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FAQ - Wholesale Books

  •    How do I place an order?
Simply email us by clicking on the wholesale book link and filling out the form. Tell us which category of books you are interested in and an Account Manager will gladly put your order together.
  •    How do I get a quote?
See above.
  •    Can I select which titles and/or authors are in my shipment?
No. Our wholesale book program is only for customers that are interested in purchasing books by the gaylord. Fulfilling specific orders requires additional labor which can only be done on our retail site,
  •    Can you give me a wholesale discount if I purchase (insert #) copies of (insert title or author)?
Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill an order by author or title. If your order is big enough, you can possibly qualify for an additional discount by emailing our customer service department by clicking here.
  •    Can I mix the category of books?
Absolutely. You have 7 categories to choose from - how you want to break down your order is up to you. We cannot mix 2 categories into 1 gaylord though.
  •    What is the average weight of the Gaylords?
Typically, 1,000 lbs.
  •    How many gaylords can I fit in a container?
  • A 20 ft container can hold 18 gaylords
  • A 40 ft container can hold 40 gaylords
  • A 45 ft high cube container can hold 44 gaylords
  •    What are the shipping costs, internationally and domestically?
The cost varies depending on the size of the order and the final destination. The best way to get an accurate shipping cost is by filling out the form by clicking on the wholesale book link.
  •    Can a wholesale book order be picked up from your warehouse?
Yes. You can avoid the transportation costs by picking up the books yourself. Please be aware that the gaylords weigh approximately 900-1100 lbs and will not easily be moved by hand. You will need either a box truck or a full sized pick up to take your order home.
  •    Can I order from your retail website and have you place those orders into one of my gaylords?
No. Pulling any book by title and author requires additional labor that is factored into the cost of ordering from us online. The wholesale book program is for customers that are looking to purchase large orders by category only.
  •    How many duplicate titles will I get in each gaylord?
Because each gaylord is unique it is impossible to say for sure. We can assure you, however, that you will get a rich variety of titles in each gaylord that you purchase.
  •    How long does will it take to get my order?
It really depends on the final destination. As soon as we receive payment we can ship out your order.
  •    What are your payment terms?
We currently accept wire transfers, irrevocable letters of credit, and checks. Please note that we are unable to release your order until we have verified funds. Your Account Manager can assist you with further details regarding WIT, LIC’s, and checks.
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