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Paperback Black: The Birth of Evil (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1) Book

ISBN: 1595540210

ISBN13: 9781595540218

Black: The Birth of Evil (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1)

(Part of the Books of History Chronicles Series and The Circle #0-3 (#1) Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

Enter an adrenaline-laced epic where dreams and reality collide. Fleeing his assailants through deserted alleyways, Thomas Hunter narrowly escapes to the roof of a building. Then a silent bullet from the night clips his head...and his world goes black. From the blackness comes an amazing reality of another world-a world where evil is contained. A world where Thomas Hunter is in love with a beautiful woman. Then he remembers the dream of the chase...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Inspiring, Amazing, Exciting Book!

Thomas Hunter-just an ordinary guy-right? WRONG. Right after getting hit in the head by a bullet his whole life changes before him. Now everytime he sleeps in one world, he awakens in another. And each world is depending on him to save them. On earth a virus is threatening to wipe out the entire population in just three weeks. In the other world -the temptation of the black forest threatens to disturb the perfection and beauty of this fascinating place of the future. The fate of both worlds hangs in the balance of one person. I just got done reading Black-the first book in the Cycle series by Ted Dekker. This book contains tons of symbolism. I won't spoil it for you, but this is definately related to the Bible in a way. If you are a Ted Dekker fan, this is a MUST for you!

Beautiful trilogy...

This is a review for the whole trilogy rather than the individual books. I found that I could not write a review for one book without referencing another, nor could I appreciate the beauty of one book without including the other two. That said, I loved this story. I didn't think I would when I first started to read Black. The people were just so...well, mushy and loving. It drove me nuts. But I kept reading on the promise of a friend that it would get better. Pretty soon I got used to the mushiness and recognized it as seeing love and innocence in its pureset form, untainted by sin and evil. After awhile it made me long for that same innocence and love and I teared up at the end of the book when sin corrupted that world. Sure, the Christian sybology is really strong. Its supposed to be. That is the nature of this world Dekker wrote. Its not subtle...its black and white...and red. Extremes. Extreme evil, extreme love. Thats the way it is in the real world too...though we have succeeded in turning everything into shades of gray. Sin, evil, love, redemption, sanctification, the law, hope, faith, did I mention love? All in this series. And more.

Absolutely fascinating--the most unique and amazing book!

I'm a rabid reader..everything I can get my hands on, including all the best Christian fiction. This book is very hard to describe or categorize. I was afraid at first that this book might wander off into silliness--what with talking bats and crystal-colored forests. Not to worry, however, as Dekker is a master storyteller and his metaphorical world is beyond belief. This is a great story and so much more. Don't believe for a moment that you know what this is about or how it will'll be kept on the edge of your seat. I've read Black and Red, and can't possibly wait for the release of White. Wish this series would go on longer like the Left Behind series did.

Ted Dekker is Really Coming Into His Own

The first Ted Dekker book I read was Three, and if you haven't read that one...YOU MUST!!! Since then, I've read Blink and Heaven's Wager, and although Blink was good, neither book captured the thrill I got from reading Three. With that said, Black kept me riveted in as much as Three did. This is one of the most thrilling and imaginative books I've ever read. Ted Dekker has become my favorite Christian fiction writer, hands down. He tells this story about Thomas Hunter in such a way that you don't know whether his dream is reality or the reality is a dream. You will be cast into two different realities in two different time frames, and you'll be hanging on to see what happens the next time Thomas falls asleep. You have to read this book to find out what I'm talking about. Will Thomas save the day, will the virus wipe out the world, what is going on with the Black Forest, and will he get the girl? Black has a perfect blend of suspense, thrills, and romance that will keep this book in your hands. When you're finished, you'll be clamoring for the second book in the trilogy....and the best part is...we only have to wait until May 2004.

The Great Romance

Thomas, Kara, Rachelle, Monique, Tanis, Teelah, Johan, Elyon ... all memorable characters living in a vivid landscape of the mind. I have read all of Ted Dekker's works and have found none of them to be lacking. He is a brilliant writer and has the ability to capture the heart, soul, and mind of the reader ... pulling him within his luscious landscapes.Out of all of Dekker's novels, this one starts us off on a journey through a parallel world, entered only through the dreams of Thomas Hunter. He falls asleep in one world, only to wake in the next and can only return to the other by falling asleep to dream.I have read other reviews correlating "Black" to the likes of The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings. Of the two, I would say that it most closely resembles the latter. Yet, throughout, Dekker always places a glimmer of hope. You never feel swallowed by the blackness, yet, live in the hope of regaining the light.If you have yet to read any of Dekker's books, all I can say is grab them all. They are all fantastic in their own unique and special way. I would probably start with Blessed Child and then span out from there.The only downfall to this novel is the fact that I now have to wait three months for the sequal and then another four months for the finale.In the meantime, I will close my eyes to dream of the Shataiki, the Roush, Elyon, green canopies shimmering in the breeze, the black forest, sweet and delicious fruit, singing and dancing, the Gathering, lavendar and turquoise and gold hanging in the air, and the Great Romance.Does this sound intriguing, inviting, and irresistable?It is.We were created to love beauty. We love beauty because Elyon loves beauty. We love song because Elyon loves song. We love love because Elyon loves love. And we love to be loved because Elyon loves to be loved. In all these ways we are like Elyon. In one way or another, everything we do is tied to this unfolding story of love between us and Elyon.Elyon's love for us and ours for him, the Great Romance, is first. The second is that same love expressed between us, between man and woman.God bless you all as you begin this journey of love.P.S.: Congratulations to The Drudge Report for the honorary mention. :o)
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