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Paperback Beg Me Book

ISBN: 0385341040

ISBN13: 9780385341042

Beg Me

It's the ultimate erotic experience: a handpicked group where every man's craving can be satisfied. But for Teresa Knight, it's also a place where sensual adventures can spiral dangerously out of control. Hired to probe a suspicious death, the part-time investigator enters the sizzling New York fetish scene--a seductive, uncertain world that will test the limits of her own sexuality with every potential lover she meets. For gaining entry into this...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

3 ratings

Good read, however needs to be streamlined.

Ok this book was an adventure in a half, but in the beginning I found myself saying it better get good and soon. To me the way it was written seemed to have many thoughts going on in the very beginning however the writer did find her groove and the story and plot started to flow into a readable piece. All and all a good read. Teresa Knight is a freelance problem solver, not necessarily a detective. She takes on a "problem" from an old friend Ah Jo Lee where anything happens and anything goes. His sister was murdered and Teresa steps up to the plate to solve the "problem". She is given a generous expense account and travels from London, Thailand, New York and Nigeria picking up clues as well as a side case from Oliver a bookstore owner and former member of the Sarcophacan Temple of the Nubian Princes. He helps Teresa infiltrate the BDSM club only if she agrees to help him solve the murder of his father in Vietnam and the meaning of a "Bishop" marking found on him. After she's completed her task for Oliver she can now infiltrate the Temple, she is gladly taken in and broken to become a Princess, however Teresa does not stop there...she find out information on many of the members and what really is behind the Sarcophacan Temple of the Nubian Princes...even I was surprised. Not a vanilla read.

Any Thing Goes

When Teresa Knight takes a case, anything goes. So when her friend, Ah Jo Lee, summons her to Bangkok Thailand, to find out why his sister, Anna, is murdered, Teresa accepts the challenge. In order to find the answers, Teresa travels to London, New York and Nigeria and pushes her own personal boundaries in Lisa Lawrence's second erotica thriller featuring Teresa Knight, Beg Me. Teresa's research leads her to the Sarcophacan Temple of the Nubian Princes. This is an exclusive BDSM club and her way in is through her contact, Oliver. Oliver only agrees to help her infiltrate the club if she first finds out how his father died over forty years ago during the Vietnam War. Once this feat is accomplished, Teresa goes undercover as a Submissive at the temple. With the help of Sui, an undercover Chinese cop, Teresa is able to mastermind the downfall of the club and its leaders. However, not without suffering her own personal loss. Ms Lawrence had to have done extensive research in the areas of the Vietnam War, the infrastructure of corruption during wartime and in the chemistry of manufacturing drugs. The writing of these topics was very detailed and many times I found myself scanning these pages. The suspense of whodunit and if Teresa was going to get caught was what kept me reading. The scenes involving the BDSM action could be a turnoff for some, but they were not as graphic as I thought they would be. I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to a select few -- those who I know could handle the sexual content and like a good thriller. Jeanette APOOO BookClub

erotic investigative tale

In Thailand Chinese Jeff Lee hires Londoner Teresa Knight to learn what happened to his sister Ana. Some sick a**hole sent him pictures of her nude and bound; he claimed she died in Brooklyn while holding a gun on a drug dealer trying to get crystal meth from the man. Jeff insists Ana was not an addict, but was into a black BDSM scene; at least that is what her former English boyfriend Craig insisted before they broke up. Jeff wants the truth although Teresa thinks he wants to kill Ana's killer and the BDSM members. Teresa returns to the New York fetish scene seeking a black BDSM club that Craig said was more a cult. She quickly realizes that she must go undercover, which means letting go of her emotional defenses as she will run the gamut of the kink scene. However, as she begins to penetrate the cult she has joined, Teresa needs increasingly more thrills; Simon, who she just met, seems to be the best at servicing her libido. However, between her investigation into Ana's death and a four decade old homicide that Simon is interested in, Ana begins to conclude that the cult members enjoy sexual execution. The sequel to STRIP POKER, BEG ME is an entreating erotic investigative tale starring a woman whose defense mechanisms collapse under a libido siege leaving her vulnerable to other cult members and especially to Simon. The sleuthing is fun to follow though that takes a back seat to the kink. Fans who enjoy their mystery thrillers to be over the edge with sexual escapades that run the gamut will want to accompany Teresa as she frolics in New York. Harriet Klausner
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