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Romance Movies to Fall in Love With

By Barbara HagenFebruary 08, 2021

I became a mother with the birth of twins so I have never known what it is like to have just one baby. From the beginning it was two of everything. First it was two times the clothing, furniture and doctor visits, now more driver's ed classes.

Overall I didn't mind the two-sies of everything but the one thing I didn't want double of, especially when they were younger, was double tears. So I had a rule, crying was only allowed in one of three circumstances: at the loss of a loved one, when a bone is broken, or when your heart is broken. Those all seemed fair and, honestly, worked wonders to minimize the tears when there were minor knees cuts and toy sharing issues. Now with my girls older, and my son not far behind, I realize there is another circumstance which can command a box of tissues: a romantic movie!!

It's February, the time for all types of love and romance movies. But let's face it, it is a complicated task to put together any type of comprehensive list of love story favorites. There are countless varieties to choose from, be it classics, to period pieces, to kids, to comedy. This blog could go on ad nauseum with various titles across all types of sub-categories and still not come close to being complete. So instead, consider the below a list of movie "highlights," a Valentine's Day composition of old favorites or new discoveries. To round it out, please add your own heart-felt favorites in the comments below

Historical Romance

Sure, Bridgerton is all the rage right now but historical romance has been with us for a while. Here are a few historical romance stories that were around before Lady Whistledown's Society Papers.

Netflix Romance

When it comes to romance, Netflix has something for everyone. The selection is much too comprehensive to capture reader favorites and sure you can watch them on Netflix but here are some I think you should personally own as part of your romantic DVD or Blu-ray movie library.


The greatest decade ever had its fill of all types of romantic movies, from high school crushes, to summer vacation romances, to best friend loves. Now is a great time to relive some favorites from the past.

Love in the Face of Adversity and Loss

The strength of a love story, whether a newfound love, or a lifelong one, provides hope when there is little other hope to be found.

Rom-Com Favorites

The perennially favorite, romantic comedies have something for everyone.

Quotable Classics

I would be remiss if I didn't include a selection of quoatable classics which have memorable phases that live on in any romantic setting.

Unconventional Romances

In case there was doubt about the many ways love can present itself, here are some unexpected shapes, forms, and environments where a good love story unfolds.

Disney Love Stories

No one creates a love story like Disney. These classic fairy tales are timeless with soundtracks we all know by heart

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