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The Antichrist

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A Demonology needed for correct Christology

_The Antichrist: Has he launched his final campaign against the Savior ?_ by a Jesuit priest, Miceli, is a mysterious book about the Antichrist and the power of evil personified. In the introduction, Miceli explains the need for a "demonology" without which true Christology is little understood. Starting with the Old and New Testament prophecies of the End Times, it is clear that the Antichrist will be a man whose basic goal is to place himself as ruler of the world and persecute the Church in any way possible. Christ, Greek for the Hebrew "Messiah" means, "anointed one", as Christ is the Anointed One of God. The Greek prefix "anti" means simultaneously "against" and "in place of." Therefore, the Antichrist will not be merely against Christ in the literal sense, he will be the personification of Satan's attempt to supplant God's will and introduce his own. Miceli then devotes space to the Greek and Latin Fathers, along with medieval theologians and what they wrote about the Antichrist. They believed that he will be of Jewish heritage with origins in Babylon (which is present day Iraq, by the way), and will rebuild the Jewish Temple (presently the site of the Islamic Dome of the Rock). All the peoples of the world will bow to his rule as Christ incarnate, as he deceives the world with many false miracles and spectacles, pretending to be a teacher of universal enlightenment, peace, brotherhood and love. His reign will become hell on earth, as God pours out his wrath on Earth for the sins of humankind. The final battle will be between the Antichrist's assembled worldly forces and Christ at His Second Coming.Miceli devotes a lot of space to the writings of Newman, an Anglican churchman who converted to Catholicism in 19th century England wrote a great volume of material concerning the spiritual deception that Western Christians have faced. It may even be that the Antichrist's persecution of the Church will not in fact be of a physically violent nature. Possibly it could be a much more insidious psychological attack against Christ and his Church on all fronts. Christianity will be held up to ridicule as an outdated religion of ignoramuses, while all sorts of neo-Gnostic philosophies will be extolled instead (examples of which can be seen today are New Age, dialectic materialism, Darwinism, liberalism, feminism, post-modernism, existentialism, to name a few).The radical political affairs of the 20th century are also sure signs of the coming of the Antichrist. Nazism and Communism have unleashed warfare and bloodbaths unseen at any previous point in human history. Hitler, Mussolini and the Communist revolutionaries (Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che Guevara, et al.) are modern forerunners to the Antichrist because both of them tried to create man made utopias based upon totalitarian state-control of society. The Western democracies, particularly the Churchill, FDR and Kennedy administrations also share in the (dis)honor of being forerunners to the

Truly insightful

Many would like to believe that evil is a myth and that all things can be controlled by humans. Read this, and see what your conclusions might be. I found it to be a real eye opener.

Essential Reading

Yes, essential for all the faithful who are frustrated and anguished at the sight of Holy Mother Church secularized, desacralized, and weakened, while the forces of barbarism gain strength through an ever-increasing number of adherents. Bear in mind that Father Miceli wrote "The Antichrist" 20 years ago; the world is far more awash in sewage today than it was in 1981.To be sure, Father Miceli can get carried away on occasion, and his condemnation of Communism was more appropriate two decades ago than it is currently. Nevertheless, he makes a powerful case, and one that is at least as fresh and relevant today as it was 20 years ago.This book can be found. Find it.

The Antichrist-Micelli

Although published nearly 20 years ago, the subject matter is an object of faith and time plays only a small role. Fr. Micelli provides thoughtful guidance through the centuries on the types that forshadow the antichrist (the person). It is clear that we live today in an age of apostacy, and have already experienced the 20th Centuries plagues, wars, and the like. The faithless West and the Atheistic East are busy paving the way for the ultimate revelation, the Second Coming. Fr. Micelli's account is scholarly with annotations that are understandable. And while some may stumble on a few meanings, i.e., eschatology, soteriolgy, etc. the use of a dictionary may be of some use.I, a simple laymen, would encourage every Catholic and Christian to read this account. It will help redirect the meaning of his life and guide one to a greater awareness of directions we are quickly moving.

Excellent book for everyone

This book is right on the mark and still as up-to-date on the subject as it was when it was published. I bought it at a Linda Schubert conference and it was worth it.The comments on the subject of the Book of Revelation, Our Lady of Fatima, etc., are priceless especially in the light of recent revelations on the Third Secret of Fatima.I can't stop reading and rereading this book, I think it is suitable for everyone and has the right priorities and focus on Christ even though the title could make one think otherwise.
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