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Hardcover Arms & Equipment Guide: Dungeons & Dragons Accessory Book

ISBN: 078692649X

ISBN13: 9780786926497

Arms & Equipment Guide: Dungeons & Dragons Accessory

Heroes need to be prepared for anything, which means having the right weapons and gear on hand at all times. The well-stocked pages of this book hold an impressive inventory of merchandise to get you... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good*

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Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Variety is the flavor of life, and D & D.

There are things in this book you'll never find anywhere else and especially not in one place, this book is to be highly valued for that. Within are rules for crafting poison, rules for drinking yourself under the table (as well as the Fortitude saves for a brewery full of drinks), rules for a variety of vehicles that range from hang gliders to war galleys to siege towers, catapults and chariots, and how to handle collisions on ships or attacks against the sail to slow it down. This book even has rules for a variety of mounts from Blink Dogs to a Grey Render. Within these pages there are items both mundane and magical that have not seen a comparison in other books... I've found this book to add a lot of flavour to my adventures, both as a player and as a DM. Saffron is considered to be the most expensive spice in the world by weight, my DM didn't understand at first why my CN Halfling Rouge wanted to break into and rob a spice shop in the dead of the night, until I showed her the GP value per ounce. As easy to carry as gems and much less security guarding it. More importantly though, this book can offer a GM the flavor for a setting or an NPC that players will remember. The unique supplies and materials for armor types offer a fresh addition to what can become stale appearances, and if you really want to throw something at your PC's... have the final showdown against the villain who nearly decimated their kingdom (Using a pair of Insatiable Locusts) take place while he is 'riding' inside a gelatinous cube and his thugs are raining arrowy death on the heroes from above. That will catch them completely off guard and be a victory (or defeat) that they talk about for some time to come. In conclusion, I consider this book a "Must Have" along with Complete Adventurer. Read it, enjoy it, be inspired by it. Perhaps you too can have your Dwarven Fighter ride his own Rust Monster into battle. (Stone Weapons are recommended...)

Some issues, but not a big disappointment

This books goes over several new weapons (Both martial and exotic) which may be implemented into your D & D campagin. Though it's magical item section was rather disappointingly lax, it however, had useful details on various types of sailing ships, as well as mechanical flying devices. I would have perfered if it had included some tables to aid in the creation of your own vehicles, but unfortunately I was unable to locate any. All in all, however, it is useful reference, and the various new armor materials, weapons, and more will prove interesting for your campagin if you are willing to pay the price.

Helpful for players. More meat wanted.

This is a good book for the player looking for more equipment options. It especially adds some eastern weapons. But it would have been nice to find more weapons, armor, and special material options. An 'Arms & Equipment Guide' that spends 14 pages on weapons & armor and 17 pages on vehicles (!) is a little out of balance. More of the good stuff. But overall a helpful book. A 3.5 update would be nice.

It's like Nicholas the Gift-Giver left his sleigh!

I love equipment books. They give you more options, more TOYS to play with. Properly done, they're great for any game.This is fairly well done, too.Arms and Equipment Guide (A & EG) descends from a long line of D & D equipment/specialized rule books, such as Aurora's Whole Realms catalog, Of Ships & Sea, and, of course, the AD & D2 Arms and Equipment Guide. It also collects a lot of things that have appeared in print in other supplements, like weapons from Sword & Fist and magical vehicle equipment from Dragon magazine; while you're (possibly) paying for the same thing twice, you get it all in one place, which is quite handy.If you're looking for anything that can be remotely construed as a possession, this is for you. There are new weapons, new armors (and materials for each), new adventuring gear, detailed rules for mounts, hirelings, and vehicles, and the required magic item 56 pages, the longest section of this 160-page hardcover.The magic item section has elicited most of the comment. There are a bevy of new special weapons, the special properties of which are easily reverse-engineered for use elsewhere. There are a lot of new wondrous items, rods, and rings as well, many of which are rather cheap for what they do. And, of course, you can also now add armor enhancements to your Bracers of Armor, which will be loved by rogues and wizards everywhere. New rules for creating intelligent magic items are included, which have long been needed. Many named intelligent items (such as Black-razor) are included, and there are a few new artifacts (like the Regaliae of Good and Neutrality).In summation, really, it's a nice, nifty book. Just take the things in it with a grain of salt, and get your DM's final say before you make your paired Ringweapons so you can wear four rings at once.
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