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Internationally recognized as a seminal science fiction writer, Robert A. Heinlein is often associated with fellow masters Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. An essayist, novelist, and short story writer, Robert Anson Heinlein also wrote using the pen names Anson MacDonald, Lyle Monroe, John Riverside, Caleb Saunders, and Simon York. Born in 1907 in Butler, Missouri, he earned his B.S. in naval engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy. Heinlein served as an officer in the Navy, assigned to an aircraft carrier and later to a destroyer, where he worked in radio communications. He was discharged from the Navy for health reasons, and worked in various professions, including real estate sales and silver mining. Heinlein began writing to pay his mortgage. He later served in the Navy during World War II, while continuing to write fiction and non-fiction. Heinlein was named the first Science Fiction Writers Grand Master and won Hugo Awards for four of his novels. Half a century after their publication, three of his books were honored with Retro Hugo Award, given to books published before the Hugo Awards began. Heinlein died in 1988.

Books by Robert A. Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Land 0441790348 Book Cover

Stranger in a Strange Land

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.79 - $49.19

Starship Troopers 0425071588 Book Cover

Starship Troopers

Robert A. Heinlein

$15.19 - $43.09

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress 0425088995 Book Cover

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Robert A. Heinlein

$10.99 - $74.89

Time Enough for Love 0425024938 Book Cover

Time Enough for Love

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.49 - $45.89

The Cat Who Walks through Walls 0425093328 Book Cover

The Cat Who Walks through Walls

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.69 - $6.29

Have Space Suit—Will Travel 0345324412 Book Cover

Have Space Suit—Will Travel

Robert A. Heinlein

$14.19 - $55.29

Friday 034530988X Book Cover


Robert A. Heinlein

$3.89 - $29.99

The Number of the Beast 0449900193 Book Cover

The Number of the Beast

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.19 - $23.68

Tunnel in the Sky 0345332121 Book Cover

Tunnel in the Sky

Robert A. Heinlein

$7.39 - $21.69

Glory Road 0441294014 Book Cover

Glory Road

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.99 - $15.89

The Door into Summer 0345330129 Book Cover

The Door into Summer

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.89 - $27.29

Citizen of the Galaxy 0345260740 Book Cover

Citizen of the Galaxy

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.89 - $48.09

Job: A Comedy of Justice 0345316495 Book Cover

Job: A Comedy of Justice

Robert A. Heinlein

$5.69 - $10.49

To Sail Beyond the Sunset 0441748600 Book Cover

To Sail Beyond the Sunset

Robert A. Heinlein

$3.59 - $7.99

The Past through Tomorrow 0425027384 Book Cover

The Past through Tomorrow

Robert A. Heinlein

$8.89 - $44.89

Methuselah's Children 0671655973 Book Cover

Methuselah's Children

Robert A. Heinlein

$9.49 - $23.29

Red Planet 0345260694 Book Cover

Red Planet

Robert A. Heinlein

$3.99 - $16.99

I Will Fear No Evil 0425034259 Book Cover

I Will Fear No Evil

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.39 - $15.59

Double Star B0030VCWZM Book Cover

Double Star

Robert A. Heinlein

$5.19 - $37.56

The Puppet Masters 0345330145 Book Cover

The Puppet Masters

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.79 - $60.49

Farmer in the Sky 1439132771 Book Cover

Farmer in the Sky

Robert A. Heinlein

$7.49 - $49.39

The Star Beast 034526066X Book Cover

The Star Beast

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.59 - $57.89

Space Cadet 0345353110 Book Cover

Space Cadet

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.89 - $38.39

Orphans of the Sky 0451026187 Book Cover

Orphans of the Sky

Robert A. Heinlein

$4.19 - $73.79

Starman Jones 0450047997 Book Cover

Starman Jones

Robert A. Heinlein

$5.29 - $55.29

Farnham's Freehold 0671722069 Book Cover

Farnham's Freehold

Robert A. Heinlein

$5.39 - $11.06

Between Planets 0345277961 Book Cover

Between Planets

Robert A. Heinlein

$5.69 - $8.29

Rocket Ship Galileo 0345260686 Book Cover

Rocket Ship Galileo

Robert A. Heinlein

$5.49 - $42.69

The Rolling Stones 0345260678 Book Cover

The Rolling Stones

Robert A. Heinlein

$6.39 - $12.29

Podkayne of Mars 0425034348 Book Cover

Podkayne of Mars

Robert A. Heinlein

$5.49 - $31.79

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