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The Prism Weight Loss Program

The Prism Weight Loss Program


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The PRISM(tm) Weight Loss Program, founded in 1990, has helped more than 60,000 people transform their eating behaviors with a sensible, lifestyle-change approach. That approach is now available in The Prism Weight Loss Program, by bestselling author Karen Kingsbury and Prism cofounder Toni Vogt. The book shows readers how to not just tame the monster of food addiction, but destroy it through simple eating strategies and biblical principles. It includes testimonials, descriptions of the authors' personal struggles with food addiction and their ultimate success, details of the program, and a recipe section that will help readers become the people God created them to be.

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Gave me the inspiration to begin!

This book so motivated me to try the program! It describes the program, tells real life stories, and even includes details to get you started on the program! This is the first time I'd learned not to "diet" but to make real changes in my diet! I recommend this book to everyone who asks-and this is the ONLY weight loss program I'd recommend! An added bonus is that it is even interesting to read! You won't want to put it down, and that's saying a lot for a weight loss book! Even my mom was inspired by this book! HIGHLY recommended!

The Prism Weight Loss Program

This book was a God send. After reading this book I joined a local group, that was on May 4, 2000, and as of 12/20/00 I have lost 68 pounds, but I know that it was only through the grace of God. Karen placed if before me (Prism), but God has transformed me into who He created me to be. I was lost and weighted 217lbs, but through His grace and mercy I now am at 149lbs, and am 9 pounds away from my original goal, but I'm hoping that God's will is for another 19 pound loss. As I've been on this journey out of the"wilderness" I pray to weight 130lbs, but God's will will be done in this life. I know that this is the last program I will be on because of the key principles and guidelines of Prism. I thank God for Prism in my life. I cried out and He heard my cry and introduced Prism to me. Thank you Karen and thank you my God who makes all possibilities possible.

Thin for a lifetime

I am currently on the Prism diet. I am a 19 year old college student who is not more then 15 pounds over weight. I chose this program as a life changing step so that I wouldn't have to deal with being over weight in years to come. This program is excellent! My mom is also on the program and has lost close to 60 pounds. I have been on several diet plans, but the one thing that makes this plan so special is that it deals with the phycological aspect of food in peoples lifes. As you follow the plan, you do daily reading. It's almost as if the writter knows exactly what you are thinking when you are thinking it! If you are feeling rebelious against the program that day, the reading knows and talks you into the right frame of mind! For those who are religious, it deals with god helping you to over come what has held you back for so long. I feel that this program can work for anyone. It's hard and challenging but aren't all life desicisions?

Very inspirational

For all of you that are members of the Prism Weight loss group, I think you will find this book very inspiring. It has many very moving testimonials from people that have reached their weight loss goals. It is the perfect book to accompany the journals and video tapes that class offers. For the person who is interested in learning what the program is about, this book tells it all from what foods to eat to why the program is such a success. I wish I would have had this book in hand when I began my journey, it would have been alot easier. Very informative read!

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