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Paperback Beam Me Up, Scotty Book

ISBN: 0671520563

ISBN13: 9780671520564

Beam Me Up, Scotty

The autobiography of James Doohan, best known for his portayal of Scotty, the flight engineer of the Starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek series. The book covers this as well as his childhood and wartime experiences, including taking part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy.


Format: Paperback

Condition: Acceptable

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A brief comment

I was 14 when the original Star Trek came out, and it was always the high point of the week for me. I wasn't exactly a nerd in school, although the science classes were my favorite, and so I thought the science and technology in Star Trek was the coolest stuff I had ever seen. In 1965 it was still the Cold War and we lived under the specter of possible global nuclear annihilation, and then along comes this little TV series, which showed that humans might finally abolish war and achieve peace (at least on earth), and that science and technology might create a better future for the human race. The combination of the positive message along with all the cool technology was an irresistible combination for me, and so I hardly ever missed a show. So although I've never been to a Trekkie conference or participated in any of the typical fandom events, I was a big fan of the original (and subsequent series) and so still count myself as a true "Trekkie." With the recent passing of James Doohan last week this brief autobiobraphy will remain the one and only commentary on his life. The book concentrates more on Doohan's earlier life and his experiences and career up till Star Trek, including his poor childhood, his military service during WWII, and early acting experiences, and most people would probably prefer that he devoted more space to that. But Doohan was 10 years older than most of the other people in the cast, except for DeForest Kelly, and it was interesting to read his perspective on many of these events. He is honest in admitting his dislike for Capt. Kirk, which takes some courage--since that by itself might predispose some people to giving the book a one-star review. One thing I have to mention is that the scene where Scotty is explaining to Capt. Kirk when he finally punched the Klingon officer that started the fight in the bar in the episode, The Trouble with Tribbles, was considered the funniest scene in the whole series by the fans. I'm not going to go into anymore details than that or the dialog since I'm sure all the diehard fans here remember the scene from start to finish. I just had one other comment, which is that the character of Scotty was interesting in that basically what they did was to create a likable and charismatic nerd or geek. I've always found Americans' widespread disdain for nerds paradoxical since we are the most high-tech society on earth and are responsible for inventing and developing almost all the high-tech science, engineering, and medical technology, and we even win most of Nobel Prizes in science, and yet nerds and geeks still get no respect here, and are still widely derided. :-) Well, Scotty's amiable and charismatic personality both on and off the set changed all that and made it, if not fashionable to be a geek, at least acceptable. I will always remember Doohan, who was one of my personal favorites among the cast, and can only hope that he beams up to a better place than the world he left behind.

It's still good

I read this book about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I thought it was pretty entertaining. No, he doesn't really talk much about ST. This isn't really a Scotty book. I mean, if he was talking about Scotty he would've started talking about ST on page 1. No, not a Scotty book. This is the life and times of James Doohan. It makes an interesting read, especially if you want to read about James. I must say that I'm proud of James leaving it simple that he didn't like Shatner. I'm sure we would've had 1 star reviews still if he dissed Shatner all through out the book. After reading the other ST autobiographies, I feel each one had the chance to do some major dissing. The didn't take that route. They have sense enough to realize that ST fans are interested in the show and not with the backstage battles of Shatner vs. Everybody.

That`s just like Jimmy

I read Jimmy`s biography and I liked it a lot. Allright he`s not a writer (he had Peter David for that). But he`s a very gifted story teller. His WWII stories are very interesting (Bad-boy indeed). I mean he wrote about his friends, his numerous girlfriends, actors and actresses he likes. He let Shatner get away with a simple "I just don`t like that man". Well, me, I had a great time reading this. Laughed a lot when I read about his first sexual encounter. And I think I even blushed. Just wasn`t prepared for that! That man is so admiably straightforward. So if you wanna know a little more about James Doohan, you better get this one quick. It`s fascinating. You`ll see what a romantic, warm man he really is.

Very good, revealing story of the man who became "Scotty".

I have always been a fan of James Doohan, and this book does an excellent job telling his story. His involvement in D-Day, the early acting jobs, his struggle with his father, and of course his involvement with Star Trek. Doohan is also very candid in his feelings (both good and bad) for his fellow Trek castmates, and on the "new" Star Trek. If you are a fan of Star Trek, pick this book up. You won't be disappointed.

Wonderful view of the man behind the Enterprise

I loved this book, A wonderful chance to see the man behind Scotty. Makes him all the more real as a person and makes you appreciate Scotty all the more for it. Will treasure this book and pass it on to the next generation of Trekkers in my home
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