comes to town, it's up to the trio,Vicki-PI, Henry-Vampire and Mike-cop, to find him, before anyone else gets killed. Also, is Henry giving himself up to the sun? You have to read and find out. :)

Can TRUE EVIL ever be removed?

Henry (Romance writing Vampire) Victory (ex-cop now Detective) Mike (Cop) all work together to over come a Ancient Evil Priest to a long forgotten god.... Henry thinks he's "losing it" because he has started to dream of The Sun. In his fear that he'll kill himself he calls on Vicki for help, as she strives to keep him safe, Mike starts finding odd events in 2 "Heart-Attack" victims deaths. Soon all three paths are crossing, converging to this power raising super-natural evil. Cleverly written, wonderful blend of all my favorite genre of books; Romance, ScFi, Horror & Mystery... Fun, scary & a wee bit sexy.
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