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6 Reasons to Love DVDs & Blu-rays

By Barbara HagenNovember 17, 2020

It's 2020, almost 2021. Digital content is everywhere. In fact, I believe there's never been more choices in streaming subscription services than right now. Yet DVD and Blu-ray movie and TV show sales have been increasing, and respective DVD and Blu-ray players are showing growth as well. For some, this interest in DVDs and Blu-ray may have caught you off guard. If so, let me share my top 6 reasons to love those shiny discs.

1) Whenever, Wherever Control

Owning your own copy of your favorite classic movies or TV shows allows you to be in control. Yep, you can watch it whenever, wherever you'd like. No more searching for it on a streaming service and hoping they have it. Or paying for it On Demand only to be restricted to watching it within 48 hours. When you own it, you control it. You can watch it, stop it, leave it, start it again and just keep at it as often as you please. No restrictions! And the best part of being in control? You avoid the disappointment that happens when your streaming movie or TV show ends up on the Netflix deleted list.

2) Treasure Hunt!

Half the fun of owning a DVD or Blu-ray is in the actual discovery of all the titles available to own. It's very much like a treasure hunt! As we were making the Movies and TV Holiday Gift Guide here at ThriftBooks, we discovered all sorts of fun favorites and timeless treasures. There is a certain type of personal enjoyment that happens when you discover a DVD or Blu-ray that you didn't even know you were looking for!

3) No Wi-fi Needed

Watching videos the old school way provides your streaming service—and your internet—a bit of a break. From rural locales to high-density areas, we have all experienced slow or choppy movies from a streaming service because of the demand, or low quality, of the wi-fi. All that disappears when you simply pull from your home video collection. No fuss, no interruptions, just pure entertainment.

4) Superior Quality, Exclusive Content

Higher picture quality, top-notch audio, and aspect ratio as the director intended is just the start. Add in the extra trailers, actor commentaries, the many minutes of extra footage, or even an Easter Egg and the picture is complete!

5) Kids love 'em!

For those who have younger ones around, DVDs and Blu-ray are perfect options to keep them entertained, be it in the home or in the minivan. Let's face it, kids love to watch and re-watch the same videos so find the ones they enjoy and stock up!

6) Perfect for Gift-Giving

In the age of overused gift cards and generic gifting, DVDs and Blu-ray provide a more personal solution. Have a friend who loves a book or book series? Gift them the movie adaptation. Adventure seeker? Plenty of video choices in that space. Nostalgia lover? Gift them that obscure TV show from their younger days. Maybe you'd like to share a bit of your childhood with your own children (like I wrote about in a blog earlier in the year) or perhaps your kids have a childhood memory to relive (like my daughter wrote about in her blog). Whatever you are looking for, there is something for everyone and that includes something for yourself) with DVDs and Blu-ray.

Here at ThriftBooks we have recently added a vast selection of New DVDs in addition to our usual Used versions (and yes, you earn ReadingReward points for all versions!), which makes gifting DVDs and Blu-ray an even easier choice. So, go ahead, give DVDs and Blu-ray a closer look. You'll be rewarded on many levels.

A few selections to get you started, or check out our Movies and TV Gift Guide for additional inspiration!

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