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Mass Market Paperback Blood Debt Book

ISBN: 0886777399

ISBN13: 9780886777395

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

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A ghost has invaded his home, beginning a dangerous nightly game in which Henry is allowed to ask a single question. If the answer is no, an innocent and unsuspecting person is killed. Henry soon... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A Haunted Vampire

Blood Debt (1997) is the fifth Fantasy novel in the Blood series, following Blood Pact. In the previous volume, the old and deserted building burned, destroying all the evidence. Henry changed Vicki to save her life. Then they moved to Vancouver, leaving Celluci behind. In this novel, Victoria Nelson is a former Toronto homicide detective who had resigned for medical reasons. Then she became a private detective. Now she is a vampire who only works at night. Henry Fitzroy is a vampire. Henry had been Vicki's partner in some cases. Now he lives in Vancouver with Tony. Mike Celluci had been Vicki's partner in the Criminal Investigation Division. After Vicki left with Henry, Mike was useless to the CID. His boss put him on administrative leave for a month. Tony Foster was a street kid. He has seen everything and done almost as much. Now he is living in Vancouver with Henry. Patricia Chou is a local TV celebrity in Vancouver. She is trying to make a name for herself as an investigative reporter. Ronald Swanson is a real estate tycoon in Vancouver. After his wife died while waiting for a kidney transplant, Swanson started the British Columbia Transplant Society. In this story, fourteen months after the change, Vicki returns to Toronto and resumes her life as a PI. Yet the change has corrected her medical condition, so she is no longer night blind or near-sighted. She also has vampire strength and speed. Mike is glad to have her to himself, but she frightens him sometimes. At least she has been well-trained by Henry. Yet -- as Henry has told Mike -- Vicki is just a child by vampire standards. Then Henry wakes up one evening and finds a ghost facing him at the foot of the bed. When Henry asks a question, the ghost just fades away. The next evening, the same thing happens. On the third evening, Henry asks who cut off his hands and the ghost screams with a multitude of others in the background before fading away. Afterward, an ambulance takes away Henry's elderly neighbor. The next time the ghost screams, a baby in the building dies. Henry has a problem on his hands. Then Tony suggests that they call Vicki. Henry firmly believes that two vampires cannot share territory, but he is willing to try coexisting with Vicki. Vicki suggests that he ask the ghost questions to which he already knows the answer. Then Vicki and Mike prepare for a trip to the west coast. After reaching the coast, Vicki and Mike enter Henry's condominium. At first, the two vampires are tense, but cooperating. Then he provokes Vicki into attacking him and defeats her. Henry takes off to a cabin borrowed from a friend and leaves Vicki in his condo. The next morning, Henry wakes up to face the ghost at the foot of his borrowed bed. He calls Vicki to say that he is returning to the city. Eventually Henry and Vicki manage to live in the same building and even on the same floor, but in separate apartments. Mike gets a crash course in mediating betwe

Blood Debt

Excellent - I have watched the TV series 2 but had not seen Series 1 so this was an eye opener for me

A Satisfying End to a Fantastic Series!

"Blood Debt" by Tanya Huff is the fifth and final instalment in her fabulous "Blood" series. Though "Blood Debt" is my least favourite of the five books, due largely to the drastic change in the relationship between Henry and Vicki, I still loved it, and will greatly miss Vicki, Henry, and Mike now that the series has come to an end. Filled with vivid and fascinating characters, a top-notch mystery, romance, and tons of danger and suspense, "Blood Debt" will appeal to a wide range of readers.The book revolves around three main characters, Vicki Nelson, a Private Investigator and ex-cop, her lover, homicide detective Mike Celluci, and her ex-lover Henry Fitzroy, 450-year-old vampire, romance writer, and bastard son of Henry VIII. Henry has been living in Vancouver for a year now, while Vicki and Mike have remained in Toronto. Vicki and Henry have not seen each other at all during that year, but when a handless ghost begins haunting Henry, demanding vengeance against those who murdered him, Henry knows he needs Vicki's help to solve the mystery. Especially when the ghost begins playing a deadly game. Each night when Henry awakes he may ask the ghost one question. If the answers is yes, the ghost will leave, but if the answer is no, an innocent victim will die. At his wits' end, Henry breaks the rule he has lived by for nearly five centuries and asks Vicki to come to Vancouver.When Vicki arrives with Mike, she and Henry have a hard time just being in the same room together, but as time passes, a strange thing happens. The more time they spend together, the easier it becomes for Henry and Vicki to get along, though their relationship is rather violent. So Vicki, Henry, and Mike work together to discover who killed Henry's ghost and why, and end up right in the middle of a perilous and volatile situation. Huff provides her readers with an intriguing and exciting mystery to solve, set amidst the ever-changing and always interesting love triangle of Vicki, Henry, and Mike. I can't reveal too much of this book because it would ruin the ending of the fourth in this series, "Blood Pact", for those who have not yet read it. "Blood Debt" is a wonderful read that mixes horror, mystery, and fantasy seamlessly, while exploring the fascinating new dynamics of the relationship between Vicki and the two men in her life. I wished for a happier ending for Henry and Vicki (the couple I was rooting for through all five books), but Huff at least leaves her readers with the impression that things will work themselves out in the years to come. Tanya Huff is a very talented writer with a vibrant imagination and I cannot recommend this series enough. "Blood Debt" is a satisfying finale for this series and is a guaranteed page-turner. So buy it today and enjoy!

Vampires are people, too

Tanya Huff has managed to create vampires with real feelings, real relationships, real passions. She writes with zest. Her stories hold the interest of her readers. Her characters have feelings. Blood Debt is the fifth book in a series featuring a strange love triangle composed of the vampire son of King Henry VIII, a vampire female detective from Toronto and a human Toronto police officer. In Blood Debt, ghosts seek vengeance, and our three protagonists set out to find the murderer responsible for the ghosts. Ms Huff writes with more than a touch of humor. The police officer, in the midst of an escape attempt gone awry, asks himself: What was that plan again? Let him beat you sensless and then escape in the confusion?....Oh, good plan. As with most well-written series, its most satisfying if the reader starts with the first book in the series (Blood Price) and continues through the series chronologically.

Leave it to Vicki to say "To Hell with tradition"

The tradition that 2 Vampires can't be in the same territory... Henry is being "Haunted",by a ghost with no hands & when he can't Help the wraith, it's killing innocent people. So once again the group teams up to "FIX" the problem. BUT Victory & Henry can not bare to be near each other,,,, & then it gets complicated. Fast, exciting read, frightening as we learn why the ghost is in so much pain and as our 3 Heros strive to find the answers and save lives. I'm very sad to see this end, I'll miss Vicki, Henry, Mike & Tony. I know we could see more in the future, but this read like a wrap to me.
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