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Uncle Vanya

ISBN: 0486401596

Language: English

Publisher: Dover Publications

Uncle Vanya


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This structurally and psychologically compact drama takes place on an estate in 19th-century Russia, exploring the complex interrelationships between a retired professor, his second wife, and the daughter and brother-in-law from his first marriage. Interwoven themes of weakness, delusion, and despairĀ are balanced by an underlying message of courage and hope.

5.00 stars - 5 reviews
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Customer Reviews of Uncle Vanya


What a great play, disecting how differently people can view the things in life that are either of great importance, or extreme triviality.

One of the most thought provoking and beautiful plays

"Uncle Vanya" is a beautiful play. I've read it many times in several languages and always enjoyed it very much. Don't read it unless you have attention span greater than that of a child. It's rewarding if you give it a chance. This is Chekhov's best play.

Checkov at his best

I have read many versions of Uncle Vanya, but this edition is an up-beat, funny, and, ultimately wonderful version of the excellent story by one of Russias beloved writers. I was looking for the right edition to use in my school for the school play, and this edition the kids could connect to. It dosen't have a lot of that Shakespere mumbo-jumbo that you have to read 50 times. This is accesible and very good. rock on David Mamet.

Uncle Vanya

Enjoyed this adaptation by David Mamet very much. It arrived very quickly which was surely appreciated. Thank you.


I enjoyed reading Uncle Vanya. It delves into the lives of everyday normal people and their hopes and disillusionments of life. It is about self-realization and not getting what you want. A great play.

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