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Paperback New Beginning I : Handbook for Joyous Survival Book

ISBN: 0962121932

ISBN13: 9780962121937

New Beginning I : Handbook for Joyous Survival

This extraordinary book is powerfully offered by a group of teachers who call themselves Abraham. They express clearly and simply the laws of the universe, explaining in detail how we can deliberately... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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The best of the Abraham-Hicks books

A New Beginning I : Handbook for Joyous Survival is the best of the Abrahm-Hicks series and can be considered to contain the main messages of Abraham. The other books by Jerry and Esther Hicks are sequels to this edition and contain elaborative information on the teachings in this book. This book easily presents to the reader a philosophy of the creation of personal experience. Like in the Seth books by Jane Roberts, the non-physical entities repeat to us the message that we are the creators of our own life-experiences, through the constant application of the laws of the universe consciously or by default. A new beginning presents us with a practical guide on the way of creating our life-experiences consciously and deliberately the way we want. I recommend this book highly and as supplements, all the Abraham-Hicks books. I also recommend all the Seth books. As they fit together beautifully. A must to every seeker's library.

Universal Truth

This book is one of the many books that speak of the Universal laws and Truths of manifesting. I was quite disappointed by one of the readers who reviewed this book and implied at the end of the review that this material could have possibly been plagerzied by a well known spiritual and motivational teacher. Universal laws and truths have existed throughout the ages and the truths are uncovered on a soul level when the spirit is ready to receive them. They are not the discovery or copyright of solely one individual. Source has many methods and many mouthpieces, each bringing and teaching Truth in their own way. As with many other books on the laws of manifesting, this book adequately outlines the universal laws and gives some great insights. What sets it above most of the others is that it provides non-abstract methods to actually apply these laws without alot of the new age lingo. I also really enjoyed its reading format - sometimes the smaller print books can bother the eyes! Enjoy this fabulous book. I would also definitley recommend A New Beginning II.

The Secrets To Manifesting Your Reality!

I love this book! This book describes how your thoughts really do create your reality. If you're familiar with the Seth Material than you know what I'm talking about (except this book gives real exercises, something I found lacking in the Seth Material). Abraham says, "You live the BALANCE of Your Thoughts." and he/they give you real exercises to joyously create your life. For example, they say that when you feel negative emotions YOU ARE CREATING WHAT YOU DON'T WANT. Then, they give you a simple 3-minute mental exercise called, "Building A Bridge" to get you from what you don't want to what you really want. They describe how most people "Create By Default" by not really paying attention to their own warning system (their emotions). They then give you ANOTHER REAL EASY EXERCISE to deliberately create your reality, "Exercise for Deliberate Creation" and all you need is a few sheets of paper, a pen and some imagination.Fabulous! I plan on buying everything available from these guys!--Jason Bedunah

Be, Do or Have ANYTHING!

"There is nothing you cannot be, do or have" pretty much sums up the Abraham teachings perfectly. For years, I thought life had to be a struggle, the world was full of wrongs to be righted and that we had to prove ourselves worthy in some way in our lives to something or someone - whether physical or non-physical. The non-dogmatic, non-preachy Abraham teachings changed my view of the world completely. Now I sit back and relax, let my thoughts and desires flow and life just gets better and better. I pretty much get everything I want these days and things I don't quite have in the bag yet are well on the way. Even after just a year of playing with the Abraham ideas, I find myself looking at other people in the world and wondering why they make things so hard on themselves. You see, life is a choice - and it is much more of a choice than many of us dare believe. And we can choose to live life the "hard" way with lots of suffering or we can live it the "easy" way with ever-increasing freedom, growth and joy. I now know that every single little thing that every occurs in my day-to-day existence is something that I have deliberately created and I now know exactly how to control all those things. Do yourself a favour - forget all the emotional/religious/psychological baggage you've been carrying all your life and just learn how the natural laws of the Universe really work. One thing is for'll never look at life the same way again.
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