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Three Complete Novels: Postmortem / Body Of Evidence / All That Remains

Three Complete Novels: Postmortem / Body Of Evidence / All That Remains


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Patricia Cornwell has said that if she hadn't written her Kay Scarpetta thrillers--the classic first three are collected in this volume--she might find them too scary to read. After all, she is the rare crime writer who knows what she's talking about: she worked on the newspaper crime beat and at the Scotland Yard-like medical examiner's office in Richmond, Virginia, at a time when a serial killer was murdering women just like her. (Cornwell sleeps with a .38 within reach.) Postmortem introduces Dr. Scarpetta, who knows the smell of bone dust from a skullcap saw and how to read a body for clues via lasers, DNA, and computers. As Scarpetta slowly closes in on a killer known as Mr. Nobody, she gets the creepy, well-informed feeling that the killer is closing in on her. Cornwell's debut swept the mystery-writing awards and made her somebody. In Body of Evidence, Scarpetta investigates the murder of a Southern writer who mysteriously opened the door for her killer. In All That Remains, she hunts a serial killer of young lovers--including the daughter of the president's drug czar, which complicates the forensic chase with political intrigue. Besides suspenseful cat-and-mouse games between sleuth and killer (and writer and reader), Cornwell creates a rich cast of screwed-up characters, chiefly Scarpetta's scruffy confrere, Detective Pete Marino. Scarpetta's character is a magnetic combination of pride, drive, brains, extreme skill at cooking, and a pervasive sadness expressed with tightly wound eloquence. With these books, Cornwell (a descendant of Harriet Beecher Stowe) increased her book deal from $6,000 to $24 million. She earned it.

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A collection like no other

Over the past thirteen years, Patricia Cornwell has established herself as the world's leading crime writer. With this collection, we are introduced to Kay Scarpetta, crime fiction's most fascinating protaganist. Three of Cornwell's grittiest and most terrifying novels are rolled into one superior anthology. Her debut novel, Postmortem, deals with an elusive serial killer who is holding the city of Richmond, Virginia hostage with his nightly endeavors -- breaking into young women's bedrooms, sexually assaulting them, and then strangling them. Cornwell's follow-up, Body Of Evidence, has a lot to live up to, but doesn't disappoint. A young woman, a struggling writer, is being stalked. One rainy evening, she seemingly invites her killer inside her home. It is up to Scarpetta to put the pieces together as she follows a trail of bread crumbs from the Richmond crime scene to the young author's secret hideaway in Key West. However, it soon becomes glaringly apparent that said killer has set Scarpetta herself in his scopes...All That Remains, the final volume in this collection, details Scarpetta's frustrating pursuit of a viscious serial killer dubbed "The Couple Killer" by the press because his modus operandi is to slay young couples in isolated, woodland areas. When the most recent victim turns out to be the daughter of a powerful political drug activist, things get personal as Kay discovers that the CIA may be witholding evidence...Whether you've never read a Scarpetta novel or are a longtime fan interested in adding to your Cornwell collection, this set of enthralling novels is a definite must!

Awed and Inspired

I have read hundreds of mysteries and none could hold a candleto any book by Patricia Cornwell. Her understanding of PoliceProcedures and Forensic Science not only intrigued me and kept me up many nights reading, but inspired me to go back to school and get my degree in Forensic Science. (I plan to be a Forensic Pathologist!) Every one of her books are not some fifty page, light reading "who-done-it," but a believable, sink-your-teeth-into mystery with a great story line. Go out and get one of her books today. You won't be dissapointed.

A great introduction to Cornwell at a great price!

I bought this book not having read any of Patricia Cornwell's books and it was a great introduction. I went on to read everything else she has written. All the three novels were great and I was sorry to have them end so quickly.

Suspenceful and gripping; A good read!

Patricia Cornwell really tells a good story in these books. She uses her character Kay Scarpetta in a way that makes you really understand her feeling and thoughts. The character has many problems and crossroads during the three books in this collection and you begin to almost become Dr. Scarpetta and feel what she is feeling. The background is that she is a coroner for the state of Virginia and the FBI and is a specialist with odd cases and serial killers. There is alot of technical vocabulary used, but only in a way pertinant to the story and it is always in a way any layman could understand. A complex web is spun and you are in for a wonderful ride to the end of the story that will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more.This is definately a must read for fans of suspence and a good story.

A MUST read selection for Cornwell fans.. and fans to be!

Patricia Cornwell writes a fast paced novel with great detail to medical correctness. The main character, Kay Scarpetta, is a very strong female figure who you get to know very well throughout the books.

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