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Hardcover Acheron Book

ISBN: 0312362153

ISBN13: 9780312362157


(Part of the Hunter Legends (#17) Series and Dark-Hunter (#14) Series)

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

From #1-bestselling author Kenyon comes the long-awaited story of Acheron, the god of final fate and the leader of the Dark-Hunters. Martin's Press. This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

10 ratings

Worth the time

This book came highly recommended to me from someone who knew how much I loved to read. I can honestly say I couldn't put it down once I started. Acheron is as tragic as it is entrancing. A well written book by a well spoken author.

So good

There isn’t anything I don’t like about the book. It’s so good. Had me so emotional. Sad at times and laughing at others.

I had a couple of dings innit but overall I am happy!

The last copy u had was paperback and were down to quickly, I am so excited to have this book back, it is such a good read(can read alone or with series).

Amazing story

I'm so happy I remeber ready this book from the library and now that I have it in my hands and re-reading it. So excited I am ordering another one for my sister she too is a dark hunter fan.


I love all of Sherrilyn kenyon books. "Acheron" was very interesting.I couldn't put the book down after reading the first few lines.I decided that the book needed a snack of potato chips and pop. I used the couch to be comfortable. "Acheron" while he was young,and having a hard time with his mother. "Acheron" a hard time while growing up.As a man who really was really his mother who really was his mother.

Ash is finally uncovered.

I loved this book. It was so much better than I anticipated. Recent Dark and Dream Hunter titles had been dissappointments and I almost skipped "Acheron" because I couldn't bear the idea of his book being a bomb. Boy, am I glad I caved and bought it. The first half of the book focuses on his early life and is told through two viewpoints, his older sister's as written in her journal, and through Acheron's. The ancient section is horrifying to read. The physical and mental pain and torture heaped on the young Ash is awful. The entire first half of the book is very depressing. If I were to mark anything as a negative it would be this section for the sheer brutality of it. Through the pain, though, the reader is finally given the full story behind Ash's previously confusing relationship with Artemis. Many things that were confusng on previous Dark Hunter books finally make sense. We see exactly how she is able to manipulate him for so long and why they are bound to each other. The modern section of the book brings back the tone of some of the best Dark Hunter stories. It cold have been a novel on it's own and been good, but after reading about Ash's childhood it was so much more. It fosters the same tenative hope and the same fear of failure that he has lived with for most of his life. Without the painful first half the second half wouldn't have been nearly as moving. I aldo have to say that I loved Tory. From the moment she met and hated Ash to the end of the book, she was great. Her complete lack of regard for Ash's size and the way she lovingly bullied him was almost laugable when you knew who and what he was, but at the same time it felt good to see her trying to take care of him. Acheron overcomes the recent decline in the Dark Hunters and Dream Hunters books and is well worth reading. Definately one for my keeper shelf and destined to be reread many times.

She did it right!!!!

This is the best DH book in a long while. I got it yesterday and sat up late to finish it. It is over 700 pages so you know it held my attention. All the questions we have had about Ash are answered and although it is hard to read about the things done to him you realize that they made him the God he is today. He is a God of Destruction, but Ash is filled with compassion, because he has been abused, tortured, and maimed himself. I hated Artemis for a long time and I have to say the whole situation is handled in a wonderful way. So many ends are tied up and there is still room for more DH novels. This is an awesome read. Ash faces hatred and exile in the first 400 pages. Along with torture it is very hard to read without feeling his pain. I really think only someone very strong could come out of it with his mind intact. Ryssa is his sister and the only one who seems to care for him. She is chosen to be offered to Apollo. But even serving the God she takes time for Ash. Styxx is his brother, and the hatred and jealousy that he pours on Ash is horrible. Tory is in our time, she is hunting for Atlantis. Ash meets her when he goes to a seminar that she is leading, and makes her look like an idiot. Shortly their paths cross again and he finds himself protecting her from a group led by Artemis. They are told to kill her, when she finds something that should never have been written down. Satara is determined to find what was lost and use it to destroy those she hates. Everyone in the Dark Hunter universe somehow is involved in the mystery and all the secrets are revealed. Do not miss this book. It is outstanding.

A rare read

By now you know that this is a very intense book. If you read the other reviews you know that the first part of the book is about Acheron's past. You finally understand why Artemis must die (or at least be smacked around). I've waited for a long time to read this book, I even skipped over the last several books because I was uninterested in more teasers. IT WAS WORTH IT!!!! I loved the back story and I loved the relationship with his mother. Finally, loved the fact that she may be close to explaining Nick's story. Don't be swayed by the negative comments or the length. Take a weekend and read this one.

Acheron - I didn't want the book to end!

I spent August 5th into the 6th reading Acheron and was not disappointed in the least with the story line. Acheron's past is what it was and needed to be explained in the graphic detail that it was. In fact, SK was pretty tame in my opinion of the sexual horrors that Ash underwent as a human. I was pleased to see that she talked to the reader prior to the start of the book and gave us a warning of the darkness that was part of Acheron from his past and that it wouldn't be a pretty picture. Acheron's past made up who he was in the present and NEEDED to be explained the way it was and in doing so answered so many questions of mine from the DH series. The present storyline of the book wowed me as well and I did a happy dance to know that his heroine was who I thought she would be! Past DH characters were brought into the storyline and Simi as usual came thru as endearing and funnier than hell like all good quality demons should be! Acheron was a FANTASTIC read and wrapped up the DH portion of the series nicely. I'm still thinking about the book today and continue to wait with anticipation on where the series will lead too next. Congrats to SK on a job well done and thanks for taking me along for the ride. I wouldn't have missed reading the DH series for the world.

Author Goddes Rules!

Yes- this is a real review I spent 8 hours straight curled up on my couch reading. I litteraly couldn't put it down. I've always loved Ash. He's sexy and funny and dark and the leader of the Dark Hunters and we all knew he had a really dark past... and then there's his tie with Artemis and I really couldn't see how that could be worked with. And the thought of a heroine for him... nobody could possible be good enough (except me!). So I went into this story eagerly but full of doubts. My doubts are gone - the AG rules! Spoilers * * * * * * The first 428 pages of Ash's story is his human life and how he became a god. I cried. It's so hard. Abuse, physical, mental and sexual. Betrayal by all who should have loved him. Sherrilyn writes so that you feel his pain and can see his ancient world. It helps to explain who he is. Pages 429-722 are the present and it's sexy and funny and I found that I liked Tory Ash needs someone who will love him unconditionally and not break his trust. I loved seeing their relationship grow and the struggles Ash goes through to open his heart and to believe that he is worthy of love and respect. I'm greedy though- I would have liked their story to be as long as the first part of the book. :) But I know we'll see them more. At the heart of this story is the message of love- when you go through hell and think you are no longer worthy of anything- YOU ARE. All of us are worthy and we all matter and we all deserve love. Thank you Sherrilyn Kenyon for a beautiful story.
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