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Paperback Ammo & Ballistics II, Completely Revised and Updated: For Hunters, Shooters, and Collectors Book

ISBN: 1571573054

ISBN13: 9781571573056

Ammo & Ballistics II, Completely Revised and Updated: For Hunters, Shooters, and Collectors

This book contains data and illustrations on virtually every sporting cartridge sold in the USA. This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

Condition: Good

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Customer Reviews

3 ratings

Very welcome in my library

This is a great book for what it covers. I like how much data is listed, even the Taylor KO Index is interesting to compare. I have seen a larger than acceptable numbers of typographical errors, which concerns me because there may be some that seem like they could be legitimate ballistic numbers but they actually are not. Forker does mention that choosing what to list in the book was tough, and I look forward to further editions. I am surprised but glad he listed Lazzeroni's custom cartridges. I wish the 50 BMG, 408 cheytac, and 30-40 Krag were listed, and I'm sure the next edition will list 500 S & W.

Ammo & Ballistics 11

This book is fantastic and loaded with so much hard data that picking the wrong, ammo for your hunting trip no mater where you are hunting the deserts of Arizona for small game with 17 Hornady V Max Magnum Rimfire, to hunting the top 5 in Africa with a 700 Nitro Express would be almost an impossibly. This book covers all the calibers that it is impossible for any one not to find the caliber (s) that they are in the hunt for. I am confident that any shooter if they are experienced or not, they will find this book and invaluable source of reference, and well worth the price.


I loved this book. I could not find the .223 Lapua data that jmrbldg in NJ talked about, but I do understand why he can not get the ballistic coeficient of the Nosler Partition bullets, as induvidually sold by Nosler, to match the ones as listed in this book. Nosler, and others, deliver slightly different bullets to commerical manufacturers as opposed to hand loaders. That and the fact that some bullets are made under license accounts for the difference. Is this book flawless? No but pretty darn near so. What it bassically shows you is the ballistics out to 1000 yards (bullet drop, speed, energy) of all commerically loaded hunting ammo sold in the US. This is an amazing collection of data, never assembled before as best as I know. For instance I went out squirrel shooting the other day with my .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire. I looked up the Hornady load with the 17 grain V Max bullet. The table showed when zeroed at 100 yards it is 0.2 inches high at 50 yards and 2.6 inches low at 150 yards. So I wrote this on a piece of paper and taped it to my rifle stock. I only needed to zero in the gun at 100 yards and I had all the data I needed from the book. It does this from the .22 Hornet to a caliber called .700 Nitro Express. (Probably made to kill Russian tanks.) And I do mean all calibers: 30-60, 270, 243, 338 etc etc. And there are dozens of factory loadings for the more popular calibers. The 30-06, for instance, has over 100 different factory loads listed. Flawless, no I am sure it is not. For instance they ommited to list the Ultramax 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip in .223, and oversight I am sure. Overall I find this book so valuable that I can not understand how they can sell it below 20 bucks. The only disadvantage I can see is that you must buy new editions with some regularity as the factories always come up with new loads. For 20 dollars, try and make it yourself. Bargain of the centory. You pay more than twice that per month to get a high speed internet connection! I am sold and every shooter ought to have a copy.
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