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Paperback Ask The Right Question Book

ISBN: 0070187223

ISBN13: 9780070187221

Ask The Right Question

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Book Overview

"Crammed with practical suggestions for improving the way you communicate..."--John Cotton, Director, Group Human Resources, Barclays pic. Internationally known management consultant Rupert Eales-White reveals his foolproof approach to managing work relationships, using the science of effective questioning for workers at all levels.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A Good Read!

Author Rupert Eales-White emphasizes the importance of using active listening, focusing on a particular subject, and asking good open-ended questions to get productive results from interviews and conversations. He mixes a few examples with specific how-to principles outlining ways to structure effective conversations. This generally solid book has the feel of a textbook. Some readers may find it too structured or basic, since the author breaks down conversations into sentences with some detail. The book's approach may be more appropriate in organizational cultures where people prefer a focused style of questioning. Those who prefer a more informal, casual conversational style may find his approach less suitable. We at recommend this book to human resource professionals, to those facing critical interviews, and to those who wish to think strategically about their conversational, information-gathering, or persuasive skills.

Learn to get "What you want everytime"

Finally, a guide that provides valuable information that can be utilized in both your professional and personal life. can start on the road to effective and successful communication techniques by "Asking the Right Question." Rupert Eales-White takes you through a journey of real life situations and demonstrates what seems to be a very simple and logical technique to handle almost any type of situation. Rupert Eales-White illustrates conversations that are ineffective and effective by using open-end and closed questions between a mother and teenage daughter, manager and subordinate. He shows that using the right approach, attitude, and effective listening skills will help maintain a quality conversation. He states "If we can identify poor listening in ourselves, we can improve. If we identify poor listening in others, we can rectify the situation." If you don't have good listening skills you won't be able to ask good questions or the right ones. Who knew that there is a madness to asking the right question. Rupert Eales-White proves those thinking questions through and good practice will provide you with positive results every time. Through the strategies and techniques demonstrated in this guide it will become a way of life for you. There is no doubt that using this guide will only get you what you want in any situation. Your communication skills will improve and soon your personal relationships will only blossom, your working relationships will be enhanced and you will get the confidence to meet any goals that you had been prolonging. Rupert Eales-White, "Ask The Right Question! How to Get What You Want Every Time and in Any Situation" is highly recommended and should be on your "Must Read" list.

Excellent communicating tips and techniques

How many times has a situation ended with unsatisfactory or negative results? Ask the Right Question! How to Get What You Want Every Time and in Any Situation by Rupert Eales-White successfully guides the reader with his everyday narratives. Eales-White uses diagrams to detail his principles and theories. He demonstrates how to approach situations using the "art and science of effective questioning." Part I of this book reveals ineffective and effective examples as they apply to everyday situations. He discloses the tips and techniques to effective communication. Asking open questions instead of closed questions helps us to achieve our goal toward conversations with a purpose. In the sequence of questioning, we should look to discover elements which include "what, where, how, when, and who." Using the best attitude and approach, we can build a quality relationship. This book reminds us that the art of listening gives conversations with a purpose rely on. Starting with the development of key skills, Part II tells us the fundamental basis for key behavior. A path for the mutuality approach is needed to make us assertive and achieve mutual respect so the relationship will not suffer. The author tells us that by thinking logically, we become more creative and this leads to the fundamental improvements for efficiency and effectiveness of the work process. By becoming more persuasive, we can establish certain key strategies. Running an effective meeting means organizing ourselves as well as the meeting so we may reverse negative factors. Effective interviews should focus on assessing skills. Part III goes into key relationships to improve performance with the "boss." Relating effectively with subordinates includes either carrying out our leadership role or determining our leadership role. An effective leader acts as developer, motivator, and coach without using excessive control. The final chapter describes the successful goal for the successful client relationship and long-term partnership. Finally, Eales-White suggestions and examples bring his points clearly to the reader. These are typical and logical in everyday personal and business relationships. This is easy reading and good self-help book, which works toward a common sense goal. This book is a must for anyone, especially managers, at all levels so they may benefit from the excellent communicating tips and techniques offered by this author.

Highly recommended for bosses, employees, and even parents

"Ask The Right Question! How to Get What You Want Every Time and in Any Situation"is an easy to read book with large print to further incorporate easy reading. It produces factual events, dialogues and explains what is effective or ineffective in how conversations are presented. Seeing situations as they unfold makes it easy for the reader to understand and accept the point the author is trying put across. The point which is in the title is if you ask the right questions you will always come out on top. He starts his book establishing that a good conversation is a planned conversation. If a person knows what his goal is in the conversation, he can ensure that his questions are geared to achieving that goal. He points out that people must consciously and deliberately focus on the other person to know what to ask, when, and how often. His Do's and Don'ts on effective questioning are especially helpful. A powerful suggestion in this book is to use a what, why, when, where, and how procedure to accomplish overall desires. He demonstrated when to utilize it and how it can be a powerful tool in communication. In this book, he even teaches readers how to be more creative in their thinking when brainstorming for solutions to company issues and bringing the creativity out of others. He also demonstrates how to be effectively persuasive by setting up key strategies and exemplifying them in conversation. He dynamically coaches the reader on how to reach mutuality of people with different views and goals. He illustrates how to deal with conflict and provides tools to assist reader in resolution of the conflicts. He has diagrams on how to set up a effective meetings, by careful planning, order, and understanding needs and common ground. An especially informative section was how to develop relationships. He focused on how to talk to a boss, how a boss should talk with a subordinate, how to conduct an interview, and how to delight your client . This book is highly recommended for anyone in the working force. It is also recommended for everyone who needs to develop the social skills that are needed to communicate in today's world. By the simple how to steps described in this book, the reader learns what questions to ask. He then can apply them to whatever situations arise in everyday life, as outlined in the sections of the book. "Ask The Right Question! How to Get What You Want Every Time and in Any Situation" should be used as a reference guide given out to every employee to improve the workplace. In the past, society as a whole has failed to ask the right question. This is the core reason for negative and unsatisfactory outcomes in conversations and relationships. The book frames the power of asking the right questions and finding the answers to meet people's skills, relationships, and careers.

Fantastic communications tips & techniques

I read this book to fulfill my reading assignments in my speech class. I figured, out of the five books to choose from this would probably help me the most with my job. As it turns out, I can benefit a great deal from all the communicating tips and techniques Mr. Eales-White covers in this book. Some of it is common sense, but don't we all know intelligent people who do not have any common sense at all? This book can help the average person achieve confidence and satisfaction in dealing with everyday relationships. He instructs you through the proper way of listening and questioning by giving you examples of conversations that are effective and ineffective. I was impressed with the way he introduces the right context, the best attitude and the right approach to good communication skills. He also gives you tips on how to become more creative, assertive and persuasive in dealing with others. If you can achieve this, you can make things happen your way. Mr. Eales-White includes various conversations and proper procedures to handle each type of situation. Because the human race is such a complicated and emotional race there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with people. I have been in the work force for about twenty years, and I wish I had read this book sooner because it would definitely given me a boost in my self confidence. In addition, he also gives you case scenarios in every chapter and guides you through the proper positive way of dealing with every day social situations. With effective communication you can encourage a highly volatile negative person into doing something positive. This book covers those key skills necessary to survive the relationships with your boss, your clients, and your subordinates. It explains how to take control of an explosive situation, how to pull information out of people, and how to be positively aggressive and persuasive in any type of meeting or conversation. In my opinion, Eales-Whites book is a great self help book for the average person to develop effective listening and communications skills. His ideas should be taught in a college class setting or as part of an inservice training at work.
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