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The Human Body in Health and Illness

The Human Body in Health and Illness


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Through a visually appealing design, The Human Body in Health and Illness, 3rd Edition describes complex concepts in a more simplified way and applies them to patient care. Aimed at students whose background in science is limited, the text assumes the reader has no previous knowledge in biology, chemistry, or physics and makes the information easy to read and understand. The text includes unique cartoons that use humor to make learning the content more enjoyable. The book also employs a body-systems approach to discuss the basic concepts of anatomy and physiology, building up from simple to complex topics.Original, full-color cartoons and illustrations complement the text and reinforce the content, making it accessible and user-friendly.The book's logical, step-by-step presentation begins with a basic discussion of the human body and cellular structure and moves toward genetics and the greater complexity of the human organism.Do You Know... boxes briefly cover many interesting issues appropriate to anatomy and physiology, including pathophysiology and historical background information.Disorders of the _____ System tables include specific disorders related to individual body systems.As You Age boxes describe how aging affects human anatomy and physiology.Sum It Up! content provides reinforcement and summary of key topics.New chapters on the autonomic nervous system, blood vessel anatomy, and blood vessel circulation take a deeper look into the areas of human anatomy and physiology.The companion Panorama of Anatomy and Physiology/Body Spectrum CD-ROM simplifies the process of learning medical terminology with 80 detailed anatomy illustrations to study, plus quizzes, movie clips, fun facts, and information on careers in the field of A & P.

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This is an awesome and easy to read book. I took A & P I & II with the author Herlihy as my professor. At the end of the semester, I sold the book back to the bookstore. Who new that after I graduated and decided I wanted to go back to nursing school, I would be looking to re-buy the book online!

Great Anatamy & Physio Book

I was required to get this textbook for the anatomy and physiology class that I am taking. It is a GREAT book. It is easy enough to understand which will allow me to use it when I beging to teach HS Bio. It also comes with a CD-rom which allows you to color and name the different parts of different systems. I highly recommend this book!

The Human Body in Health and Illness, Second Edition

This book is really easy to reed and to follow. It goes in depth but the pictures and the way that the vocabulary is explained makes it fun, interesting and easy to comprehend. It is the best Anatomy and Physiology book that I have read so far.


This is a great textbook - a fun, readable format for a topic that could very easily be really dry. Other texts I have used in continuing my nursing studies have paled in comparison to this one, which I used in my first course, A & P. Nothing can live up to this. Good job!

the Human Body in Health and Illness

The format of this book is easy to makes a sometimes difficult subject fun! Students from a variety of academic backgrounds will find this book is written with all students in mind. Students with high level academic skills are lead into additional exercises where their skills are challenged. Our college has used this book to train Massage Therapists. We found this text and the study guide perfect for body workers training out of the traditional academic A & P setting. There is an emphasis on providing information regarding contraindications which these students must know in order for them to work effectively with a variety of clients. I highly recommend this book for faculty looking for an Anatomy & Physiology text which addresses classes with multiple academic levels and styles.

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