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The White Dragon (Pern (Publication Order) #5)

The White Dragon (Pern (Publication Order) #5)


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Meet Dragon Rider Jaxom & His Wonderful Dragon Ruth!

Jaxom is the future Lord Holder of Ruatha, one of Pern's oldest and most venerable holds and has been groomed for his role since he was very young. When he accidentally impresses a white dragon named Ruth, everyone is dismayed and worried about what to do with him. Dragonriders belong in the Weyr, after all, and a man simply cannot be a dragonrider and a Lord Holder - or can he? Jaxom is determined to keep Ruth and to learn how to fly, breathe fire and kill Thread - and be the future leader of one of the most prosperous Holds on Pern. What others refuse to teach him, Jaxom discovers for himself. It is as Ruth and Jaxom are experimenting that they find themselves in the position to prevent a great disaster on Pern and to unite the Oldtimers and the Weyrs of the Northern Continent through Ruth's unique ability of always knowing when he is and his rapport with fire lizards. Ruth and Jaxom even discover some new "secrets" on the Southern Continent that the ancients left behind!The White Dragon is simply a superb book. I loved the characters and really felt that I identified with Jaxom as he was growing up and growing into his roles as both a dragonrider and as a Lord Holder. Readers who have read McCaffrey's previous books in the Pern series will simply find that it is another story about Weyleaders F'lar and Lessa (Dragonflight & Dragonquest), as well as Masterharper Robinton and Journeyman Menolly (Dragonsong & Dragonsinger) told from a different, very enjoyable perspective. I loved the way McCaffrey took the time to incorporate older characters so that the readers know what is happening in their lives. The White Dragon is an exciting link between the first several books and the next grouping as there are many surprises and new discoveries that take place here. Ruth is also one of my favorite dragons and was such a joy to read about. Anyone who loves fantasy will enjoy this book so do yourself the favor and buy this book!

The best book out of the Dragonriders of Pern series.

I really enjoyed this book. This book was made for people who loved pets I swear. All the emotions Jaxom felt for his dragon I felt felt for my late cocker spaniel, Tobby. It was so refreshing to know that someone else knew what I felt for my dog. I love Ruth he has a personality all his own. Not only is he different physically, but mentally as well. He is bright and has an flare for life. Read this book if you have never experiance a true friendship between man and beast.

The Great Jaxom and Ruth!

In this wonderful book, The White Dragon, young Jaxom of Ruatha and his white dragon, Ruth, are experiencing the world of Pern. Jaxom is almost eighteen turns old and the other men and dragon riders will not let him prove his and his dragon's abilities. Being born a discolored runt, Ruth is believed to be less strong then the other larger dragons. This book is about Jaxom and his young Dragon proving to all of Pern that they are just as good if not better at fighting deadly thread as the other dragons. They stop the Southerner's from stealing a queen egg. And with Ruth's amazing bond with the fire-lizards, Jaxom finds the ancient civilizations and stops a grief stricken dragon rider from leaving Pern. Anne McCaffrey is a great writer and I hope she continues writing about Pern. Her Characterization is wonderful. Jaxom is a perfect product of his mother, Lady Jemma, and his Father, Fax. The theme is also very prominent. Sometimes Jaxom has to bend the rules to prove himself. Bending rules in our society can sometimes be worth it also. I think this book is the best of the three. The atmosphere of the book shifts which makes it even more interesting. Jaxom goes from desert, to beach, and back to the farms of Ruatha. The description of emotions and places are capturing. I feel like I am actually the one riding Ruth to the lake and the cove. I highly recommend this book to all fiction lovers.

The White Dragon

There has never been a dragon like Ruth in Pern. Small and white, beautiful in his own way, capable of attracting the small fire-lizards and talk to them. And he belongs to Lord Jaxom, now almost 18 Turns and full of a wish to fight Thread, a wish he is starting to believe might not come soon. But his special relationship with his dragon will brighten his soul, and will reveal hidden secrets of the Acients, the ones who first colonized Pern. And when the Oldtimers start to plot against the Northern Weyrs and Holds, all seems lost. What is the word that cries in the sky? Dragon against Dragon? Jaxom and faithful Ruth will find themselves in the middle of Pern's salvation...I loved, adored and this book. And I could not put it down. I read it in a few hours in the night and during the next day. I could not put it down. The relationship between Jaxom and Ruth is amazing and if you ever felt you could love a dragon, Ruth is certainly a wonderful candidate for your friendship and respect. Once thought not to survive his first Turn, this small white dragon showed everybody of what he was made. One of the best on this series I have read but since I haven't read many I cannot really say much. Just that this one touched my heart... like the others... and my imagination. One feels like dreaming... and ride on a dragon's back...

I'll never mock Fantasy again!

I always thought Fantasy with its Dragons and such like was strictly for kids and juveniles till by chance I picked up the White Dragon. Picked up and could not lay it aside. Perhaps I was wrong to begin in the middle, but now, even after reaing many of the series, White Dragon rmains my favourite Pern novel. The story of Jaxom growing to manhood, with his doubts and worries, with Ruth, Menolly, Robinton and of course Sharra, with a continent to discover, Thread to overcome and a whole new world to open up was beyond all my expectations. I immediately began haunting bookstors for the rest of the Pern novels. I also promised never again to knock Fantasy!

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