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Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide

Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide


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Is the writing workshop the only way to teach writing? No. There are a variety of approaches or programs, but none of them matches the writing workshop when it comes to growing strong writers. That's why, despite the pressures of testing, the writing workshop has endured and even flourished in thousands of schools across the country. Today we face a time when as many as ten million new teachers are entering the profession. It is for these teachers, and others who are unfamiliar with writing workshop, that Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi wrote this book - as a way to introduce and explain the writing workshop . . . to reveal what a potent tool the writing workshop can be for empowering young writers. Above all Writing Workshop is a practical book, providing everything a teacher needs to get the writing workshop up and running. In clear language, Fletcher and Portalupi explain the simple principles that underlie the writing workshop and explore the major components that make it work. Each chapter addresses an essential element, then suggests five or six specific things a teacher can do to implement the idea under discussion. There's also a separate chapter entitled "What About Skills," which shows how to effectively teach skills in the context of writing. The book closes with practical forms in the appendixes to ensure that the workshop runs smoothly. Fletcher and Portalupi's twenty-plus years working with teachers have convinced them that there is no better way to teach writing. This important book is the culmination of all their years of effort, a synthesis of their best thinking on the subject.

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Excellent resource!

This book does exactly what it says. It breaks writing workshop down into its essential components and provides the reader with the basic formats of writing worshop. It doesn't give you all of the answers, but at the end of each chapter it provides points for "making it work in the classroom" and an entire chapter on troubleshooting potential problems. If you want to implement writing workshop and want an easy-to-read guide that provides your with the basics of workshop, then this book is the perfect starting point.


This is a great book to start understanding and using wiritng workshop. Came highly recommeneded and will be a great resource in the classroom!

Outstanding Read!

I have taught writing for the past five years utilizing the teaching structure, writing workshop. I have also taught teachers how to teach using writing workshop and this has been the most helpful book in training new teachers. It is an easy read with lots of timelines, teacher guides, quick summaries at the end of chapters and practical advice. There are a lot of books out there about writing workshop, but this one is concise, clear and enjoyable to read. This is worth the money! Enjoy :)

Easy, informative read.

The writing workshop model is clearly described and modeled. I loved this short but sweet book. There is an excellent bibliography of children's literature to use as a jumping off point for writer's workshop in you class.

Good Reference

This book is an excellent reference and guide for a teacher looking to implement a writing workshop in their class.

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