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Black History – Not Just a Month

Published by Richard Wells • 5 days ago

Black History Month rolls around every February to bring very few new surprises about a black history that seems to encompass the Civil Rights Movement and little else. There’s so much more to the story – let’s have a look.

Scottish Authors that are "Pure Dead Brilliant"

Published by Hugo Munday • 19 days ago

Any idea why we're throwing a spotlight on some Scottish authors this week? The first person to add the correct answer to the comment section below will win a $20 certificate to shop on Thrift Books. The person to leave the comment that makes us laugh the most will also win one. One person cannot win both and we'll announce the winners on this blog next week.

ThriftBooks: A Peek Behind the Scenes

Published by Hugo Munday • 22 days ago

Discover how we serve our readers.

We Are What We Eat: The Keys to a Healthy Diet

Published by Serge Cruise • 26 days ago

Welcome 2016!, and how are those New Year resolutions going? We're still in the "honeymoon phase" and I'm sure many of you are still crushing most of the goals you set. But the fact that we set similar goals most, if not every year, means that our resolutions can lack staying power. We’ve all had more "new leaves" turn back than we’d like to admit, and the usual suspects have something to do with diet and exercise. These failures are understandable because physiological and nutritional health get sold to us as a shrink-wrapped, easy solution you can gulp down in one easy shake a day.

Kicking Butts: 10 Rules to Quit Smoking

Published by Hugo Munday • 1 month ago

Over 50 years ago the Surgeon General, a man named Luther Terry, broke new ground when he introduced a landmark report called Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the United States. This wasn't the first time a government official had declared smoking to be bad, but the report had far-reaching implications for the tobacco industry leading directly to controls on advertising and package messaging.

Thrift Books Editors' Choice Awards: 2015

Published by Hugo Munday • 1 month ago

This year was not short of standout literary highlights. One of the greatest novels of the twentieth century; To Kill a Mockingbird got "sequelled" with the acclaimed Go Set a Watchman, replete with a less prosaic Atticus Finch. Then, as the year progressed, two acclaimed authors reached out to us from beyond the grave, via their publishing houses. Dr. Seuss added to his body of two acclaimed authors reached out to us from beyond the grave, work when What Pet Should I Get, was unearthed in the office of the late author, complete with illustrations. Then along came The Girl in the Spider's Web, a further addition to the Millennium series which is a rare feat, since the author, Stieg Larsson died of a heart attack in 2004. This "quartet-maker" is very successfully channelled (or dare I say ghost written) by David Largercranz.

How to Avoid Spending Hundreds on Textbooks You Probably Won't Read Anyway

Published by Eva • 1 month ago

Winter term is eons away (thank the academic powers that be), but it's never too early to save.

Did you know Thrift Books sells textbooks? I didn't either. But now that I've figured it out, my life will never be the same. Actually, it will be exactly same; I'll just be richer.

Gifts That Are Kid Tested and Parent Approved

Published by Melina Lynne • 2 months ago

Many memories will be shared over a good book, starting with the time-honored tradition of the bed-time story. Who here remembers begging their parents to read just one more book? "I promise I will go right to bed after the next one;" "I'm not tired yet;" "But I really like both of the books. I don't want to choose." Do any of these sound familiar?

Star Wars’ 5 Biggest Villains

Published by Serge Cruise • 2 months ago

Many of us are excited for the premiere of The Force Awakens later this month. I have my doubts that some of the biggest cosmic villains of all time can share a bed with Mickey Mouse, but I hope they'll be quashed after the opening credits in less than a parsec. A question around the Thrift Books water cooler is "What new villains or shades of villainy will we find?" In the teasers we've seen some cool, if impractical, twists on the light sabre that appeared first in the novels not the films, but how will they be wielded and by whom?

Gift-giving on a Budget Two Sizes Too Small

Published by Eva • 2 months ago

Holiday shopping guides are everywhere, so why should you read mine? Because I'm a college student. Which means I'm broke. Which means I'm basically a gift-giving magician. So here's your guide to the holiday season – on a very, very tight budget.

The Best American Thrillers

11 Thrilling Rides You Need to Take

Published by Melina Lynne • 2 months ago

Here in the Northwest, outdoor thrill seekers hit a lull at this time of year when summer is truly over, but our ski season hasn't begun. With the November wind and rain raging outside I'm more than happy to find indoor activities for the time being, and reading is always at the top of the list. The only side-effect to your reading time when it comes to the mystery and thriller genre, is an inability to move. The doorbell may be ringing, the kitchen timer going off, and the kids running in circles around you, but until you get through your chapter, you are glued to your seat; your fingers itching to turn the page and find out what happens. (Looking ahead is considered cheating!)

"The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice."

Mark Twain

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