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Paperback Astrology/Karma & Transformation 2nd Ed Book

ISBN: 0916360547

ISBN13: 9780916360542

Astrology/Karma & Transformation 2nd Ed

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This insightful and original book focuses on the understanding and use of astrology as a tool for spiritual and psychological growth. In contrast to traditional prediction-oriented astrology, this new approach to the most ancient of all sciences is based upon the law of karma and the urge toward self-transformation. Especially emphasizing the transformative and karmic significance of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, this book places all astrological...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Astrology made more accessib le

The more I read about astrology the more beautiful and complex it is. There is so much to be assimilated and interpreted: houses, planets, signs, aspects, elements, etc. Stephen Arroyo has taken the subject of karma and really explained how the energies of the planets can affect or reveal how karma is expressed. He's done this in a way that is easy to understand, and breathtaking to read. He gets right to the heart of the matter, with examples to clarify the concepts. The book added to my understanding of transits and progressions. Arroyo's discussion of Edgar Cayce's readings on astrology were illuminating. I loved his discussion of the application of astrology to counseling, and how a deep understanding of astrology helps one to be a better counselor. He also includes a bibliography of books he quoted from in the text, that can only serve as a beacon for more knowledge of astrology. After reading this book I am hungry for more! The insights in this book will make it useful for years to come.

The best astrology book of all time

If I was asked to choose between all my astrology books to pick one and only one to take with me on a desert island, I would pick Mr Arroyo's classic Astrology Karma and Transformation. In fact when I moved to the USA from England with only my backpack this book was with me. Why? It contains the most profound psychologically and spiritually insightful astrology that you can get your hands on. In fact, this book is almost a shame to read, because once you have read it, you will be hard pushed to find a better astrological text...Arroyo here talks about the chart and particularly about the aspects and transits of Saturn and the outer planets, not with a cookbook approach but with the insight of the very special humanistic alchemy that carachterizes Arroyo's work. Drawing for Jungian concepts, psychology and spirituality Arroyo brings to life the birth chart and its players and weaves meaning into the life experience. And his writing is so beautiful, profound and yet simple, deep but easy to grasp. I love this man, such a jewel of mind and wisdom for us to enjoy...In the book you will also find lots of stuff about the ascendant, transits, progressions, little bits and pieces of information that, even years after , you will refer to and think about and mull over in your mind. This is one of those books with that magical holographic quality, where every time you read it, it expands and you see stuff you had not seen before...If I had to reccommend one book for you not to miss, this would be the one. Buy it. You will treasure it for life!

Yet another Arroyo groupie!

This was the first book in astrology I ever bought, amazing seeming it was over 20 years ago just after it was first published. This book has an energy about it, as obviously from the previous reviews, Stephen Arroyo has IT, he is the consummate humanistic astrologer who can give people the absolute astrological stuff that we need when we need it. Very much in the same area of astrology as Liz Green, yet in my opinion much more easily accessible, for as much as I adore Liz Greene's work, it can be quite intense and needs many readings to take in what she is saying. All of Stephen Arroyo's books are a joy to read, this one being my favourite. If you love astrology you need to do yourself a favour and buy this book.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation by Stephen Arroyo

This book takes a positive, helpful view of the topic of karma as it can be understood through astrology. There is a particular focus on the outer planets, including a description of their aspects and transits. In each section, Arroyo moves from the general concepts to a more specific cook-book listing of the planets. He discusses karmic relationships through analyzing synastry and progressions, and includes a special chapter on the Ascendant and Midheaven axes. Arroyo refers to Edgar Cayce's view of reincarnation and planetary influences on a particular incarnation. This book provides an exceptionally accessible viewpoint, in the sense that it approaches karma as patterns to be recognized through the astrological counseling process, rather than encouraging specious speculation about specific past lives. A book recommended for astrologers who seek to include an evolutionary spiritual element in their style of interpretation without sounding like Madame Lazonga.

The purpose of Astrology

Many of the other reviewers have said this already, but I must repeat it once more - this is an exceptional book, giving readers a deep insight into what astrology really 'means'. It is not a cook book of how to interpret charts. Instead, Arroyo presented to his readers, the purpose behind astrology and that it is not a static method of foreseeing the future. We are here to learn lessons and our birthchart tells us what our lessons are, what type of energy we possess in the first place, and how, by facing up to the challenges presented to us in life, spiritual growth will ensue. Arroyo describes the birthchart as a 'tool' to guide us through our life. By understanding our basic make up, we can learn to make the most out of our positive points and try to improve on our weakers ones. Many of my astro-skeptic friends are so impressed by this refreshing view that they are seeing astrology in a different light. The book is written in a very easy to understand manner, though an initial understanding of chart interpretation is needed.
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