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Paperback Awakening Curry Buckle Book

ISBN: 1590922263

ISBN13: 9781590922262

Awakening Curry Buckle

When Curry Buckle and Darwin Bownes discover a portal to hidden knowledge it awakens Curry's latent psychic talents, but their good intentions attract the wrong kind of people.Then Curry's aunt turns up dead. Now Curry and Darwin must race to protect fami


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Review by David Bromden, author of "Gathering in the Mist"

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. "Awakening Curry Buckle" is for anyone. Who among us has not dreamt of life changing treasure, struggled with conscience, dealt with bullies, sought to unravel mystery, discovered unusual friends, and laid it all out there for loyalty's sake? While labeled for young adults, I encourage any reader who enjoys great writing and a page turning book to give it a read. Michael Donnelly invites the reader into a slice of the life of a teenager thrust into unusual circumstance. This story will readily translate to screenplay similar in genre to "My Girl", "Stand By Me", "Holes", and many other fantastic films based on expertly crafted books. And like those stories, a rating of "PG" can't stop adults from enjoying it too. Whether you remember secondary school or are living it now, you will relate to Donnelly's tale. "Awakening Curry Buckle" is about many things, not the least of which is finding your place in the world. Darwin is a teen who has lived all over. His family now owns the local paper on Kluge Island in Washington State, but they have moved from place to place throughout his life leaving him to adjust with every change. Trying to fit in means trying to survive in a school filled with cliques and bullies. But through a course of events, Darwin is drawn to one of the more odd kids in his class, Curry Buckle. The unlikely friendship between Darwin and Curry grows throughout the story as they share an adventure in discovery. A legend of treasure is at the heart of the story. Curry's ancestor has hidden it somewhere on family property. But that is just the start of mystery for the pair. Curry is evolving into a mystical being who can predict future events and find lost cats and Darwin knows his potential is great. Those around Curry want to exploit his gifts for personal gain, but greed begets tragedy when karma is involved. A murder enters the story and the boys' direction is split yet again. While battling unbelieving adults, misguided parents, greedy authority figures, and bullies bent on revenge, Curry and Darwin discover each other, who they are, and what they want to become. With short chapters, perfect for the bedside table, "Awakening Curry Buckle" is a story I looked forward to reading each night. The writing is fast and interesting as you ride along on Darwin's bike through each scene filled with action and mystery. The story is compelling as it is many tales in one, intertwined but separate. The characters are from Anytown, USA, believable because you grew up with people just like them. An adventure you'll treasure, Michael Donnelly has created a gem in "Awakening Curry Buckle".

Awakening Curry Buckle

Delightful read. This author should have a great future. I'd like to see a whole series of Curry Buckle stories.

Fun and nostalgic

This is a delightful and witty story. As you read, you will be guaranteed to recognize someone from your own school days. Although aimed at the young adult reader, like the Harry Potter stories, Mr. Donnelly's tale can be enjoyed by all ages. A.Mosa

Mystic Magic on an Antic Island

Who ever had a school pal like Curry Buckle? Darwin Bownes, newcomer to Kluge Island, is so blessed. You'd have to look at Rowling's fabled Hogwarts for comparative chums, but Awakening Curry Buckle by Michael Donnelly stands firmly on its own two left feet. Geared to young adults, this book may be most appreciated by we who have kicked around on this world long enough to know some qualities select folk possess defy rational explanation. Curry Buckle, likely the reincarnation of an Asian swami, in his everyday incarnation appears to be a humble, bumbling teen-ager. He's part of an eccentric family named for containers on a spice rack, and many of them help season the fictive stew. Yet, when Curry falls into a trance while repeating an incantation and Darwin beats a magic drum, inexplicable wonders occur. Fun from first page to last, you will deeply resent having to put it down to tend daily chores. One who climbs aboard Curry's train will enjoy the ride, the riders and the peculiar sights seen along the way þu including death, hidden treasure, family secrets and strange history. Byron L. Sacre

Swami Curryban and You

Michael Donnelley's new book, Awakening Curry Buckle, (Blue Works Publishing) hurtles the reader on a madcap dash across the difficult and uncertain terrain between children's and adult literature. Seldom is a book produced that can be read and enjoyed equally by youngsters from nine to ninety. In his second novel, Donnelly accomplishes this feat by withholding preachy life lessons, political correctness and conventional moralizing. The reader must only fasten his seat belt and turn the pages to fly along with Darwin Bownes and his buddy, Curry Buckle while they transform quiet Kluge Island into a wonderland of intrigue and adventure. Remember when the notion of buried treasure, dangerous midnight rendezvous, hexes, spells, murder and magic stirred your blood and set your heart racing? Toss in a few belly laughs, set the stage in the Pacific Northwest, and in Awakening Curry Buckle, you get all that and more. Donnelly's crisp, lean prose is the perfect vehicle for his razor sharp wit and flannel-shirted savoir faire, and his sense of the absurd delights and surprises at every turn. Pick up a copy of Awakening Curry Buckle for your niece or nephew, and then throw a second in the bag for yourself. William Schroder Author, Cousins of Color [...]
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