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Paperback And Then There Were None [TV Tie-in] (The Agatha Christie Collection) Book

ISBN: 0062490370

ISBN13: 9780062490377

And Then There Were None [TV Tie-in] (The Agatha Christie Collection)

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7 ratings

this is absolutely the best book i ever read! very suspenful

this book kept me on my seat with suspense. i've read it several times and can usually finish it in one day!


It was a book that pulled the reader in with many interesting activities. I could not put it down.

The Process of Elimination

And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie There is a classic murder mystery story known as "the locked room mystery". Someone is found murdered in a room locked from the inside. No one could have left the room! How did it happen? In this story the locked room is an island where no one can enter or leave. The ten people on this island are murdered one by one. An old nursery rhyme of "ten little Indians" provides a blueprint for the mysterious deaths. Logically, the last man standing would be the presumed murderer, by the process of elimination. But what if the murderer died before? This is an example of the classic English murder mystery. The murder exists to provide an intellectual puzzle to entertain the reader. The participants are mostly the middle-class, and not ordinary people. No one works on an assembly line or other manual labor; even if they may be the customers for this product. Children are absent. The scene is a large house owned by a rich man. Raymond Chandler pointed out the differences in his essay "The Simple Art of Murder". Most murders occur because of sex or money, to get it or to keep it. Chandler commented on the highly artificial murder plots which multiply clues that experienced detectives would see through. You can compare these stories to True Crime. Chapter XI references one locked room mystery in America. An old gentleman and his wife were killed with an axe. The maid couldn't have done it. The respectable middle-aged daughter was acquitted. No other explanation was ever found. Who killed them?

Murder Myster of the Year!

DO NOT READ THIS IS YOU DON'T WANT TO FIND OUT TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS BOOK: This book is about 10 people on an island, 8 of them invited by the "owner" of the island. The owner never shows up, and the 10 of them are trapped on the island, because a boat never comes to pick them up. After all of their murdering pasts are revealed, they all begin to be murdered, one by one. Their accusions differ from person to person, but what happens when they search the island, and realize there is nobody there but themselves? They then come to the conclusion that the murderer has to be one of them. But who is it? There are many hints throughout the book, and also MANY characters. With 10 characters in the story, it will take a while for you to remember the facts. has a character list that will significantly help! This book is also addicting! Don't start reading unless you know you have time to finish it without stopping. This book is impossible to put down. I'm only in 7th grade, and I read this book in my advanced english class and will admit, I thought this was going to be a boring book. I dreaded reading the first chapter, but after that, I couldn't put it down! I finsihed it in one day! I have read many books, I love to read. But I tell you, this book it THE BEST book I think I have ever read. No joke. You have to read this! It even has a video game and movie to go with it, though I have heard it is not that great. I hope you take this review seriously! And this book isn't just for girls, or boys for that matter! It has7 boys in it, and 3 girls. Their personalities vary, giving a spice to the story. HOPE YOU READ THIS BOOK!

Very Dark Christie

Dame Agatha makes a jarring departure in this grim and intricate tale. There is no sleuth, the pace is fast, frenzied and breathless, and rather than "types," she takes pains with characterizations. The body count is high, and the mode of death frequently untidy. "And Then There Were None" is among the most favored of Christie's books. It has gone through a few title changes; I knew it as "Ten Little Indians," and before that it had even a more politically incorrect title. Be forewarned, Ms. Christie is neither enlightened nor tolerant. Some of the passages and references are bigoted and might offend some readers.A group of ten strangers is invited or hired for a long weekend on Indian Island, a mile off the Devon coast. It is somewhat improbable that these ten would all accept such a vague invitation from a host they do not know to a place they have never seen before, but each for his or her own reasons accepts. They include a doctor, a games mistress, a soldier of fortune, a rich playboy, a retired policeman, a judge, a spinster, a retired general and a married couple who are to be the servants. They arrive on a bleak rocky island to a completely modern house with all the amenities. The fires are welcoming, there is an ample supply of food, the servants are impeccable, but their host is absent. In each of the bedrooms, the Ten Little Indians nursery rhyme is posted on a prominent wall. It begins:"Ten Little Indian boys went out to dine;One choked his little self, and then there were nine.---Drinks are served, and one guest chokes, turns blue and falls over dead. The tension builds, the fright of the stranded people is palpable as one by one, they are picked off, each in accordance with the nursery rhyme. As the number of victims increase, the survivors' suspicions of each other reach a frantic pitch. In an epilogue, the police arrive and find them all dead. Who is the murderer who has to be among the victims?"And Then There Were None" is told in short choppy chapters that build suspense and tension. I would call this Christie's one and only thriller. None of the characters are even likable and once again (see "ABC Murders"), Christie toys with the idea of the serial killer long before such an animal was even heard of. She is a good profiler too! This is an excellent story, and the author is miles ahead of you at all times, If you can figure out "who" and "how" before she lays it out for you, you deserve the Sleuth of the Year Award!

Wow! Who would have thought!

As I sat down to read this book the afternoon I received it in the mail, many questions passed through my mind. I had never read any of Agatha Christie's mystery novels, and I wondered, would I like this one? Looking down at the first page somehow I knew that I would.The first chapter sets the stage for the wonderful story to come, and every puzzle piece is set there for the finale.The book is brilliantly written, and masterly crafted by Agatha Christie. Now, do not sit down exspecting to solve this one, because that feat seems entirely impossible. I don't believe she gives enough clues for that to be done, however I guess there might be someone who figured it out.This novel was so good I could literally not put it down. I finished it in about 4 hours, and was very pleased at the end of the day.I highly recommend this book, even if you are not a fan of the mystery genre, because the book itself is a literary classic.I am pleased I decided to read this book because now I know I like Agatha Christie and will read more of her books, and I hope you do too.

Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries ever written

Set on an isolated island without contact of the outside civilization, Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None is the story of tem strangers invited to an island by a mysterious host.The book starts out with an introduction to the Ten characters. Although this is effective in telling the characters, it is also boring and does not catch your attention right away. But as soon as the guests arrive on Indian Island, this boredom disperses and an exciting thriller breaks through. What is also exciting about this novel is you have no idea who is committing these strange murders.The first night these people are at the house they are greeted with an eerie voice that accuses them of murders that were committed but were never convicted of in the past. When the guests arrive there is no trace of U.N. Owen, but as the guests start to die this mysterious figure reveals his ugly face.This book shows fear in peoples conciences, the guilt that lies within, and the hate among strangers. Anyone who wants to read a suspenseful murder mystery, and wamts to stay on the end of their seats, should read this wicked novel of horror and fear...

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Published by Bianca Smith • November 03, 2017

"The murderer is with us - on the train now..."

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