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The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress (The Secret Clan)

The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress (The Secret Clan)


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Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe, would be the wealthiest woman in Scotland...if anyone could find her fortune. But spirited away by her greedy uncle, she is kept captive on a misty island, separated from her treasure and the rest of her family, perhaps forever. She longs for a hero to rescue her. But when Sir Finlay Mackenzie, the fiery warrior, gains possession of Molly, her defiance and his temper lead them into a battle of wills. Armed with the right to marry her or barter her, he finds a proud princess who resists his passion and fights his every command. Now the real adventures begin as together Molly and Fin face danger, desire, and the fate that will drive them until they can open their hearts to magic-and to love.

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truly an amazing read for somone so young!

I am only 19 years old and I do read a bit of adult fiction but to be completly honest this was my very first romance novel. and I abslutly loved it. I loved it that it had historical facts and the faries and the little hints of scottish fantasy was very nice. mostly because even though there were hints of this in the story which I love because I have always been a huge fan of fantasy novels really in any fourm what so ever. but this still had added interest that kept in very realistic and did not make the story stray to far from the plot line. the romance was always great because it consited all the way thorough the novel all the way from when molly and fin first meet and to the very end of the book. this indeed was the fact that made me not so suprised that I had read such a large scale novel in such a short amount of time. seeing is how it had so much to ofer that was so interesting and would draw a reader couristey very easily. so even though I am very new to the romance novels of the amazing amanda scott I hope to read more of work namly Border Bride, The Secret Clan: Hidden Heiress, The Secret Clan Highland Bride, and The Kid Napped Bride. and I would diffenly recomend this book to anyone who shows a soft spot for romance novels or stories.

Ms. Scott is a lass who knows how to spin a fine tale!

Molly Gordon is naught but a frightened child when she's forced from her bed in the wee dead of night. Her papa, a braw man if ever there was one, has been killed by a common reiver, you see, and her Uncle Angus is wasting no time in claiming Molly as his ward. A veritable fortune is in want, after all. As the Maid of Dunsithe, Molly -- and subsequently, her baby sister, Bess -- are the keys to unlocking the riches said to be found on Gordon land. Her Uncle, leaving naught to chance, takes both girls from their mother. Lady Eleanor is likewise determined to avoid any chicanery, however...A dozen years later, Molly has endured a change of wardship thrice as Jamie, High King of Scots, awards a writ of wardship to whomever he pleases... King Jamie has granted Sir Finlay Mackenzie -- Wild Fin, if'n you please -- a writ. The Maid of Dunsithe (and her ever elusive fortune) is now Fin's to do with as he pleases... Fin is ill-prepared for his reaction to Molly, however. Beautiful and stubbornly imperious, Mistress Gordon is the veriest temptation. Indeed, she almost makes Fin forget about Dunsithe's treasure and his bloodlust for Donald the Grim. Almost. The wee folk are also at work as Fin and Molly come to a shaky understanding. Donald the Grim will stop at naught to achieve his objectives, and Molly is heartily sore of being ill-used as men play their greedy power games. Will an Abducted Heiress, longing for a home, willingly surrender her secrets to a man who's slowly but surely stealing her heart? Impeccably researched (or so it would seem to this reviewer), Abducted Heiress is an historical romance that relies heavily upon historical fact -- with a wee bit of artistic license and yes, fey-inventiveness, taken. Ms. Scott has done a remarkable job bringing the Scottish Highlands -- and the sixteenth century -- to life. I all but lived and breathed Molly and Fin's story. Artfully crafted with a daunting authenticity, Abducted Heiress will sweep you away. I was especially impressed by Ms. Scott's ability to include the wee folk in a seemingly believable manner. Indeed, they helped to progress the plot while adding a few twists and turns into the bargain!At any rate, Molly and Fin are strong characters with believable faults and flaws. (I only raised an eyebrow once at Molly's convoluted thinking, and hence, her ridiculously prideful actions). Their relationship is beautifully developed at a slow but steady pace. The romantic tension is present throughout; it's their emotional bond readers will savor the most as it develops. Most importantly, Abducted Heiress has the unusual distinction of being a novel in a series that nonetheless feels complete when you reach the last page. That's to say, I felt fulfilled, satisfied, pleased to reach the end with no lingering questions and/or concerns. (Well, no lingering questions that the sequel won't answer: they're entirely independent from Molly and Fin's story, though). Indeed, I'm al

a fun-filled Highland romance

Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques Two very young sisters were taken away from their home. One received a secret clue, from their mother, to remember her birthright and her clan. Molly Gordon was the infamous Maid of Dunsithe, rumored to have the largest fortune in all of Scotland. Unfortunately, no one has seen it since Molly was taken from her home in the dead of night. That doesn't stop people from looking for it, or to continue passing her around from foster family to foster family, like chattel. She longs for a place to call home, and she is fed up with people only wanting her for her supposed treasure. Then one night she meets a man called Wild Fin, and everything changes. Sir Finlay MacKenzie has been granted Molly as his ward, given to him by the King of Scotland himself. Fin goes to collect her from her present residence, the keep of Laird MacKinnon, only to find an attempt to thwart him from his business with claims Molly is not there. As Fin and his men are leaving, he is thrown from his horse, at the same time he spies a young women hiding in the forest. Molly takes an instant dislike to Fin, from the moment he mistakes her for a common maid to be trifled with, and she is infuriated to discover he is her new guardian. She chafes at his commands and shows rebellion at every turn. Then he has the nerve to try to force her to marry him, upon finding out Molly's previous guardian, Donald of Sleat, has not taken the news of her transfer of guardianship kindly. She does finally agree to marry Fin, grudgingly, hoping she has finally found a home. However, adventure and danger await, finding Fin travelling all over the Highlands to fight Donald. Donald wants the fortune of Dunsithe, but doesn't stop there. He wants the throne as well. Will Fin and Molly defeat Donald and find the magical treasure... and love they are destined for? This was a captivating read. The characters were vividly drawn and full of personality. Add in a few of the Fair Folk and it becomes a magical adventure. There is plenty of mystery as well, with the cast trying to solve the puzzle of the hidden riches. One will be drawn in to the story from page one and will stay absorbed through to the end. Also of note, is how well Ms. Scott sets up the story of Bess, Molly's missing sister, believed dead. Her story will be told in the sequel The Secret Clan: The Hidden Heiress, to be released in 2002. The Abducted Heiress doesn't really end, but gives the reader a "to be continued" feel, without leaving the feeling Fin and Molly's story is incomplete. This reviewer will be awaiting the sequel, and a chance to revisit some very enchanting characters.

This author writes some of the best historical romances

In 1527, the Earl of Angus arrives to take his five year old niece Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe and her infant sister Bessie away from their home. The little girls have no protector as their father just died and their mother is helpless to stop her brother, who plans to control the wealth of Molly, an heiress. Before being separated from her two children, Molly's mother uses a heated ring to burn a mark onto her daughter's chest so she can recognize her if they ever meet as adults. Twelve years later, Sir Finlay "Wild Fin" Mackenzie comes to the Isle of Skye to take his king chosen betrothed/ward Molly away with him. Fin has two reasons to marry Molly. His people can use her legendary riches though no one knows where they might be and he wants to enact revenge on her previous guardian Donald of Sleat who killed his father. As the wee people interfere, Fin and Molly are attracted to one another, but dangerous enemies want Molly and Fin dead rather than united in love. ABDUCTED HEIRESS, the first part of a two part miniseries, The Secret Clan, is an engaging paranormal historical romantic suspense. The story line is filled with the danger of intrigue blended with the magic of the wee people. The lead characters are a delightfully dueling duet and the audience will enjoy their capers, but the novel works on several levels because fans will believe in Amanda Scott's "world" and want Bessie's story told soonest, not next year.Harriet Klausner

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