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Hardcover Backstage at the Dean Martin Show Book

ISBN: 0878331700

ISBN13: 9780878331703

Backstage at the Dean Martin Show

This book lets you peek behind teh curtians at all the fun, friendship,a nd occasional star tantrums that went inot making this top-rated variety program.


Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good


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Memories Are Made Of This

"Backstage at the Dean Martin Show" took me back 30 years, when I watched Dino with my dad on Thursday nights. As a teen, I knew Dean looked relaxed, fresh and I know why! The biggest surprise in this book is the stunning collection of color photographs, from hundreds of episodes of the show. All the showbiz heavies from the 60's and 70's are included. Let's face it, every man wanted to BE Dean Martin. Now we get an insider's look at the folks behind the scene who allowed "Dean to be Dean." You gotta give the Italian credit. How many of us do our jobs well with virtually no preparation! And in this era of over-rehearsed, mediocre "let's take out the mistakes" sitcoms, Dean's "show up on tape day and let's see who's on the show this week" mentality makes one wax nostalgic. I hope Lee Hale's fun book will encourage producer Greg Garrison to put Dean's variety shows (not just the roasts) back on the syndication or cable TV market. Thanks to TV Land, one can see Flip, Sonny and Cher, and the Smothers Brothers from time to time, but it sure would be nice to see Dino slide down that pole again!

Bring In The Italian

Where's Dean? That seems to be the main question asked by everyone who ever appeared on the Dean Martin Show. Lee Hale gives us a behind the scenes look, hence the title, at the inner workings of a show that had phenomenal run for a period of 10 years. Mr. Hale shows us how hard everyone around Dean had to work so that Dean looked like he didn't have to work. Although much is said about the fact that Dean never rehearsed prior to taping the show, it was for the very same reason that the show was a success. The main theme of the show; let Dean do what he did best: Be Dean Martin. As the show's producer, Greg Garrison, would say when it was time for Dean's appearance on the show; "Bring in the Italian". And sliding down his fireman's pole would come Dean right into our living rooms and our hearts. Not only does the book take a look at the success that was the Dean Martin Show, but looks at the long gone genre of the "variety show". I can remember watching Dean, the Carol Burnett Show and Red Skelton. That was some great T.V. Overall, the book is a good read and it is full of photos that remind us how much fun it was to have Dean around.

This book won?t be in anyone?s waiting room...

"Backstage at the Dean Martin Show" is a body of work with three bloodlines...TV variety shows,talented stars, and Dean Martin. If you are a fan of any three, you will find how they mixed together through the 'heart' of the "Dean Martin Show", with the 'eyes and ears' of Lee Hale, musical director-turned-producer.Starting his internship with the credit "Special Musical Material By...", Mr. Hale was responsible for every note that was heard on the series. He was also the one responsible for choosing every girl that provided the'skin' (Deanís Golddiggers and Dingaling Sisters), and later utilized his 'hands' at editing, which won Mr. Hale an Emmy nomination (one of many).The 'guts' of the Dean Martin show had a lot of vital parts, and Mr. Hale tells us which ones were kept and which were operated on or replaced. Of course,the heart of the book is in the soul of Dean Martin, the body whom Lee Hale also stood in for six days a week, dancing, singing and joking with EVERY guest star that was admitted through those star crossed doors at NBC.The whole operation was a phenomenal success and now you can see the itemized bill... from who was admitted, who paid their dues, to the life support and what led to everyone finally being discharged.This book won't be in anyone's waiting room... it will always be in someone's hands reading it!

From The President of the official "Dean Martin Fan Center"

This is a must read for any admirer of all those great television variety shows, as well as the many fans of Rat Packer Dean Martin. The ONLY book written by anyone who EVEN MET Dean Martin, author Lee Hale spent nearly two decades with him as musical director and later his producer. Aptly titled, "Backstage at the Dean Martin Show" is an exciting and loving inside look behind the scenes documenting this great top ten show and its star, with fascinating anecdotes of the biggest names in the business. I caught myself laughing out loud, then I would turn a page and be totally blown away by something that I didn't expect.Mr. Hale divides his book into one chapter for each TV season, with extra ones going beyond to 'The Golddiggers', 'The Roasts' and 'The Specials', with over 200 color and b & w photos of great stars, most never before seen. The index itself lists hundreds of celebrities from Hank Aaron to Ed Wynn.As chairman of the current 'Dean Martin Fan Center', and someone who was actually there at NBC during those golden years, I was lucky to have a firsthand look at the Dean Martin Show phenomenon, but Lee Hale uses a magnifying lens... and no one can get closer than this! It is truly a wonderful story from the bizaare beginnings to the touching end. I can't say enough!

Learn more about the Dean Martin Show than Dino Knew!

Lee Hale lived, breathed, and helped run the Dean Martin Show for its duration, even when the variety show was no more, replaced by the Dean Martin Roasts. Lee actually played Dino during rehearsals, so got to meet and know all of the stars that guested on his show. If you loved the show, as I did growing up, you will be fascinated by this inside look (Dino's wife Jeannie loved it, as she knew nothing about it either! )into one of the most successful variety shows of all history. A warning, however, is: don't expect to learn a lot about Dino; his manager didn't let Lee (or anyone else) get especially close to him, just small talk from time to time; the only extraordinary insight from Lee regarding Dino was that YES, that WAS scotch in his glass! Actually, Lee, an observant man, made several interesting observations of this legenday performer as he drifted away from his wife and pursued what can only be describecd as a mid-life crisis, "Rat Pack Style", which in the end, he seemed to highly regret. To wrap it up, the book was a lot of fun, its a good read; its chock full of photos of the likes of Duke Wayne, Orson Welles, etc, so you can't lose! Give it a try!
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