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Paperback All Together Dead Book

ISBN: 0441019382

ISBN13: 9780441019380

All Together Dead

(Book #7 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series)

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Book Overview

The second season of HBO's True Blood keeps the Sookie Stackhouse backlist flying off the shelves-now in trade paperback Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse has her hands full with the shapeshifter Quinn, a possible new man in her life, and the upcoming vampire summit. With her power base weakened by hurricane damage to New Orleans, Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne is vulnerable to those hungry for a takeover. Sookie's job at the summit is to support...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

I love the whole series!!!

This is a series you will start reading and find yourself buying every single book one after another until it’s over. I am now almost done with the entire series! Charlaine Harris is a extremely wonderful writer, she makes it so that the pages fly by and before you know it you are so entranced by the story you realize your on the last page and next thing is waiting on the next book to come in the mail!!!

Fantastic entry in Sookie's Saga

I've read all of Ms. Harris's Sookie Stackhouse novels, and am happy (and relieved) to find that each time, she manages to stay true to the characters, while adding a little something new. Sookie has had some crazy experiences, but she always comes through with her spunk and spirit intact, and this rollicking foray into vamp politics is no exception. It's also gratifying to see how Ms. Harris builds on events which happened in previous novels; you may only fully learn the significance of events (big and small) when you read the next book or the one after that. Case in point, her relationships with her vampire suitors, BIll (her first love) and Eric (more current interest). In the first couple of books, it looked as though Bill and Sookie would remain a couple. That didn't exactly work out, though, and the whys are still being revealed here, in book 7. Now, Bill is regretting his actions (why he initially began dating Sookie, and his subsequent betrayals of her) and trying to get back in her good graces. (If Ms. Harris stays true to everything that has transpired thus far, though, she absolutely won't let Bill win Sookie back. Sookie could eventually forgive him and make peace with their past, but she wouldn't allow Bill to have a hold on her again, nor feel romantic love for him. Sookie learns from her mistakes.) Eric, on the other hand, looks like the strong contender to win Sookie's heart for good, by this point in the story. Although they have had a rocky relationship thus far (aside from the unexpected happiness they both experienced during Eric's bout of amnesia), it's become clear that love with Eric is by far the better path for Sookie's heart to follow. Eric is strong and smart, and politically powerful, yet he always respects Sookie (not to mention that he's willing to rescue her every time she needs some help). Even before they had a blood bond, they had a bond--an undeniable connection that both of them have taken turns fighting against. This entry in the series rather poignantly delves into Eric's feelings on the matter, and it feels right. On a platonic note, it's great how Pam and Sookie's relationship has evolved into an actual friendship. It can't be what either of them would ever have expected, but is really a pleasure to see happen. Their mutual acceptance of each other has gradually morphed into genuine fondness, and it feels real and believable, too. In this book, it continues to grow, and hints at things to come with Pam's boss and maker, Eric, and Sookie. The fact that Ms. Harris manages to explore these relationships amid political intrigue (assassination plots, murder trials, and hate threats), AND show how the whole Louisiana community (both human and supernatural) was affected so deeply by Hurricane Katrina, is truly special. This book is brilliant.

Good read but some frustrating aspects...

I really do enjoy the Southern Vampire series. The character tends to stay close to her roots and upbringing and still manages to not get run over by every supernatural in the world. HOWEVER she is affected by them. Often to the point of questioning her actions and the direction of her life. Which is a fabulous thing for an author to explore. Most of us struggle with choices... why shouldn't a heroine in a story? My biggest peeve is that it was short. And it seems to me that the story should have continued on a bit more. Given us some idea of the fallout. It was hinted at but almost in Laurel K. Hamilton formula, with a quick blurb at the end and alls well that ends well! Which is frustrating. I'm sure Harris will continue on in the next book but after the whirlwind of events that the reader gets in this one, SOME closure would have been nice. I was pleased I bought it in hardback as I really DO like this author and her style and I like to vote with my money. :) But that doesn't' mean there is room for improvement. Harris give us more next time!

Something different for Sookie

As a big fan of Charlaine Harris', I eagerly anticipated book 7 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Did it progress the series? yes Did you see the true metal of the characters? yes. Was it a lot of fun? no. This book's actions are more serious than other books. The reader should know that Hurricane Katrina devastated vampire New Orleans as well - and there are actions at the end of book 6 that need to be addressed. That a summit of leaders was going to do some serious work. Enter Sookie Stackhouse, out favorite telepath. She is hired to be a human barometer with the other humans at the summit. Heavy responsibility. Before she goes, she sees the Fellowship of the Sun is getting more militant, even her friend turns against her because of Sookie's associations with vamps. All of this comes to a head and I do not want to write spoilers, but this outing is not the laugh out loud book many of the others are. Indeed the book has weretiger, Quinn, the sexy Eric, and even a kind of remorseful Bill. Events progress with each of them, with interesting or unsettling prospects - depending how you see it. Our other favorite telepath bellboy also plays a good role in this book. The new world that doesn't even know weres and shifters and others exist is getting colder. And what will happen when the Fellowship and their like know there are other creatures of the night out there? I really like this series, and already am ready for #8. This book has very serious undertones. Sookie grows as a character, and that will be very interesting to see her growth. Just suffice it to say this book is darker than the others. It takes the series to another level, the next turn. It is excellent.

Another Great Installment

* WARNING: SPOILERS* Chances are, if you're reading this review or any other review of All Together Dead, then you're already a fan. You've probably read most, if not all, of the six other novels about our favorite telepathic waitress. You're probably breathlessly awaiting the Sookie tv show, True Blood (and hoping that the terrible casting of the actress chosen to play Sookie doesn't ruin the show). Anyway . . . even if you were to read a bad review of this novel, which you won't here, then you'd still read All Together Dead anyway, right? Yeah, I'm the same way and I'm happy to report that Charlaine Harris has written yet another great installment in the Southern Vampire Mystery series. In All Together Dead, Harris's focus is on the vampires rather than the shapeshifters, Werewolves or any of the other supernaturals. Sookie has been hired by Sophie-Anne, The vamp Queen of Louisiana, to act as an extra set of ears during a vampire conference where the Kings and Queens of every state are gathering for many reasons, one of which is to witness Sophie-Anne's trial for the murder of her late husband, the former King of Arkansas. When Sookie arrives in Rhodes for the summit, she quickly reacquaints herself with the only other telepath that she's met, Barry the Bellboy. Barry, who now works for the King of Texas, has done quite a bit of growing up since his last appearance, and his is quite a sizeable role as he assists Sookie in everything from trying to listen in on plots against their respective employers to tracking down a vampire assassin to saving the lives of a hotel full of vampires and humans. Upon her arrival in Rhodes, Sookie notices strange behavior: hotel employees are acting weird, extra suitcases appear that nobody claims, the sycophantic hotel owner is around too often, supernatural bodyguards have been hired to protect the King of Kentucky, the key accuser in Sophie-Anne's trial is murdered, and the violent and vamp hating group The Fellowship of the Sun is plotting something big. The resilient Sookie, constantly proves that she has more than earned her keep as one of Sophie-Anne's employees with her telepathic abilities, mystery solving skills and quick thinking. An upset to Sookie's role in the vamp politics leaves Sookie in a bigger man quandary than she was before. Should she be with Quinn? Does she love Eric, should she choose him? As always, just enough is given to advance Sookie's emotional journey, without sidetracking from the larger story line. Eric, and Pam and all the other vamps are great, as always. Quinn, who annoyed me with his rather stereotypical California surfer talk in the last book, is much more interesting and far less less annoying this time around. Sookie is as quirky, witty, and loveable as always. Part of why I love these books so much is because Sookie seems like just an ordinary person (with telepathic abilties, of course) who's put in these extraordinary situations that seem way beyond anything

Sookie's back again

This is the seventh book in the Southern Vampire Series (Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 1), Living Dead in Dallas (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 2), Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 3), Dead to the World (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 4), Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries), Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries)). Our favorite telepath is back again is this new adventure. I couldn't put it down! We deal mostly with Vampire politics in this book, as opposed to the Were community. Sookie is hired by the queen of Louisiana to assist her at an important summit. Guess who else gets to go? Quinn, Eric, and Bill to name a few. We also learn why everyone seems so impressed by Quinn, and its not just because he's a pretty face. I quite enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it! I was also delighted to see a cameo by Blue Moon dancers Sean and Layla. If you'd like to read more about them, check out the anthology Night's Edge. Charlaine Harris is one of three contributing authors in that book, and Sean and Layla's story is a great one. If you'd like to read more by Charlaine Harris. I recommend the Aurora Teagarden series. (Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery, Bk. 1, 'A Bone to Pick', 'Three Bedrooms, One Corpse', 'The Julius House', 'Dead Over Heels', 'Fool and His Honey', 'Last Scene Alive', 'Poppy Done to Death')
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