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Thrift Books Blog

The Very Ink...

Melina Lynne

Ten Reads to Establish Your Fictional Sense of Direction

Have you ever solicited new book ideas from your friends, or posted your inquiry on Facebook, Twitter or some other form of social media? What you hear back is generally a pitch for their favorite author, genre, series, etc., and, ultimately, you realize you are no further in your quest for a new read than when you started. Plus you will now have to answer the question, "So, did you read it?" several times over the weeks and months to come. Sounding familiar?

Melina Lynne

Agatha Christie: A Woman of Mystery

Who doesn't like a little mystery in their life? We spend each day so lost in the routine of working, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc. that it becomes hard to carve out a few moments during the day that we can make completely about ourselves. However, sometimes an opportunity to step into another world with a good (especially discounted!) book, and use those parts of our brain that we feel go dormant at times, is much needed. Who better to stimulate our thrill-seeking, mystery-solving, crime-fighting selves than one of the best-selling authors of all time, Agatha Christie.

Hugo Munday

Just Kidding About the end of Back to School

We've been feeling the love from readers across the globe about the Back to School sale, so much so, that we've decided to extend it. We're offering 15% off until the end of Sunday, August 23rd at midnight PST. Same code at checkout gives you the savings. TBTEXTBOOKS.

Actually we're feeling the used book love from a bunch of different directions. We asked some bloggers to sample and publish their thoughts. They come at the site from different perspectives but in general the reaction is a big thumbs up.

Serge Cruise

3 Books Every College Student Should Read

When today's college students are reading, their literary canon is centered on textbooks, course related articles, and manuscripts. Only a few students create the opportunity to read beyond the confines of their coursework and for many this is a missed opportunity. What about the books that will help you make the most of these precious years, not just the years that come after?


Just Do It

Getting things done ahead of time is one of the most rewarding practices but, if you're anything like me, it's also one of the most challenging. I am a serial procrastinator and have been since I was old enough to pronounce the word. I'm not saying I don't do my work – I get things done on time and I don't settle for anything less than my best. But sometimes (okay most times) I don't leave myself enough time to get things done at a reasonable rate. The result? An ungodly amount of self-inflicted stress accompanied by a questionable rate of caffeine ingestion, with absolutely zero sleep (side effects usually include extreme irritability, emotional instability, stress eating, and a generally troll-like appearance).

Billy Doux

Top Tips for Back to School

No one sums up the bitter/sweet, back-to-school feeling better than Joe Fox in that beloved movie "You've Got Mail":

"I would send you a bouquet of neatly sharpened pencils."

Billy Doux

One Book, Two Books, We'll Find You Books

Excuse me Sir, excuse me M'am,
We do not sell green eggs and spam!

Hugo Munday

The Back-to-School Boondoggle

Academic publishing houses bankrupting students with the high price of new textbooks Some alternatives to financial ruin are out there e.g. Back to School promo' code, giving you 15% off used textbooks until Aug 16th, 2015. Code is TBTEXTBOOKS.

Hugo Munday

If Harry was a Super Hero

July 31st sees J. K. Rowling launch v.50.0. Happy Birthday to the creator of the legend of Harry Potter. Like or loathe these books, I think it is safe to say that she's done more to drive young adult engagement in literature than anybody else on the planet. We're celebrating her birthday by promoting her work and that of some of her most well-respected peers.
Billy Doux

9 Reasons to Buy Used Books

We have never had so much choice when it comes to what we pick up and read. Added to time-honored institutions, such as libraries & coffee shops, we now have bucket-loads of content available from our phones, tablets, eBook readers PCs and even watches. So why are we better off buying good old used books?

"The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice."

Mark Twain

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